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Aiseesoft FoneLab is reputed as one of the professional iOS data recovery software. It is an amazing tool to get back your lost or deleted data on iPhone,m iPad and iPod. Lost memories on photos, messages, videos, etc. can be regained with its help. See what our users say about this utility:

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By Sail321 2017-11-20

Great experience

I tried the free version and it worked fine, so I purchased it. I'm happy that I find the lost data back.

By omg 2017-11-15

Highly recommend!

Just to clarify that this program really helped me. I deleted some of my photos in my iPhone then regreted it. I tried to recover my lost photos with iPhone Data Recovery, and you know what, it worked! This is really shocking, but surprising as well.

By Raf 2017-11-10

Not bad

This software is not bad at all. I can't believe all my messages are retrieved on iPhone.

By Jen 2017-11-07

Very powerful

Works really well! I have never seen a recovery tool which is better than this one!

By Pong 2017-11-07


I deleted my contacts on my iPhone 7 Plus. And this FoneLab helps me recover the deleted contacts very quickly. Like it!

By Sam 2017-11-06

Best iPhone messages recovery ever!

I removed all my text messages on my iPhone 6s Plus yesterday. But today I notice that I deleted some very important messages with my girl friend. I use this tool to recover them to my computer. Really helpful!

By Cathy 2017-09-19

Powerful app

I use it to recover deleted iPhone contacts. What surprise me is that, it find lots of other files I didn't notice. Recommend it!

By Martin 2017-09-17


The service was quick. The guys were friendly and knowledgeable. I will recommend to all my contacts.

By JR 2017-08-22

Recover photos successfully

I mainly use it to restore some lost pictures of my daughter. I don't have a habit to backup all kinds of data on my iPhone, so I try this iPhone data recovery. The interface is very clear and I can quickly find these photos. It can recover other iOS data, but I didn't try them for now.

By Shawn 2017-08-22

Really helpful

Yesterday I mistakenly deleted a very important phone number. Actually it is a new call log and I didn't save it to contacts. I free download this recovery tool and it helps me easily find the lost number.

By Jennis 2017-08-19


Wow, this software really gets me rid of the headache. I deleted an important call log and also the contact is gone. I tried this software to find back the lost call log and now can save the contact to my iPhone.

By Robbie 2017-08-02

Powerful to support iOS11

I made an upgrade to my iPhone 7 Plus to 11, and find all data seems to be disappeared. I tried your program to recover the lost data. Actually, it does work. Photos, contacts, messages, call history; even Safari bookmarks come back now. Really thanks.

By Kim 2017-07-14

Get iMessages back to my computer

I need to recover iMessages from September 2017 and November 2017. The messages were not deleted but are no longer on my iPhone. I do backup my iPhone to iCloud. I download your software to download messages to a computer from iCloud. It works for me. All messages are back now.

By Grice 2017-06-20

Get lost photos from iTunes

My iPhone is lost and all photos are gone. I made iTunes backup. So I tried your program to scan my iTunes backup. Yes, it scans all my data on iTunes and I can extract the photos from iTunes to my computer.

By Sam 2017-05-18

Great application

This application recovered my deleted text messages and notes! Nice program.

By James 2017-05-04

Something that I want to say

This iPhone Data Recovery tool works well and it can recover data from device, from iTunes backup as well as iCloud backup. However, there is something that I want to say. After I connect my iPhone and click the Start Scan button, the scanning time seems a little long, maybe it is because of my iPhone has too much data. But I think FoneLab can improve it and reduce scanning time.

By Crystal 2017-04-25

One best iPhone data recovery tool

FoneLab managed to recover my missing contacts. I used to use some other free tools but all failed. Thanks!

By Phoebe 2017-04-16

Nice Experience

I used FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery to successfully recover my photos from iPhone 7, which I deleted by mistake yesterday. This program gave me a nice experience. Highly recommend it.

By Davis 2017-03-20

Useful iPhone Recovery tool

I have deleted some of my notes on iPhone 6 Plus and I was looking for a recovery tool to help me retrieve them. This iPhone Data Recovery tool helps me slove my problem within several clicks. I studied some of its other functions and find it very helpful. If you have such problems, have a try!

By Estelle 2016-11-28

A good product that keeps updating

Most iPhone data recovery software stop updating for some reasons. So that if you are using the latest iOS 10 or bought an iPhone 7, they won't work for you. On account of this, I strongly recommond FoneLab, which keeps updating regularly.

By Lucas 2016-10-10


App friendly use, stabled and easy to use

By Cheryl Lewis 2016-08-01

Great program

if i recall it was apple/itunes real big update ios6? when husbands and wives were seeing each others text messages etc causing divorce etc ... my notes were wiped out - i always backup to computer and itunes at the time was icloud - i have since stopped using icloud - 1 they want money for not enough storage - 2 apple support was to assign a tech. 3 days later - so when i found fone i purchased all of them - recovered my notes but all scrambled - it was very hard to decipher and then it was formatted in a font not editable - im thankful for the software but it ended up costing me over a hundred dollars - itunes sucks IMHO - this phone was a gift (used) still under warranty - i would never purchase an apple product - android gives u choice - apple doesnt

By Rufus Smith 2016-06-17


I could never sync my iPhone with my computer iTunes, because iTunes insisted I reset/clear my iPhone! I have over 4 years of important SMS messages in it, and Apple, in their infinite lack of usefulness, provides no way to transfer them out in bulk. This product did it quite easily. Thank you so very much. (It also transferred out all the attached photos, and placed them in an images directory) I've only tapped the surface.

By Rick Clark 2016-05-20

nice good

Have used this program for years. It used to work great but now access to the iOS backups for recovering camera roll and message attachments no longer works. Apple must have restricted something.

By RAKESH GALWA 2016-05-06


i know that it good and it latest software

By Robert 2016-04-12

The best I have found

Been using Fonelab for years without any problem. I usually use it to back up files to my computer, it's very convenient. And the latest upgrade will fix the problem of iCloud backup with my iOS 9.

By Smith 2016-03-29

It works

For recovering my important contact lists, I have tried many free data recovery apps, they work not well. Until I finally choose this product, I got my contacts back with a full list. Very powerful.

By Nellypinky 2015-07-13

Very good softwate

Very good softwate for recovering lost voice memos on iphone, easy to use, very straight forward, would highly recommend!

By Murariuadrian 2015-03-10

Best Recovery iOS app

Best Recovery iOS app for Windows PC Super application, save my time and money!

By Mcdteam 2015-1-27

It's Amazing!

It's Amazing! Can,t say anymore... It's very nice tools for iphone users.

By Akspate 2014-10-30



By Adalfadly 2014-09-18


Thanks for the useful program

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