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Multiple Methods to Add YouTube Timestamp to a YouTube Video URL

You've done this plenty of times when watching videos on your computer or smartphone, telling your multimedia player to forward the progress bar to a specific time or moment. Now, YouTube has integrated a feature, called YouTube timestamp, which could do the same thing for you. Why use YouTube timestamp? It can take you to a specific part of a YouTube video. In this way, you can skip ADs or the part you are not interested. But how to use YouTube timestamp is not very clear for many ordinary people. Therefore, the article shows how to link to a certain time in a YouTube video by using YouTube timestamp.

Add YouTube Timestamp

Part 1. Manually Add a Time Stamp to a YouTube URL

Before using YouTube timestamp, let's learn about timestamp code. A timestamp code is consisted three parts, head, t=, and time. The head is usually a symbol, & or #. And the third part is time mark, for example, 1m30s means 1 minute and 30 seconds. So, an entire timestamp code is &t=1m30s. Now, let's start to try the timestamp on YouTube right now.

Add a Time Stamp to a YouTube URLs

Step 1 Access YouTube in your browser and open the video you want to watch. To help you understand YouTube timestamp code clearly, we use the video tutorial of Aiseesoft as the example. Locate to the top area and you can see the video URL in the address bar of your browser, which usually starts with https. In this case, it is

Step 2 Add timestamp code, such as &t=0m30s or #t=0m30s, to the end of the URL. And then the video address will become Press the "Enter" key or refresh icon; then the music video will start from 30 seconds automatically.


YouTube timestamp code is available on both desktop and mobile version of YouTube. And according to tests, most major browsers support this code, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE and more. And you can share the URL ended with timestamp code to social media. Then other people could play the video from the starting point you set.

Part 2. Add a Time Stamp via YouTube's Share

If you feel the YouTube timestamp code is complex to you, you can try YouTube's sharing options. YouTube allows you to add a timestamp before sharing the video address to others. And the workflow is rather simple.

Step 1 Visit YouTube in the browser and navigate to the video you want to add timestamp. Play the video until it runs to the moment you want to add the timestamp.

Step 2 Press "Pause" button on the YouTube player and click the "Share" tab to go to the sharing settings panel. Tick the checkbox of "Start at"; the timestamp will add to the end of the video address.

Step 3 Copy the URL in the field above the Start at option and post it to any site, like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


You may notice that the YouTube timestamp automatic generated uses ? as the head. If there is no ? in the video address, YouTube will use it in the timestamp.

Add a Time Stamp via YouTube's Share

Part 3. Download and crop video from YouTube

An alternative solution of YouTube timestamp is to download and crop the YouTube video before sharing. Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate is the easiest way to grab and edit online videos. Its impressive features include:

In a word, Video Convert Ultimate is the best alternative solution of YouTube timestamp.

How to download YouTube videos with no quality loss

Step 1 Install the YouTube downloader to your PC

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate to your PC. If you have a Mac computer, the Mac version is available. Launch the program and click on Download menu on top ribbon to go to the YouTube downloader window.

Step 2 Get the YouTube video in your video downloader

Open the YouTube video you'd like to download in your browser and copy the video address. Then turn to the YouTube downloader and put the video address in the field next to "URL". Click the "Analyze" button to recognize video files in the address.

Step 3 Lossless download the YouTube video

When analysis is done, select the best resolution on the result list. And click on "OK" to start downloading the YouTube video to your computer.

How to crop YouTube video with Video Converter Ultimate

YouTube timestamp is used to view and share a clip of the video. Video Converter Ultimate is able to crop the video in one click.

Step 1 Import the YouTube video in to the video editor

Run Video Converter Ultimate and click on "Add File" menu to import the YouTube video you downloaded. Click on the "Edit" menu on top ribbon to open the video in built-in video editor.

Step 2 Crop the video in one click

Choose the "Crop" tab on the top of the video editor and then select a" Zoom Mode, like Letterbox, Center, Pan & Scan or Full". Click on a point on the video and drag to enclose the wanted parts in the border. Press the "Apply" button to confirm the changes and remove the unwanted parts.

Then you can share the cropped video to YouTube or other social networks.

Video Converter Ultimate


When sharing a YouTube video to your friends, but only want to watch a small portion of the video, what can you do? Many people have encountered such situation. YouTube notices that too, so it has released the timestamp feature. In short, YouTube timestamp allows people to add a time stamp on the video URL when sharing. Anyone could watch a clip of the video through this URL. There are two ways to use YouTube timestamp, add it to URL manually or make it by sharing feature. We have talked about how-to of these two methods above.

The alternative solution of YouTube timestamp is to crop the video using a video editor. Video Converter Ultimate is both a YouTube video downloader and a video editor. The benefit is to protect the video quality. Moreover, this utility is rather easy to use.

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