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2023-08-285 Start

Saved my photos

By Cunningham

I dropped my phone in water, and thought my photos were gone forever. FoneLab saved them in the end.

2023-05-185 Start

Texts recovered

By Gallagher

Accidentally I deleted all my messages, but FoneLab brought them back in a flash!

2022-07-055 Start

Call logs saved

By Kennedy

My call logs vanished, and I needed them for work. FoneLab for Android helped get them back. It did a really great job.

2021-12-145 Start

Powerful recovery tool

By Carlson

I never stress about lost data. FoneLab Android Data Recovery is the best solution!

2020-09-245 Start

Highly recommended

By Brad

Regained my lost memories with FoneLab. for Android. Easy, efficient, and a true data savior.

2019-07-315 Start

Incredible product

By Reynolds

A must-have tool for Android users! I won’t panic if I accidentally delete something again.

2018-11-075 Start

Thanks to this free software

By Ali

By Mary 2015-02-08 It recovered all my lost contacts! This Android data recovery really saved me! All my contacts disappeared after my Samsung phone dropt into water. Thanks to this free software. It helped me get all my contacts back.

2017-12-205 Start


By Daniel

I accidentally deleted some photos from my Samsung Galaxy S6. Now I am able to use your free software to not just preview but recover those photos. Score!

2017-12-185 Start



Helped recover my deleted or lost photos and messages successfully. But you should know that it is not 100% to recover any thing. I think it is the best to read some tutorials from this site before you choose to buy it.

2017-12-155 Start

FoneLab for Android

By Fly butter

I bought FoneLab for Android a couple days ago to recover some of my deleted pictures. It worked well.

2017-12-135 Start


By Eric Bailey

This FoneLab for Android helps me to recover my deleted Android files, text messages, photos, call logs are all accessible. But to be honest, I don't think the recovery process is the best. It can be better. Hope you can improve it.

2017-12-135 Start


By GiGi

I finally enabled USB debugging on my Samsung phone, thanks for the help! This program is really able to recover my lost text messages.

2017-12-135 Start

Five Star

By Mary7787

Easy five star. This program works well for me. It helped me to recover my deleted photos from my Samsung phone with simple clicks, although there was some waiting during the process, but I'm happy with the result.

2017-12-125 Start

Best app for recovery

By Wendy

Best app for recovery.

2017-12-125 Start


By Jake Barnes

FoneLab for Android is an advanced Android files recovery program, you can use it to recover lost, deleted, and corrupted Android data, including text messages, contacts, photos, and more.

2017-12-125 Start


By Steve

Fonelab did a good job. This Android data recovery software is very professional, totally meets my demands.

2017-12-125 Start

I think it is a great choice

By Albert John

Fonelab for android is a great choice for me. It performs excellently and is very easy-to-use. Also, it works for multiple Android devices and fully recovers many different files regardless of the reasons for data loss.

2017-12-105 Start

Enjoy it

By Cynthia Moy

My screen is locked and I do not want to root it to view the data on my phone. After searching Google, and I find this software, and try it. It takes me minutes to get back the data in it.

2017-12-105 Start

Do love it

By Jamie

This Android data recovery tool is so great. It helped me recover the deleted text messages quickly. I would like to recommend this program. It should be the best one!

2017-12-105 Start


By Sarah

A fail rooting erased all files on my LG Nexus 5X. This Android data recovery tool helps me get these deleted contacts, messages, call logs, etc. back. It allows me to select specific files to recover. Really convenient.

2017-12-075 Start

Nice app

By Carter

I purchased this app mainly to recover a very important video. It provides the video category for me to quickly find the video. Then with one click, the lost video was recovered to my computer.

2017-12-075 Start

Recommend it!

By Mrchiro

A great Android photo recovery app!

2017-12-055 Start

Short Review

By Hank

Yes, you should try this Android data recovery. Get your lost data back with ease. You're welcome.

2017-12-055 Start

Great product!

By Carney

I mistakenly deleted some pictures on my Samsung Note 5 yesterday. And this Android data recovering tool easily find them back for me. Really appreciate it!

2017-12-045 Start



I just free download this Android data recovering app and try if it can help me find my lost messages. It easily handle that!

2017-12-045 Start

Not bad

By Jonnan

I've tried and waited long time for the scanning. I thought it would fail, but I did get my messages back after several minutes.

2017-12-035 Start

Need to root

By Master J

All in all, it is not complicated to use FoneLab for Android to recover any data you want. But you'll be asked to root your Android at first, that can be tricky sometimes.

2017-11-305 Start

Mind blowing FoneLab for Android

By Caroline

I don't believe that the lost files will be recovered. But FoneLab for Android really blows my mind. It retrieved my deleted messages. I think this is really amazing.

