How to Restore Deleted Bookmarks on an iOS Device or a Mac Computer

Bookmarks store the websites that you want to quickly access again or you need to visit frequently. Similar to other data, bookmarks are saved on your memory and take up space. Sometimes, you may delete important bookmarks by mistake when freeing up space. The good news is that it is possible to restore bookmarks on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. This guide will demonstrate the process step by step.

Restore Bookmarks

Part 1: How to Restore Bookmarks with iCloud

After you delete bookmarks, they go to the Recently Deleted folder and stay for 30 days. That makes restoring bookmarks in Safari on iPhone or Mac possible. Here are the steps to get the job done:

Step 1:
Visit the iCloud website, and log in to your account. Click your name in the upper right corner, and choose Account Settings.
Restore iCloud
Step 2:
Scroll down to the Advanced section, and click Restore Bookmarks.
Step 3:
Then you will see the bookmarks that you have deleted recently. Press the Restore button next to each bookmark to retrieve it on your iPhone or Mac.
Restore Bookmark
Step 4:
When you are done, click the Done button to confirm the action.

Part 2: How to Restore Bookmarks on iPhone/Mac without Backup

How to Restore Bookmarks on iPhone

iCloud is not available for all deleted bookmarks. The items that you have deleted for more than one month, for example, cannot be found in the Deleted Recently folder. Instead, Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery can help you retrieve any deleted bookmarks on your iPhone.

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Here are the steps to recover Safari bookmarks from iPhone:

Step 1:
Scan your iPhone

Launch the best bookmark recovery after installing it on your computer. Next, connect your iPhone to the same machine with a Lightning cable. Go to the Recover from iOS Device, and click the Start Scan button to begin scanning lost data on your device.

Scan iPhone 5
Step 2:
Preview bookmarks

Then select the Safari Bookmark item on the left column under the Memos & Others section. Now, you will see the bookmarks on the main panel.

Print SMS 2
Step 3:
Recover iPhone bookmarks

Select the bookmarks that you wish to recover, and click the Recover button. Follow the onscreen instructions to get back the Safari bookmarks.

Recover and Export Safari Bookmarks

How to Restore Bookmarks on Mac

Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery is the easiest way to recover deleted Safari bookmarks on your Mac computer. It lets you scan local hard drives, and restore lost data and files without technical skills.



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Here is the process to restore Safari bookmarks on a Mac:

Step 1:
Scan your hard drive

Install the best bookmark recovery tool on your Mac and launch it. Select the file type under the data type section. Then choose where are your bookmarks saved in the Hard Disk Drives section. Hit the Scan button to look for deleted bookmarks.

Scan Mac
Step 2:
Recover bookmarks on Mac

Wait for the process to complete, and preview the deleted bookmarks. Select the desired items and click the Recover button at the bottom right corner.

Note: If you cannot find the deleted bookmarks, click the Deep Scan button to perform a deep scan.

View Data by Path

Part 3: FAQs about Restoring Bookmarks

Where do Safari bookmarks save on iPhone?

Once you save a website as a bookmark, the address will be saved in your memory. To view Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, tap the Bookmarks icon along the bottom row to enter the bookmarks screen.

How to bookmark a website on an iPhone?

Go to the website or web page that you wish to access later, tap the box-and-arrow icon, and press Add Bookmark. Then the website is saved as a bookmark, and you can visit it quickly from the bookmark list.

Why are my Safari bookmarks missing?

Safari bookmarks may be gone for the reasons that you or someone else hide them, you deleted them by mistake, memory storage is damaged, and more.


This guide has demonstrated how to restore Safari bookmarks on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. iCloud enables you to restore the bookmarks that were deleted within 30 days. Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recover any lost bookmarks on your iPhone. Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery allows you to get back bookmarks on your Mac. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to leave a message below this post.

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