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Backup iPhone contacts

Nowadays, mobile phone is becoming a more and more important role in our daily life, which let us communicate with our friends, relatives, family members, classmates or colleagues. As a means of communication, the data file about contacts is the most key part of a mobile phone. If you delete your contacts or lose your iPhone or Android phone by accident and have no telephone number to remind of, you will also lose the connection to those friends transiently or permanently. Therefore, it is necessary to back up iPhone contacts or Android contacts frequently in case of losing them one day.

There are a number of options to allow you to backup contacts on iPhone or Android phones. The article mainly presents five options for iPhone users to help them deal with the issue of backing up contacts. Just select a proper one to make your iPhone contacts backup.

Option 1: How to backup iPhone contacts to PC including the deleted

In consideration of the importance of contacts for a mobile phone, we strongly recommend you to backup your iPhone contacts to computer, PC or Mac. Unlike iCloud, iTunes, Google or other mobile storage space, backing up your contacts to computer can give your contacts a good protection. To back up iPhone contacts to computer, you need to use a third-party tool to back up them on your computer.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery is the best iPhone contacts backup tool which features in backing up iPhone contacts to computer easily. It also lets users to manage their contacts or recover their lost/deleted contacts from iPhone. Let's look at the steps to use iPhone Data Recovery to backup contacts on iPhone to PC firstly.

Note that for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users just operate as you are told on the interface to retrieve your data.

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery to your PC.

Start iPhone Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to PC.

After installing the program to your PC successfully, run it on your PC and then connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.

Getting Started

Select "Restore from iOS Device" and let the program to scan your iPhone.

When your iPhone is recognized by the program, you can click the "Start Scan" button to let the software scan all contents on iPhone.

Connect iPhone

Select the "Contacts" category to back up.

After the scanning process is over, you can choose the Contacts category from the left list of categories on iPhone. You also can click this category to manage and view contacts with iPhone Data Recovery.

Recover Contacts from Device

Back up iPhone contacts to PC.

Select the contacts you want to back up, and then click the Recover button in the lower right corner to save them on your PC.

Choose output folder

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Option 2: How to backup iPhone contacts to Mac

The process of backing up iPhone contacts to Mac is similar to the process of iPhone backup contacts on PC. Here is the simplified procedure.

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to your Mac.

Start the program and connect your iPhone to Mac.

Select "Restore from iOS Device" and click the "Start Scan" button to scan your iPhone.

Select the "Contacts" category from the left-list categories to back up.

Click the "Recover" button to back up contacts to Mac.

Option 3: How to backup iPhone contacts to Google/Gmail

Backup iPhone contacts to Google or Gmail is also a good option to choose. It is easy to operate.

On you iPhone (iOS 7 or later), go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Google.

Then enter your Google account and click the Next button at the top of iPhone screen. (Google account forgot? recover Google account.)

Turn on Contacts on your iPhone and tap Save for syncing iPhone contacts to Google.

When the process is over, tap Contacts app on your iPhone and your iPhone contacts will automatically back up to Google.

Option 4: How to backup iPhone contacts to iTunes

iPhone users may know that iTunes backs up everything of iPhone first when you sync with it. It will save all your iPhone files including contacts when you lost your contacts from iPhone. But iPhone users are not allowed to preview, even access the backup files. They are not regular file type, but a SQlitedb file.

Launch iTunes and connect you iPhone to computer via USB.

Go to File > Devices > Back Up and start to back your iPhone to iTunes.

After you making iPhone contacts backup to iTunes, you can check and view iTunes contacts.

Option 5: How to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud

iCloud backup is the easiest way to back up your iPhone contacts. And you can restore your contacts anywhere anytime as long as there is an iOS device or Mac with connected network. To backup iPhone contacts to iCloud, you only need to

On your iPhone, tap Settings > iCloud >Sign in iCloud account > Backup (iOS 8 or later), or Storage & Backup (iOS 7 or earlier).

Turn on iCloud Backup and hit Backup Now.

iCloud Backup

Note that: the whole process of backing up iPhone contacts requires users to connect to your Wi-Fi network. And when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, it will periodically backup through iCloud, or you can do so by connecting your iPhone to a power source.

After make iPhone contacts backup to iCloud, you can also restore contacts from iCloud.

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