How to Split Video with Video Splitter

Video Splitter

It is time-consuming if you want to upload one large video to YouTube, or transfer large movies to your iPhone. So many people want to trim their videos/movies with video splitter, so they can upload/transfer/back up their videos conveniently and quickly. And here we will show you how to split video with video splitter on Mac/PC/iPhone/Android.

Part 1: Split video with video trimmer on computer

There are a lot of video splitters around you, but you need to find the best and professional one. Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice, because Video Converter Ultimate is not only a video converter, but also a video trimmer, which helps you to split videos/movies accurately and easily. Let's see how to split video with Video Converter Ultimate. Just download and try it for free!

Step 1 Install Video Converter Ultimate on computer

After downloading it on your Mac/PC, you need to install this video cutter and then run it.

Step 2Load videos into the video splitter

When you open Video Converter Ultimate, you can add videos or video folder into it.

Load Videos

Step 3Split videos easily and quickly

Choose one video and click "Clip" button to split video. You have two choices to cut videos. One is pulling the small triangle to cut the part what you want, the other is setting start time and end time to split your video. After you finish cutting one video, you can do the same operation to split others.

Split Videos

Step 4Get video segments without effort

Once you have split your videos, you can see the segments in the main interface of this video splitter. And now, you can click "Convert" to get these trimmed videos.

Video Segments

See, it is so easy and quick. Now, with Video Converter Ultimate, you can transfer cut videos to your iPhone, Android or other portable devices for enjoying your movies on your way to school or trip.

Besides splitting videos, Video Converter Ultimate has more wonderful features provided for you:

  • 1. Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites.
  • 2. Rip DVD to MP4/MOV/WMV/MPG and more videos with ease.
  • 3. Convert any video/audio without quality loss.
  • 4. Enhance/edit video for better effects.

Part 2: Cut videos using video splitter app on iPhone/Android

With more and more people like using portable devices, video splitter apps become more and more important. Of course, you can use video editors on Android or iPhone to split videos, as many video editing apps have trimming function. But here we mainly tell you the single video splitter apps on iPhone/Android. They are:

  • 1. Video Splitter for iPhone
  • 2. Video Splitter for Android
  • 3. VidTrim (Android)
  • 4. Video Slimmer (iPhone)
  • 5. VidCutter (Android and iPhone)

Now, take Video Splitter for Android for example, to cut video easily on your phone. Download it on Google Play.

Step 1Install Video Splitter and open it on your phone

Step 2 Load large video you want to split or shoot video

Video Splitter Android

Step 3Choose how many video parts you want to create

Step 4Save your video parts

It is quite easy to split video on Android/iPhone with video splitter apps. Just do it by yourself now!

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