2017-11-305 Start

Whatsapp recovery

By Leo White

I downloaded FoneLab for Android because I want to recover WhatsApp messages and some pictures, I delete them several days ago but now I really regretted it. Luckily, FoneLab for Android worked. I don't know if it supports all Android data, but WhatsApp is ok. Hope this can help you.

2017-11-305 Start

it recovered my sms

By Angie Johnston

OK, it recovered my deleted SMS. I can easily identify these text messages since they are red. It's great.

2017-11-295 Start

Excellent software

By Nikie

I bought this so I could recover some lost data on my Samsung Galaxy Phone after a format.

2017-11-285 Start

Life saver

By Georges

My boyfriend reset his Samsung phone and didn't realize it would erase the data. He was really upset. Thankfully, this program was able to solve his problems. Years of pictures saved.

2017-11-285 Start

Thank you

By Peter

Thank you so much for recovering my phone that lost so much important data.

2017-11-285 Start

Works good

By Bass

Honestly, this Android data recovery works good for me. It scans my Samsung Galaxy S7 data in 3 minutes. And the restored text messages with the full information containing sending and receiving data, phone number and contacts.

2017-11-255 Start

Fix good

By R. Hubbard

My phone gets wrong and stays in a loop restart interface. I am blank to remove this error. My friend introduces this program for me, and it is really convenient to help you fix the issue.

2017-11-255 Start


By Goodwin

Love love love this recovery software. It helped me recover three very important files.

2017-11-255 Start

Recover WhatsApp photos

By Trucker

I'm quite impressed by this recovering product. I find and restore many lost Whatsapp messages and attached images with it.

2017-11-235 Start

So powerful

By Gavalas

I get this software from All-in-1 Bundle. And I think this tool is the best one in this bundle. It helps me recover deleted data, fix the blacks screen phone, and backup/restore in one click. So powerful.

2017-10-185 Start

Thanks a lot

By Maoris

This android data recovery software is so amazing.

2017-10-175 Start

Root required

By Kay

Will be better if don't need to root. The truth is, I prefer not to root my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But for recovering the photos. I have to do that.........

2017-10-175 Start

Powerful one

By Gigi

First I tried the free version. It seemed like it truly could find deleted Android data back. I checked all data categories one by one and then bought it.

2017-10-175 Start


By Wendy

I purchased it to recover some pictures deleted by my bf. Now I mainly use it to back up some data which I can't directly transfer them to computer.

2017-10-155 Start

Highly recommend the program

By Chris

FoneLab for Android is very excellent! It lets me recover the deleted contacts.

2017-10-145 Start

Successful WhatsApp Recovery

By Zoe

This software retrieved WhatsApp messages and photos from my Samsung Galaxy Note S7. So helpful!!!

2017-10-025 Start

Nice product

By Ben

Encountered the root issue and fonelab for android's support team helped a lot. This tool is very helpful. All my call logs were found. Great!

2017-09-305 Start

Something that I want to say

By Lily

I really like FoneLab for Android. It is very easy to use. So many useful functions are offered and it successfully recovered my gallery images. Thans a lot.

2017-09-275 Start

A best third-party android software

By Manna

So great it is! FoneLab for Android is very helpful and it manages to help me retrieve the missing text messages.

2017-09-255 Start

Recommend the software

By Crystal

Many thanks to FoneLab for Android as It successfully recovers photos that I accidentally deleted from my Samsung phone.

2017-09-235 Start


By Dave Brown

I used to use some android recovering tool, but no one is very satisfying until I found Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android. This software is very useful for me. All my deleted contacts are recovered.

2017-09-185 Start

Thanks to FoneLab Android Data Recovery

By Linda

I have formatted my Sony phone and lost all my important files, including all the contacts and messages from my families, friends and colleagues! It's a mass to me! Thanks to FoneLab Android Data Recovery to help me out from disaster!

2017-08-015 Start

Top photo recovery app


The result is better than I expected.

2017-08-015 Start

It's perfect!!

By Lewis

It's perfect!!! Couldn't be better! This Android Data Recovery helps me quickly find and retrieve all the deleted files on my LG G3 phone.

2017-07-295 Start

Five Stars

By Vinny

Very great! It helped me restore lost photos on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

2017-07-295 Start

Works great!

By Nick

Great tool for Android data recovering

2017-07-285 Start

Great tool

By Richard

I lost many important messages due to some quick taps. One friend recommended this Android recovery to me. I tried the free version and it helped me quickly locate the deleted text messages.

2017-07-255 Start

It works!

