Ultimate Guide to Removing Echo from Audio Using 5 Tools

June 19, 2024Jenny Ryan

It’s quite annoying to capture a sound with an echo. Echo in audio recordings may easily cause a distracting and unprofessional feel. Sometimes, it will hinder the clarity of your message. This article shares three different methods to remove echo from audio. You can get five helpful audio editing and noise removal tools to get rid of echo in audio with ease.

Remove Echo from Audio

Part 1. How to Remove Echo from Audio Online for Free

Many audio editors are equipped with a noise reduction feature to easily remove echo from audio. When you search for a way to quickly clean up echo in your audio, you will access multiple online echo removal tools. Popular ones include Voice.ai Free Online Echo Remover, Media.io Noise Reducer, LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner, VEED, and Descript AI voice enhancer. As you can see, some use AI-powered noise reduction functions to remove echo from audio clearly.

Step 1.
Select a desired online echo remover and navigate to the website. In this part, I take Voice.ai as an example to show you how to enhance audio and erase unwanted echoes.
Voice Ai Free Online Echo Remover
Step 2.
Click Upload Audio to add the audio recording that contains echo. Voice.ai supports MP3, WAV, and FLAC files. However, M4A audio files recorded by iPhones or iPads are not supported. Once the audio is added, click Convert Audio.
Add Echoey Audio to Voice Ai
Step 3.
This online echo removal tool will then use AI to remove unwanted background noise and echo. Play the Vocals and Noise to check the echo removal result. Click the Download button to save the clear audio.
Remove Echo from Audio Online Voice Ai

Part 2. How to Remove Echo from Audio Using AI

As I mentioned earlier, many AI-powered audio editors can effectively get rid of echoes and other noises. Whether you want to remove echo from audio or erase unwanted background noise from videos, you can rely on the all-featured Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It has an individual Noise Remover to accurately clean up echo in your audio and video files.

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Step 1.
Launch this echo removal software on your Mac or Windows PC. Click Toolbox or More Tools to access more tools. Locate Noise Remover and open it. In the pop-up window, click + to load your audio file.
Noise Remover Mac VCU
Step 2.
The added audio will be played automatically, and the audio noise reduction feature will be enabled by default. You can directly check the echo removal result. As you can see, it also allows you to control the volume and set delay. For more complex echoes, you can use delay effects to make a short delay on a copy of the original audio track and then invert its phase. That can create a phasing effect and reduce the perceived echo.
Remove Echo from Audio Mac VCU
Step 3.
When you are satisfied with the echo removal result, customize various output settings by clicking the Output icon. You can select a suitable format, encoder, sample rate, channel, and bitrate. Save your change and click the Export button.

Part 3. Professional Audio Editors to Remove Echo from Audio

When you want to remove echo from audio, you can also rely on some professional audio editing software, such as Audacity, Premiere, and Adobe Audition. They offer more advanced echo reduction tools.

Remove Echo from Audio in Audacity

Download and open Audacity. Click the File menu and use the Open option to add your audio. Select the whole audio track or the specific duration that contains the echo you want to remove. Go to Effect, click Noise Removal and Repair, and then take the Noise Reduction function to remove the echo in Audacity.

Remove Echo from Audio in Audacity

Remove Echo from Audio with Premiere Pro

You can use the DeReverb effect in Premiere Pro to easily get rid of unwanted echo and reverb from audio. First, you should open Premiere Pro, go to Audio under the Effect Controls. Under the Noise Reduction/Restoration section, locate DeReverb. Once the audio with echo is loaded into Premiere, you can drag and drop the DeReverb effect onto the audio track. That will easily clean up echo in audio.

Remove Echo from Audio in Premiere

Fix Echoey Audio Using Adobe Audition

Like Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition also offers a DeReverb function to remove echo and noise from audio. You can go to Noise Reduction Restoration from the top Effects menu bar and then access the DeReverb option from its dropdown. You can now drag the slider to control the echo reduction.

Clean Up Echo in Audio Adobe Audition

Part 4. FAQs of How to Remove Echo from Audio

How do I fix my speakers and get rid of echo?

Several helpful tips exist to get the echo off your speakers. For instance, you can try lowering the speaker volume, adjusting the microphone position, and customizing your computer's sound settings to fix echoing speakers. If you have enabled the audio enhancement or microphone boosting function, try disabling it to check if the echo is gone. Sometimes, hardware or software issues will also cause an echo in your speakers.

Why is my audio so echoey?

When your speakers are too loud, or the microphone is too close to each other, audio with an echo may easily be generated. In some cases, sound reflecting off walls or other hard surfaces can also create an echo. Also, incorrect settings for your microphone and audio output device may cause an echo sound.

How do I record audio without echo?

To capture high-quality audio without echo, you should care about both the recording environment and the microphone device. Select a quiet space with soft furnishings. Don’t record audio in a room with bare walls, tile floors, or a lot of hard surfaces. Also, you can try putting your mouth closer to the microphone to reduce background noise and echo. Also, you can move the microphone closer to the audio source. Some noise-cancelling microphones are available to effectively eliminate echo. For recorded echoey audio, you can use some professional software like Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, Adobe Audition, or Premiere to easily clean up echo in audio.


You can get five useful tools in this article to remove echo from audio. You can try different methods to get the best echo reduction result.

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