Ultimate Software You Must Have to Remove Unwanted Parts of a Video

With the development of modern photography, everyone can quickly join in with the trend. Statistically based, the videos produced today and before significantly increase yearly. Though the produced video has increased, few people know how to remove parts, trim, and remove unwanted watermarks on the video. Admit it or not, you might be one of the users who want to have the best video editor at your hand to edit digital photography at ease. In this guide, we will tell you a secret way how to remove unwanted parts of a video by cropping, trimming, and removing the watermark on a video. With the ultimate video editor, you can find on the market.

Remove Unwanted Part of Video

Part 1. Why Do You Need to Remove Unwanted Parts of the Video

Some interruptions may happen when you are filming footage, which is unavoidable. It is irritating for everyone, even us, to watch a video with an unnecessary clip, dead air time, long pause, watermark, and unfit video ratio. So post-production will be necessary for this stage to make the video even better. In this case scenario, you will need dedicated software that produces high-quality video and audio and an all-in-one editing you will need.

All of the features and functions you will need are available on Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. You can have the software by pressing the download button below. We will teach you how to remove unwanted video parts from the following information below. Keep in tune to do the post-production with the ultimate software on Windows and Mac.

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Part 2. How to Remove Unwanted Part of Video by Cropping Using the Ultimate Tools

Cropping a video is essential, especially if parts of the video have disastrous portions that you will need to remove or change the video's aspect ratio to make it fit. Most websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and such specify the aspect ratio. So to teach you how to remove unwanted objects from video by cropping, you can follow the indicated steps below.

Step 1.
Launch the ultimate software you've downloaded, go to the Toolbox section, locate the Video Cropper, and click it.
Open Video Cropper
Step 2.
To add the video file you want to crop, click the + button, find the file on the folder that will show on your screen, click it, then press Open to proceed.
Add Video to Crop
Step 3.
Adjust the aspect ratio by dragging the dots of the frame manually, or you can click the drop-down button if you want to be more precise or look for a specific frame.
Adjust Aspect Ratio
Step 4.
To save the cropping you've made earlier, click Export. A folder will show on your screen when it is finished exporting to see where the cropped video file is.
Save Cropped Video

Part 3. How to Remove Unwanted Part of Video by Trimming in an Ultimate Way

This ultimate app to remove unwanted objects from the video also offers to trim. You can now eliminate the dead air and long pause you did while recording and connect it back with the clip in this post-production stage. Unlike cropping, trimming focuses on the video span rather than the aspect ratio. So, if you need to trim, you can use the ultimate software to do it easily. Follow the succeeding steps to help trim the unnecessary part of the video.

Step 1.
Open the ultimate software, and click the Video Trimmer on the Toolbox.
Open Video Trimmer
Step 2.
Upload the video you need to trim by clicking the + icon. Search over the video file on the folder that will show on your screen, and press Open to upload it.
Upload Video to Trim
Step 3.
Click Fast Split to trim the video into several parts on the left side. But before it starts trimming, you will need to choose what type of splitting you want to use, whether by part or time. After that, click Split.
Fast Split Video
Step 4.
Now that the video is trimmed into segments, click the x button to delete the unnecessary segment on the video.
Click X to Trim

Optional: If you want to watch what it would look like after you trim the video, you can press the play button to watch the trimmed video before exporting.

Watch Preview
Step 5.
Press Export to save the trimmed video; a folder will pop up after exporting the file.
Export Trimmed Video

Part 4. How to Remove Unwanted Watermark of Video with the Ultimate Software

Most video recorders leave a date and time, stamp, logo, location, etc., on the video; these are known as a watermark. You can use and learn how to remove unwanted part of video online, but not every tool are as effective as the ultimate software. To teach you the effective way to remove the unnecessary watermark on the video, the tutorial below will help you successfully finish it in no time.

Step 1.
Open the Toolbox section and locate the Video Watermark Remover on the available features below.
Launch Watermark Remover
Step 2.
You can add the video with a watermark by clicking the + button. Look for the video with a watermark on the File Explorer for Windows or Finder for Mac, click the file, then press Open.
Upload Videos Watermark
Step 3.
On the window that will show on your display, click Add Removing Watermark Area to get rid of the watermark that leaves on your video.
Add Watermar Removing Area
Step 4.
Hold and drag the selection box and place it on the watermark you want to remove; you can change its frame if the watermark is big or small.
Place Box to Watermark
Step 5.
After you cover up the watermark in your video, click Export to save the file without the watermark. You can enjoy watching the video without the watermark after exporting the video.

Part 5. FAQs on How to Remove Unwanted Parts of a Video

1. How can I rotate the video I film?

If you shoot a video incorrectly, it could be problematic for some. But with the help of this video rotator, you can rotate or flip the video effectively. Click this link and learn how to rotate video freely on your computer.

2. Can I use VLC to merge, cut, and trim a video?

Yes, VLC has a simple editing feature that you might like to try to merge, cut, or trim the video all you want for free. Doesn't have any idea on how to do it? You can depend on this article as we showcase a step-by-step tutorial on editing a video using the VLC.

3. What is the best video editor I can use on my iPhone?

On Appstore, you can find multiple video editors, but which is the best video editor you should download? To help you choose, we reviewed each of the tools you can use to edit video on your iPhone and see for yourself which is the best you should choose. Click this link to know more.


Indeed with the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you know how to remove unwanted parts of a video you shoot effectively. With its superior editing features, there is no great task that this tool can't conquer. So what do you think about this blog? Did it help you? If it did, you can rate us five stars below and leave some comments to help us in the future.

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