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How to Download YouTube Teletubbies

As you know, Teletubbies is a television movie series that are very popular with many young people and children. Therefore, many parents or fans of Teletubbies want to download YouTube Teletubbies in order to enjoy or play this television for their kids at any time. But do you know how to download YouTube Teletubbies?

In this article, we not only provides more detailed information about Teletubbies, but also list some good videos of YouTube Teletubbies, as well as the best methods to download YouTube Teletubbies. Just keep reading and get them.

YouTube Teletubbies

YouTube Teletubbies

Part 1. Introduction of Teletubbies

Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series which is created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport. In this program, there are four characters known as Teletubbies, including two boys and two girls.

The first Teletubby, as well as the largest and oldest of the group, is named Tinky Winky. In television, he always carries a red bag, and takes cars of other Teletubbies. He is in purple terrycloth and has a triangular antenna on his head. The second Teletubby called Dipsy, and he is green. His antenna is like a dipstick, so his is named by his antenna. What's more, Dipsy is the most stubborn of the four Teletubbies, and will occasionally refuse to go along with the others' group opinion. If you are careful, you can find Dipsy's face is darker than other Teletubbies. Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby who is in yellow and has a curly antenna. She is a sweet girl who really like to sing and dance, and here favorite toy is the orange rubber ball. And she is often shown looking out for the other Teletubbies. The last Teletubby is called Po. She is red and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. She is the smallest and the youngest, but is popular in young children.

In YouTube Teletubbies, there are many videos recommended. And it is subscribed by more than seven hundred thousand users, for Teletubbies is a good television which is very suitable for young kids. In next part, we will introduce you 5 videos about Teletubbies for you and your kids.

Baby Einstein

Part 2. Top 5 YouTube Teletubbies

Top 1: Teletubbies NEW Episode 2x05 - Honk honk

The Tubby Car drives the Teletubbies across Teletubbyland as they sing the Tubby Car song. You can find the Teletubbies are happy to enjoy the journey with Honk honk. What is more, there are children in reality enjoy the similar experience as the Teletubbies YouTube movie.

Honk honk

Top 2: Teletubbies: Party (2016)

As for the Teletubbies YouTbe video, the Teletubbies have balloons, party blowers and lots of sparkles. And Then they visit the Tiddlytubbies and do a fun party dance. In Tummy Tales, twins celebrate their birthday with all their friends.

Teletubbies: Party

Top 3: Teletubbies 2018 - Learn Numbers, Colours with Teletubbies 2018

Teletubbies play a doctor and help to take care of baby panda. And they have spent a nice day. The Teletubbies YouTube video clip is more than a cartoon movie, you can also find lots of things to learn for your children.

Learn Numbers, Colours with Teletubbies 2018

Top 4: Teletubbies (little bo peep)

Teletubbies play slip slide and then go in the room and play building blocks. They build a farm. Next many sheep fly in the sky. After they drop from the sky, they run in the grassland. There is a famer fly in the sky and fall from the sky within the Teletubbies YouTube.


Top 5: Teletubbies NEW Episode 2x15 - Sliding down

This Teletubbies YouTube video shows use the Tubby Car takes the Teletubbies to the Hidey Hup where they discover the Tubby Slidey and have great fun sliding down again and again. Just let your child enjoy the funny sliding down with Teletubbies.

Teletubbies NEW Episode 2x15 - Sliding down

Part 3. The Best Video Converter

If you want to find a wonderful downloader to download YouTube Teletubbies, Video Converter Ultimate is a good choice for you. It is a comprehensive software you can use to convert video or audio file to other formats, download online videos or audios, as well as edit and enhance your videos. Video Converter Ultimate is the best converter or downloader, which is loved by more than 100 million users all over the world. It supports you the easiest and most efficient way to convert, download, edit or enhance your video. If you attach great importance in quality, Video Converter Ultimate can satisfy your needs. What's more, in the newest version, this software supports you add external audio track and multi-audio track, as well as add external subtitle to video. Both Windows users and Mac users can enjoy this perfect software. Next we will list you the detailed steps to download YouTube Teletubbies with Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1 Download Video Converter Ultimate

First of all, go to the official website and find the link to download Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Then follow the installation guide and install this software.

Step 2 Launch Video Converter Ultimate

When Video Converter Ultimate is successfully downloaded on your computer, you can launch it to download YouTube Teletubbies. After you see the main interface, click Download button, which is the third option in the menu bar.

Video Converter Ultimate

Step 3 Copy and paste URL

Now you need to find your favorite YouTube Teletubbies you want to download on your computer and copy the link of this video. Next, back to this downloader and paste the link of the online video into the URL bar.

Copy and paste URL

Step 4 Download YouTube Teletubbies

After you paste the URL of YouTube Teletubbies successfully, you are allowed to click the Analyze button and wait for the result. When the results are showed to you, you can choose your preferred resolution and format. Then just start downloading this YouTube Teletubbies with Video Converter Ultimate.

Download YouTube Teletubbies


When you finish reading this article, you must know something new about Teletubbies. If you are the big fans of Teletubbies or your kids really like Teletubbies, you can use the way we recommend to you to download the top 5 YouTube Teletubbies, so that you can enjoy these video at any time. Hope you can gain something in this article.

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