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How to Use Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner

Mac Cleaner is a useful Mac tool for you to clean up junk files, unneeded files, large & old files, duplicate folder and uninstall app to free up much space.

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How to clean large & old files with Mac Cleaner

Step 1. Launch Mac Cleaner on your Mac

Download Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner and launch it. Check the system status of your Mac.

Mac Cleaner Interface

Step 2. Scan large and old files from your Mac

Choose the module from the left side like "Large & Old Files". Click the "Scan" button to scan your Mac files.

Scan Large & Old Files

Step 3.Click Review Button

When the scanning done, you can click "View" button on the right bottom of the window to review the scan results. Or you can hit "Rescan" to scan your Mac again.

Click Review Button

Step 4. Review and Select Items

Now you can see, large and old Mac files are classified into categories. You can fast choose and clean files (listed by "> 100 MB", "5 MB ­ 100 MB", ">1 Year" and ">30 days"). Check the items you want to clean, and then you can delete them by clicking the "Clean" button.

Clean Large & Old Files

Step 5. Cleaning is Done

After a while, those your selected large and old files are deleted from your Mac.

Note: As for the other modules: "System Junk" "iPhoto Junk" and "Duplicate Finder" and "Trash Bin" and so on, the steps to clean them up is the same as that in "Large & Old Files" module.

Clean Large & Old Files finished