By Collins

I use this Android data recovery tool to recover my lost contacts. It works just as advertisement. Now I get all my lost contacts back. By the way, I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

2017-06-185 Start

Great program

By Ucak

I purchased this program today in the hope of retrieving deleted messages from my Android phone. After half an hour's trial, now I get all the deleted text messages back to my computer. Great program.

2017-05-015 Start

Easy program

By Rimon

I download this software on my Windows 10 computer, it pops up an installing error, but after trying again, it works well. All data like contacts, call history, and documents are retrieved to my computer easily.

2017-04-105 Start

I like it

By Shimshi

I like this Android data recovery tool. The fixing feature is very powerful to extract the data from my water-drawn SAMSUNG phone.

2017-04-015 Start

Great, data are still safe

By Martijn

I forgot my phone screen lock password. Also I tried much software, but they all fail to work. Your software does a good job to help me access all the data in it. Great, data are still safe.

2017-03-125 Start

No worry losing data

By Bommel

FoneLab for Android is good with three functions. Android data recovery is my favorite. It rescues my deleted photos. I also use its backup function to save my phone data. I do not want to lose data again!

2017-02-015 Start

professional program

By Jenny Ryan

This professional Android data recovery software helps me to recover lost contacts and messages from my Huawei phone easily and effectively! It is really an easy-to-use and smart Android file recovery software for common users!

2017-01-145 Start

i like it

By Lynn

It really works with my Samsung Galaxy Note, I did find back my contacts and call logs! Thanks a lot!

2016-12-175 Start

Recover lost data

By Zoe

This program is definitely great software to use for recovering lost data from various Android phones, it makes the complex task of recovering lost files in simple steps and achievable by anyone.

2016-07-305 Start

Great as it is

By Jessica

I download trial version of this Fonelab Android Data Recovery program to rescue my contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6, I was able to preview the missing contacts. So I purchase the it for recovering them. It is very useful but a little expansive.

2016-07-125 Start


By Daniel

I felt sad when I lost my favorite photos. Thank you very much for helping me recover the missing photos from my LG G5 phone.

2016-07-045 Start

Worked well

By Modishe

So great! I have used it to successfully recover the SMS messages. The recovery speed is good!

2016-06-305 Start

Recommend the product

By Lidia

I would like to express thanks to FoneLab for Android. It managed to recover the gallery images from my HTC phone.

2016-06-205 Start

I want to say

By Kesha

Not very easy, but it indeed recovered my messages at last. I encountered the root problem, and the customer service helped me go through it. Thanks.

2016-05-225 Start

Thanks a lot

By Chris

This android data recovery software is multifunctional. It can do more than recovering files from Android.

2016-05-145 Start

Very good

By Unity Dey

Very good, l never knew these exist until recently. Congrat.

2016-04-165 Start

Highly recommend the program

By Helen Wong

This android data recovery software is multifunctional. It can do more than recovering files from Android.

2016-04-145 Start


By Josh

What a Jesus. This is the greatest app I used. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is stuck in the recovery mode, and I am blank to drag it to normal. I just follow the steps of the program to fix it to normal.

2016-03-145 Start

Love it

By Sigler

When using this tool, I am having the problem with rooting my HTC phone. After the help of your support, now I rooted my phone successfully, and can scan my deleted data on my phone.

2016-02-245 Start

Like it

By melon_kw

I love your new features to backup and restore. I frequently back up my Android phone and restore the backups to my phone, because my I am forgetful man. Wow. Like it.

2016-02-155 Start

It helps me a lot

By Evensopoet

I think this program can help me more than the iPhone verison. I can operate the phone normally. I just need to do backups that include images, contacts of the phone. And it did help me do that.

2016-02-015 Start

What a useful program

By Alex

I connect to a Samsung S4 with a broken screen to the computer, run your software to use the Broken Android Data Extraction to extract the data on the broken phone. It did work. What a useful program.

2016-01-315 Start


By Evensopoet

I think this program can help me more than the iPhone verison. I can operate the phone normally. I just need to do backups that include images, contacts of the phone. And it did help me do that.

2016-01-205 Start


By Mike Shinn

I've purchased your software to retrieve deleted text messages. It takes me about 5 minutes to get back the deleted messages from my Android phone to my computer. Thanks.

2016-01-045 Start


By IntlWoman

We purchased your android recovery software, however the tool was unable to recover the deleted files, because it was unable to 'root' the phone. After several times' trial, my phone is rooted and can recover my deleted files now. Great.

2015-12-275 Start

Many thanks

By Paul Wolff

My phone PIN is locked and cannot arrive at my photos in it. Your software saves my photos from the locked phone to my computer. Thanks.


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