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How to Recover Hard Drive Data from Dead/Broken Laptop

Summary: It's not that easy to recover lost data from laptop hard drive, let alone a dead or broken laptop. This post introduce you with a great laptop hard drive recovery to help you find back your missing data. Any frequently-used data can be easily restored to your laptop.

"My ThinkPad P50 laptop suddenly shut down yesterday and I noticed that many files are missing after rebooting. I save many important documents on desktop, C hard disk. Is there any simple way to recover data from laptop hard drive? My laptop just dead for a while and it works normally now. Any help?"

"I have a 7 years old Dell laptop and it works really well. Surely I get lots of important files saved on it. I have upgraded a new computer but still don't back up these data from it to the new one. While just now, this old Dell died and can't be booted. How to recover files from a dead laptop? I really need these files. Should I take it to the repair company?"

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

You should know that any consumer electronic has a limited life, including laptop, phone, MP3 player and other portable devices. Actually, you don't care too much about it, especially after a long time usage. Until one day, it suddenly can't work anymore, you start to concern about this old friend.

It's not easy to recover data from laptop hard drive. It's very hard to retrieve hard drive files from a dead laptop.

This post will try to help you recover data from laptop hard drive. A professional laptop hard drive recovery is recommended to find back your lost files. What's more, we will show you how to retrieve hard drive data from a dead laptop. Just keep reading and find what you need.

Part 1. Best Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

At the first part, we will show you the best way to recover deleted/lost data from laptop hard drive. Here we sincerely recommend the powerful Laptop Hard Drive Recovery to help you make the hard drive data recovering. One thing you should make sure that, the hard drive need to be detected on your computer. If you get a totally dead laptop, just skip to the next part.

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery is able to restore any frequently-used data lost due to mistakenly deletion, format, raw, virus attack, system crash, and other issues.

Moreover, it also lets you get hard drive recovery from G-Technology, WD, Seagate, Samsung, etc.

With it, you can handily recover lost data like images, songs, documents, emails, videos, etc. Just free download it to rescue your data.

How to access and recover data from laptop hard drive

This part will give you detailed information about how to recover lost files with the laptop hard drive data recovery.

Step 1 Launch Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Download, install and launch this laptop hard drive data recovering software on your computer.

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Step 2 Select data type and hard drive

You can see many popular data types are listed in the interface. Choose the data type you want to restore and specific hard drive.

Step 3 Scan hard drive data

This laptop hard drive data recovery software is equipped with two scanning ways to scan all types of data on your hard drive. When you click the Scan button, it will automatically start the quick scanning process. Besides quick scan, it also offers a Deep Scan feature.

Scan Hard Drive Data

Step 4 Start laptop hard drive recovery

To quickly locate the deleted/lost laptop hard drive, it offers you the "Filter" function. You can rely on it to select all the missing files you want to recover. After selecting all the hard drive data, you can click on Recover button to start the hard drive data recovery process.

Start Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Part 2. How to recover files from a dead laptop hard drive

When you get a totally dead laptop, all you need to do is turn the old hard drive into an external hard drive. To do that, you can do it by yourself, or go to the professional laptop hard drive recovery company. If you ever changed the hard drive and have right tools, you can follow the next steps to recover files from your dead laptop hard drive.

Step 1 Remove hard drive from the dead laptop

Cut off the power and remove the laptop battery. During this step, you need to use your tools to remove the hard drive from dead laptop. You can Google the suitable method based on your laptop model.

Remove Laptop Hard Drive

Step 2 Connect hard drive with an enclosure

Here you need a hard drive disk enclosure. With it, you can run hard drive on another computer with a USB port. If you don't get a hard drive enclosure, you have to insert the old laptop hard drive to a working computer which supports the drive.

Turn Hard Drive into External Hard Drive

Step 3 Access various data on laptop hard drive

Connect the old hard drive to new computer through the disk enclosure. In this way, you can easily manage various data on this hard drive. If you find any data loss on this laptop hard drive, you can use the recommended laptop hard drive recovery.

Connect Hard Drive

We mainly talk about laptop hard drive recovery in this post. A professional data recovery tool is recommended for you to recover deleted files from a laptop hard drive. In addition, we tell you how to deal with various data on a dead laptop hard drive. If you still have any question, you can leave us a message.

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