How to Play a Video Backwards in 5 Best Ways

When you finish watching a video, you may want to play the video backwards sometimes for distinctive pleasures like show it off on social media or find some interesting clues through it. Anyway, it is obvious that you need several operable ways to deal with it. So how to play a video backwards? Here are 5 easy ways below for your reference.

Play a Video Backwards

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Solution 1: How to Play a Video Backward Using Windows Movie Maker

If you are using Windows system, Windows Movie Maker should be a default and great choice for you to play a video backwards. Now let's learn the method to rewind a clip on the program.

Step 1 Store your target video clip in your computer, and then click the "Add videos and photos" button and load it in Windows Movie Maker.

Step 2 Move the slider that under the video box until it arrives at the exact place. Then, use the snapshot button to save the pictures of every frame of the clip into a folder. Click "Save" button and the snapshot will be added to the time line.

Step 3 You need to move the slider into the next snap and then take another snapshot. Repeat the step, until you finish the whole reversed video clip.

Step 4 Right click the snapshot and choose "Select All". After that, click the "Video tool" – edit tab and type "0.08" into the "Duration" box and then click "Enter". It is important to note that in the case that you are editing 24 frames a second, there should be "0.04" in the "Duration" box.

Step 5 Check your clip section. If it has reel marks, press the "Delete" button. Then, you can click "Play" to play video backward. At last, click "Home" and then click "Save movie" to save the video into your computer.

Windows Movie Maker

Solution 2: How to play video backward using Adobe Premiere

Step 1 Download and install Adobe Premiere. Launch the program and come to the "File" menu. After that, choose the "Import" option and search for the folder where your target video clip is in, double click the source file that you need.

Step 2 Right click the clip name in the "Project", which is a section of Premiere interface. Next, select "Speed/Duration" option from the menu that you opened.

Step 3 There is a box next to the "reverse speed" in the dialog box that emerged. Check and click the "OK" button in order to play the video backwards.

Step 4 At the last step, the only thing you need to do is clicking and dragging the video clip onto the time line. Then it is the relaxing time to play and watch the reversed video.

Adobe Premiere

Solution 3: How to have a video play backward with Avidemux

Step 1 At first, you need to decompress and save video clips. Since Avidemux only plays video files backward without audio, you need to take the audio track out. For the audio source, you need to choose "None" to remove the audio.

Step 2 Click the "Reverse" button and then the "+" button to reverse the video without audio. For the audio, you need to click "Effect" then "Reverse". And next, export the audio file as MAV and save it.

Step 3 At the main audio track dialog box, you need to choose "External MAV" and open up the external audio file then click "OK". Now you put the reversed video and audio together. And you can enjoy the video that has been played backwards.


Solution 4: How to use iMovie to play a video backward

Step 1 Open the iMovie and click "Import Movie" to browse and load the video clip that you want to reverse. Choose the video clip and click "OK" button.

Step 2 Choose the clip that you want to play backward and click "Rewind" option. After the video is reversed, you can adjust the playing speed with the speed button.

Step 3 Finally, check the reverse checkbox and press the "Play" button to play the video backwards.


Solution 5: How to Play a Video Backward via Magix Movie Maker

Step 1 Open the Magix Movie Maker and load the desired video files you want to play backward into the program.

Step 2 Select the video clip and you can see the "Effect" tab, find the speed sub menu.

Step 3 The playback conversion is supported. You can change the playback timeline to play your video backwards easily.

Magix Movie Maker


When you need to enjoy the backward effect of some video clips, you can find the excellent solutions from the article. In order to play a video backwards, you can use different programs according to different operation systems. If you have any query about playing videos backwards, you can share more detail about the problem in the comments.

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