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How to Make a GIF from YouTube with YouTube GIF Maker

Everybody loves GIFs, right? Especially when our attention spans are getting shorter nowadays. GIFs are short little animations that are made to summarize the contents of an entire video.

YouTube to GIF

It is simper, easier and quicker than videos. If you are just looking for a laugh, GIF would be perfect choice. Just like this:

YouTube to GIF

But after laughing with so many interesting GIFs on the Internet, you may be wondering how to make an animated GIF from a video, especially make a GIF from YouTube video. Here in the following article, we will introduce several YouTube GIF makers, helping you to convert YouTube to GIF.

Part 1. Make GIF from YouTube with YouTube video to GIF maker online

If you have searched on the internet, you would find many basic YouTube and video GIF makers online are provided. No software installed, they can easily analyze YouTube URL and free create GIF from YouTube videos.

Imgur: Video to GIF

Imgur Video to Gif

Imgur Video to GIF is one of the best conversion tools available online. It is simple and easy-to-use and allows the user to convert videos of several different formats into Imgur GIF images. Free Converting YouTube video to a GIF only needs two steps:

1. Add the YouTube video's URL in the address bar and upload YouTube video.

2. Select a start time, then end time. Click on "Create GIF" and you're done!

Imgur Video to GIF also has an entire range of sharing options that include embedded codes and links. But sadly, there is no social media connectivity to share the created GIF, and it seems you can't download the GIF from YouTube video.

GIF Maker - Video to GIF Creator Tool

YouTube to GIF Maker

GIF Maker comes from GIPHY and it is the most beautiful online tool to make GIF animations directly from YouTube links. You would be impressed by interface. The steps are also simple:

1. Add video file or YouTube link.

2. Edit start time and duration.

3. GIF personal settings including captions, tags, source URL and more. The YouTube to GIF Maker enables you to change the speed and resolution of the GIF image.

4. Create GIF and share GIF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and more!

The limitation the YouTube GIF maker has is that the upload YouTube video must be under 100 MB and under 15 minutes long, also it restricts the output GIFs to be of 15 seconds or less.

Make a GIF

YouTube to GIF Maker

Make a GIF is one of the most popular free GIF creators online. It supports to make GIF not only from YouTube video, but also from multiple images. This Animated GIF Maker also has a number of customization options that include playback speed and resolution. Steps are similar as the above two. Just enter the YouTube URL you want to create your GIF from, and then follow the instruction.

However, the catch is that if you need a high quality GIF image without a watermark, you'll have to sign up for the paid service.

More effortless YouTube to GIF tools - Animated Gif Maker and Gif Editor, GIF anything in seconds

YouTube to GIF - Easiest way to make gif from Youtube. Enter Youtube URL and create gif from the selected time frame. Absolutely free!

Imagefilp - Easily create animated GIFs online from videos, Youtube, or video websites. Simple yet powerful options.

GifRun - Create animated GIFs and short video clips from YouTube. Custom text can be added to GIFs and videos. Find videos using instant search or cut and paste URL.

Part 2. Professional GIF maker to make a GIF from YouTube

As you can see from above, to make a GIF out of YouTube video is easy and free, but there are more or less restrictions to bother you, including the YouTube video size, output GIF size and more. In order to make a GIF from YouTube video freely, we recommend you to download YouTube video first, then you can make GIF out of downloaded YouTube videos.

For people who have the YouTube video downloaded, we have provided a professional YouTube to GIF maker here. It is the best video to GIF converting software which enables you to free make YouTube video to GIF in high quality. The tutorial is as below.

How to create animated GIFs from YouTube with Free YouTube to GIF Maker

Step 1YouTube to GIF maker download

Free Download, install and open this YouTube to GIF makers on computer.

Step 2Load YouTube video file

Click "Add File" in the tool bar to load the YouTube video you want to make GIF from.

Add File

Step 3Edit GIF duration

Click "Clip" in the tool bar, then you'll enter the preview window. Slide the two dots on the progress bar to adjust start time and end time, then click "OK".

Clip GIF

Step 4GIF profile settings

Click "Settings" down the main interface and you are allowed to customize GIF settings including Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, Resolution, etc.

GIF Profile Settings

Step 5Convert YouTube video to GIF

After all set, click "Convert" button. Then you can get the GIF out of a YouTube video within a few seconds.

GIF Conversion

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In this article, we have provided you several methods to easily make a GIF from YouTube video on computer. Of course, you can find GIF maker for YouTube enabling you to create GIF from YouTube on iPhone/Android, that sounds appealing but YouTube to GIF on mobile is very tricky. Better convert YouTube to GIF following one methods above, then you can also share GIF animation on your mobile divices!

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