How to Recover Data from Bent iPhone

Recover Data from Bending iPhone

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In our daily life, people usually love putting their iPhones in their pockets. However, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus or later iPhones are easier to be bent carelessly under this situation. With more and more questions about "bendgate" are put forward, people more care about if iPhone warranty covers bent iPhone fixing or replacement.

Actually, this warranty responds on if your iPhone is bent accidentally or artificially. That is to say, if Apple store tests out that your iPhone 6 is bent accidentally, then you can replace or fix your iPhone 6 for free. But if your Phone is tested out artificial bend, iPhone warranty does not cover replacement and repair, and you cannot get iPhone replaced or repaired freely. Moreover, if your iPhone warranty is out of date, it is a pity that you have to repair your bending iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus in Apple store at expensive cost.

What is worse, your iPhone data, including contacts, photos, songs, notes, text messages, etc are gone with the wind. So how to recover your bending iPhone data? Here we recommend you the iPhone Data Recovery to recover your data from iPhone that bends. Just follow the next parts to retrieve your bending iPhone.

How to recover bending iPhone data

For avoiding your bending iPhone becomes a brick and you maybe lose your previous data, you need to recover your bendgate iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s and more. Also, you can't rely on this bent iPhone data recovery software to straighten your bending iPhone 6, but at least, you can get your missing iPhone contacts, photos, videos, and other data out of it. Let's view how to get back your bent iPhone data. Just download and try this software.

Step 1Install the bending iPhone and connect it with your computer.

After downloading the software, install it on your computer and launch it. Then, connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable, and this data recovery tool will recognize your iPhone automatically.

Connect iphone


The iPhone Data Retrieving App can recover data on bending iPhone on premise that your iPhone is not completely broken, which means that if your iPhone can't be recognized after connecting to PC, we are willing to help but unable to do the recovery.

Step 2Scan your iPhone and choose the data you want to recover.

After connecting your bending iPhone with the program, click "Start Scan" to scan all the data of your iPhone that bends. Later, all the data on your bent iPhone will be listed in the main window. You are allowed to select the data you want to recover.

Choose iPhone data

Step 3Recover your bent iPhone data from this iPhone Data Recovery.

When you have chosen the iPhone data your want to recover, click "Recover" to recover your data from bent iPhone to computer.

Recovery iPhone


The iPhone Files Recovering Software can also recover and backup a locked iPhone.

After all the operations are done, you can find the recovered files in the destination folder. At that time, you are no longer to worry about your bending iPhone data losing. So just try to find a way to unbent your iPhone or you can ask Apple to replace or repair your bending iPhone.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

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