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2023-08-075 Start

Effortless iPad Sync with FoneTrans

By Daniel

I used FoneTrans to sync my iPad to iTunes effortlessly. It's the ultimate tool for keeping my media library up to date.

2023-04-035 Start

Powerful tool

By Christopher

Backed up my iPhone with FoneTrans in a flash! Now, my memories are safe and sound.

2022-11-115 Start

Love it

By Elizabeth

FoneTrans turned my iPad into an iTunes syncing genius! My media library is always up to date, and I love it!

2022-09-205 Start

Useful and efficient

By Daniel

This tool made switching to my new iPhone as easy as a walk in the park. Stress-free and loving it!

2022-02-285 Start

Easy contacts transfer

By David

Using FoneTrans, I moved my contacts from my old iPhone to my new one. So handy!

2021-07-155 Start

IPod to iPod so easily

By Sarah

One click, and my music came over to my new iPod!

2020-01-135 Start

Great update

By Orah

The latest upgrade supports more data transfer like notes, bookmarks, etc., in this software. Now, I can check my iPhone notes on computer easily.

2020-01-035 Start

Prefer to FoneTrans

By Sean

I downloaded FoneTrans and MobieSync from Aiseesoft, and find bot software work similarly. But I prefer to MobieTrans, because it can help me to export the eBooks, Safari history, notes, and messages from iPhone to computer for backup.

2019-12-285 Start

Photos and videos backup software for iPhone

By Philip

I want to sell my old iPhone, but it has all my photos and videos. I tried to backup them into iTunes on this computer, but I cannot view the whole iTunes backup. So, I find your software, and use FoneTrans to backup all the photos and videos on this computer. Now I can open them directly and put them on my Android phone directly.

2019-12-185 Start

Import contacts to iPhone

By Dale

I have got a contacts backup from Outlook, but I do not know how to import it into my iPhone. I searched and found MobieTrans on Google. Download and try this software, it did work for me to import the contacts from compute to my iPhone.

2019-12-065 Start

A perfect data management companion for iPhone

By Manuel

Aiseesoft FoneTrans does offer better handling of data support than FoneCopy from Aiseesoft. It allows me to see a complete list of all the data types on my iPhone and iPad, and gives me more controls to delete, add, transfer, and create data in details. It is a perfect companion to manage my iPhone data on computer.

2019-11-225 Start

Easy and amazing!

By Morgan

There are not enough good things to say about your product! I was about to pull my hair out trying to figure out a way to move all my data from my iPad, iPhone and iPods into iTunes. Your program made it fast, easy and amazing! Thank you!

2019-11-185 Start

Easy to use

By Aimee

Awesome data transfer software so easy to transfer from iPhone to iPad and just "flip" to swap source and target. Very easy to use.

2019-11-065 Start

Simple transfer software

By Victor

FoneTrans is significantly superior to the other data transfer software I have tried. With a clear, simple interface and very quick backup transfer, this software make backing up your phone nearly effortless.

2019-10-295 Start

Best ios transfer software

By Jessica

I appreciate your help and am grateful apps like FoneTrans are available to make transfer between devices more simple.

2019-10-215 Start

Transfer my music to iTunes

By Olivia

Thank you helps. I have spent hours looking for a free way to get my music onto iTunes (I have a new computer). Worked perfectly.

2019-10-125 Start

Probably best ios transfer choice now

By Ruby

This is probably the best iOS transfer tool now. So if you are looking for ways to transfer iOS data, you could try this.

2019-10-035 Start

Alternative to iTunes

By Abert

Best alternative to iTunes! Now I can easily transfer the new downloaded movies to my iPad and copy iPhone photos to Mac for backup.

2019-09-235 Start

It is very good indeed

By Francois

I went to the iTunes and tried to recover a video from my iPad to the PC...but it was so complicated that could not do it. But...I remembered that the FoneTrans was there, and opened it up, right clicked on the video, and was right away given the option to "export to desktop." Voila, done. The whole setup of the FoneTrans is just as easy. Thanks much, and rgds.

2019-08-275 Start

Works well

By Zoe

I purchased the tool in March, and this tool brings me an amazing experience. I like its user-friendly design. I always use it to transfer songs from My Dell to iPhone 6s Plus. It works very well.

2019-08-035 Start


By Tony

The post have resolved our problem,thanks very much and hope you writting more good articles.

2019-07-315 Start


By Vincent

Good product. But I wish if folder/subfolder could be transfered 'as it is' to another device. Also file or folder to transfer by sliding, same as in any windows software.

2019-07-235 Start

Excellent iPhone transfer software

By Henry

I successfully transfer music, contacts and other files from my iPhone 6 to my friend's iPad mini 2.

2019-07-145 Start

Simple to use

By Mark

I've been using this for about 6 months (and wanting something like it for years before that). If you want to add music to your device and playlists without all the hassle of iTunes, this program does it. Have a song on a jump drive? transfer it to your iPhone with a simple click. Done.

2019-07-085 Start

Useful Software

By Marvin

It is much easier to manage my ios devices with FoneTrans than iTunes. Seems like a really useful software for iOS users. I will keep it and have a try with my iPad. Thx!

2019-06-275 Start

Add more friendliness and convenience to iTunes

By Steve

I find this utility very useful and consider it a definite keeper. Certainly a lot more user-friendly than iTunes!

2019-05-285 Start

Much better choice

By Christina

Much better choice to transfer and backup my iPad files than iTunes. No need to worry about file synchronization with this FoneTrans.


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