[Foolproof] Tricks on How to Fix a Scratched CD at Your Home

January 11, 2023Ashley Mae

Individuals believe that when a CD has been scratched, there is no other way to fix it, but this is not the case! Surely, there are ways to fix a scratched CD instead of disposing of them in the garbage. Most of the solutions work effectively, and you can find these solutions even in the comfort of your home. If you are prepared to address the issue, then take a quick glimpse of this article as we provide helpful tips and advice for fixing the problem.

Fix A Scratched CD

Part 1. 3 Effective Methods on How to Fix a Scratched CD

These are the unusual methods to fix a scratched CD, but no need to worry because all these methods are proven useful, and you can find all the products you will use in your home or local store. But remember that these methods will only work if the scratches are minor, so start reading this article to know how to do it.

1st Method. Using a Toothpaste

Toothpaste? Really! The answer is yes, and it has a gritty substance that gently removes the scratches from the CD. But remember to use white toothpaste and not gel, swirls, or flavors because the other version contains beads that could scratch and damage the CDs, which we want to avoid. Follow these steps here to perform CD scratch repair.

Step 1:
Wash the CD in lukewarm water to remove the dust or dirt before applying the toothpaste to the disk. After cleaning it, dry it with a non-linen towel.
Step 2:
Take out your white toothpaste, add a small amount of the substance directly to the CD, then rub it around. Repeat the same process to create a multilayer of toothpaste, then let it rest for a minute or longer.
Step 3:
Rinse the paste from the CD using lukewarm water, and dry it out. Check the disk; you can repeat the process if it still has scratches.

2nd Method. Rubbing Abrasive Compounds

Use 3M or Brasso as your rubbing abrasive solution, and you can purchase these at the store. With it, the compound formula breakdown the scratches until they are even with the rest of the CD or disk. Compared to the toothpaste method, this is much better when scratches are deeper on the disk.

If you choose to use a Brasso, you need to go into a well-ventilated area so that you wouldn't inhale the fumes. There are safety precautions at the back of the production that you'll need to follow to avoid irritations and problems.

Step 1:
Get a soft and clean cloth, then add a small amount of the substances to the cloth. Don't directly apply the product to the CD.
Step 2:
After adding the amount to the clothes, lay the disk on a flat surface, and using the other hand, hold the disk so that it wouldn't move while you are rubbing it. Rub the scratches in a circular motion about 10 to 15 times.
Step 3:
With the other clean and soft cloth, remove the polishing product. Ensure to clean it completely dry before you use it. If the disk still has the same problem, repeat the process.

3rd Method. Use a Finishing Wax

Wax can be used as a CD scratch remover; however, the solution is temporary, so if this works, you will need to transfer the data to the disc with the help of a CD DVD burner or save it on your drive. Here, you can use chap-stock, liquid car wax, furniture wax, Vaseline, shoe polish, and neutral wax. Still, you must understand that you must follow the manufacturer's application instructions. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Step 1:
Apply the wax of your choice to the CD playing surface.
Step 2:
Let the wax sits in for a minute or two.
Step 3:
After that, you must wipe off the excess wax on the cs.

Part 2. 7 Tips to Keep a CD as Fresh as Possible and Avoid Scratches

How to clean a scratched CD? Use the methods we included above, and if the CD is now clean and working correctly, you will need to preserve it. But, if you have a CD that you want to keep, then there are things that you'll need to follow. We list what you'll need to prevent or do for your CD.

Bonus: Best CD Player to Use to Test the CD for Problems at Ease

After you have repaired the CD, you can use the Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player to test out if the CD is still working correctly. This app is a video player that works similarly to VLC and Quicktime but offers more than video playing. Every video file you have is supported in this app, so there is no need to download an extension. Is your video saved on a disk? That wouldn't be a problem because this app can easily open a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and any ISO files. If you are wondering how this app follows the steps we added below.

Step 1:
Click the download button below to have the video player on your computer. After the file has been downloaded, install it, follow the WinRAR setup of the app, then launch it.
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Step 2:
You will see that the app has been opened when you see an interface like this. Next is to insert the disk on your device's optical disk drive to troubleshoot if files have gone missing after you cleanse it.
Place CD to optical Disk
Step 3:
Hit the Open Disc, select your optical drive, and then press OK to load it up. Select the video that you want to watch on the disk.
Open CD Drive
Step 4:
As easy as that, the video will start to play; click the maximize icon to watch the video on a full screen.
CD Video Playing

Part 3. FAQs on How to Fix a Scratched CD

Why does the CD have scratches?

It is because of improper usage and storage. So, if you don't want your CDs or any disk to have scratches, you better store them properly and return them to their original case.

How to rip CD to iPhone?

Ripping CDs to iPhones is a challenging task to do, especially if you aren't a pro. Still, easy-to-use applications have performed well in ripping video and audio files on CDs and transferring them into a device such as iPhone.

Why can't it read my CD?

When a CD is dirty or scratched, the optical disk does have a problem reading the data embedded in the disk. Better to clean it first with a clean cloth if there is dust or use the methods we included here to fix the CD.


How to fix a scratched CD? The methods we included here work 100% in fixing the scratches left on the CD. You might wonder if it works because they are new to the eyes, but we can assure you that it will work. Follow the instruction properly and step-by-step. If the problem hasn't been solved, go to the nearest professionals.

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