How to Play Steam Games on the Phone [iOS & Android]

March 10, 2023Ashley Mae

Have you ever considered playing the Steams as you move around the home? It's time to act and play Steam games on your phone remotely and seamlessly. Steam has tons of games for PC users as a huge game distribution platform. However, not all the games have an iPhone or Android version. Fortunately, with the help of the Steam Link app, you can play Steam games on the phone without manning the desk at times. This way, even when your partner or friends use your computer, you can still play Steam games. Keep browsing to see the detailed steps.

Play Steam Games on Phone

Part 1. Preparations before Playing Steam Games on Phone

Before diving in, there are some reminders for you. Make sure you get well prepared and start playing Steam games on your phone via the Steam Link app.

Host computer: To successfully play the Steam games on Android or iPhone remotely, make sure your computer is on and is running Steam when playing on your mobile.

Stable internet connection: Input lag is unbearable and ruins everything, let alone the game experience. So, you can either upgrade your network connection for a better remote gaming experience or use lower in-game graphic settings. Although the image quality would drop, it will consume less bandwidth.

Pairing instruction: The Steam Link app will teach you how to pair the official Steam Controller with the phone with on-screen instructions. For other controllers, you will need to consult the corresponding user manuals.

Enable Remote Play: The last and most important tip for you, remember to enable Remote Play to play Steam games on the phone successfully. Open Steam, click View and go to Settings. Scroll down to see the Remote Play option and enable it.

Enable Remote Play Steam

Part 2. How to Play Steam Games on Phone [iPhone & Android]

Now you know the tips for remote gaming on your phone, and you can go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the Steam Link app. Meanwhile, the connecting procedure is the same whether you use iPhone or Android. Therefore, browse through the following steps, bring your desktop games to your iPhone or Android, and play Steam games on the phone.

How to Play Steam Games on iPhone & Android with Steam Link

Step 1:
After downloading and installing the Steam Link app from App Store/Google Play Store, open the app and run Steam on your PC. Then, tap the Get Started button on your phone.
Get Started Steam Link App
Step 2:
You can pair a Controller or skip the step on the following screen. After that, the app will search for your computer. The app can find your computer even if it is on a different network than your phone.
Pair A Controller with the Phone or Skip
Step 3:
Choose your computer; the app will generate a PIN code. Please enter it in the Steam window on your PC. Once the devices are connected, the Steam Link app will start testing your network.
Steam Link Generates Pin Code
Step 4:
Wait till the testing ends. Then, tap the Start Playing button to play Steam games on your phone.
Start Playing Steam Games on Phone

When playing games from Steam on your phone, recording or screenshotting the Steam games is becoming much easier. Meanwhile, you can also easily find where these screenshots or recordings are on your phone.

Extra Tip: Play Mobile Games on PC for a Bigger Vision

Apart from playing Steam games on your phone, you can do the exact opposite and play mobile games on your PC. Then, you can enjoy the games that do not support or have PC versions. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is a simple tool for screen mirroring between Android/iOS and the PC. It lets you remotely control your phone with or without a USB connection. Then, you can stream videos, play mobile games, or text on a bigger screen. Within a few steps, you can set it up and stream the mobile games on a PC.

Phone Mirror


Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

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  • Use the PC screen as your iPhone or Android monitor screen.
  • Operate the phone with a bigger screen wirelessly or with a USB cable.
  • Record the best moments when playing mobile games on PC.
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Mirror iPhone Screen to PC and Play Mobile Games

Step 1:
Get a free download and installation of Phone Mirror. Then, prepare a USB cable if you want a USB connection. Then, launch the program on the PC. Choose your phone type. In this case, click the iOS Mirror button.
Choose Mirror iOS
Step 2:
Then, choose the connection method. You can follow the on-screen instructions and open the Control Center on your iPhone to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your PC and iPhone are on the same Internet. Tap the Screen Mirroring option. Then, choose Aiseesoft Phone Mirror .
Mirror Screen iPhone
Step 3:
You must connect the iPhone to PC with a workable USB cable for USB connection. Then, the program will recognize your iPhone. Tap the Trust button and enter the screen password on your iPhone. After that, you can immediately see your iPhone screen on the PC.
iPhone Trust this Computer

Mirror Android Screen to PC and Play Mobile Games

Only the wireless connection is different for Android and iOS. For the USB connection on Android, you can check the steps above. After installing Phone Mirror on the PC, you must also install FoneLab Mirror on your Android for wireless mirroring. You can find it in Google Play Store.

Step 1:
Choose Android Mirror after launching the program on the PC. Then, open the FoneLab Mirror app on your Android after downloading it. You can click the Detect icon in that app to search for and match with the PC.
Detect Device
Step 2:
Once the app finds your PC, tap the PC name to cast the screen. Meanwhile, you can also use the other two mirroring methods: PIN Code and Scan QR Code. Follow the on-screen instructions to use both.
Pin Code

Now, you can click on the PC to open apps and play mobile games on the PC. During your game, you can also record your game and do other controlling over your phone on PC via the Toolbar.

Part 3: AQs about Play Steam Games on Phone

Can I play Steam games on the phone without a PC?

Yes, you can. You can do this by cloud gaming and transferring your Steam games to the cloud. But the speed can be slow, and you might have a bad gaming experience.

Can I install Steam on the phone?

Yes, you can. You can find the Steam app in both Google Play and App Store. Then, you can get the latest notifications of new game releases or updates. But the app can't help you play Steam games on the phone.

What to do when the Steam games on the phone are unresponsive?

When streaming Steam games on your phone, the game quality might drop sharply. According to the Steam official suggestions, you can try switching to a 5GHz network, which may help improve your game experience. You can also enable the Fast video option in the Streaming settings.


To summarize the article, the above content fully covers the steps for playing Steam games on the phone, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. This thorough tutorial lets you quickly jump to the matching steps and learn the skill. Besides, if you prefer the opposite situation and want to browse mobile games on a PC, you can find the workable solutions above.

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