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2023-09-105 Start

Powerful and easy to use

By Sophia

Aiseesoft FoneLab for Mac is my digital hero. It's the best solution for rescuing your iPhone data!

2023-08-155 Start

Amazing music recovery

By Harper

Lost my music library once, but with FoneLab, it's back and groovier than ever. Simply amazing!

2022-11-205 Start

Photo saver

By Benjamin

I accidentally deleted my favorite photos, but FoneLab brought them back.

2021-12-255 Start

Lost messages recovered

By Amelia

This software is my go-to for recovering WhatsApp chats. It's like having a time machine for messages.

2021-09-105 Start

Data loss no more

By Jackson

Data loss? Not a problem anymore. It's easy to use and incredibly effective.

2020-08-055 Start

Recommend it

By Charlotte

I recommend FoneLab to anyone with iOS devices. It's user-friendly and incredibly effective.

2019-06-305 Start

Impressive data restoration

By William

FoneLab's original quality restoration is impressive. My data looks as good as new!

2018-05-255 Start

Best recovery tool ever

By Abigail

As a photographer, FoneLab is my safety net. It rescued my entire photo library when my iPhone crashed.

2017-05-105 Start

Precious photos saved

By Isabella

I thought I lost those precious photos forever, but FoneLab brought them back. Can't thank this software enough!

2017-05-065 Start

Excellent texts' data recovery

By Samuel

It saved my day when I accidentally deleted important texts. It's like a data superhero!

2017-04-305 Start

Powerful tool for data recovery.

By Jessica

I was really frustrated after accidentally deleting my old photos on my Mac. I didn't have much hope that it would work, but it turned out to be incredibly helpful! It's definitely worth a try!

2017-04-185 Start

Contracts recovered!

By Christopher

My son deleted my important contracts, and I thought they were gone for good. But guess what? This thing actually got them back! Big thanks!

2017-04-015 Start

Keeps updating

By Teresa

I have purchased this Mac iPhone Data Recovery tool in February and it has been updated several times. I think the crew that maintains this recovery tool is rather reponsible, hope this tool becomes better and better.

2016-11-185 Start

Perfect iPhone Recovery Tool.

By Kathy

Recently I bought an iPhone 7 and want to recover the text messages I deleted, I tried several iPhone recovery tool and sadly none of them support iPhone 7 so far. Then I met this FoneLab for Mac. It really helped me.

2016-04-185 Start

Maybe the best chioce for now.

By Carroll

Easy and it works!!! It totally gets my lost valuable text messages back on my Mac.

2016-03-235 Start

A good product!

By Barnum

I have been using the Aiseesoft products for a long time - they get better and better every year. They offer more and more features at the new products- More important, their software indeed recover lots of data for me.

2014-12-235 Start

It worked well

By Logan

I tried to restore iTunes backup after updating iOS 8 on my iPhone 6 Plus, but each time I select Restore Backup, the iPhone 6 Plus always rebooted automatically. Really upset with that! Luckily, I found Mac FoneLab and it recognized my iTunes backup file and easily exported the data I need.

2014-10-225 Start

It does a great job

By Thomas

Try it to find two of my pictures that I lost or delete from my iPhone 4. Successfully install and active it on my Mac. I can easily find the backup files of my iPhone 4 and find the pictures I want. I can also see the backup files of my iTouch.

2014-10-155 Start

100% useful to those that have iOS devices

By Dylan

without iTunes backup files means that you don't have to have the iTunes backup files, not that you don't have to have iTunes.

2014-09-35 Start

Nice software

By Darth

I think they said they don't need iTunes means they can analyze the devices they mentioned without the help of iTunes. But I think the program does need iTunes to run and work for other functions, such as identify the device.

2014-1-155 Start

Great Software

By Kris

Mac FoneLab has helped me a lot by recovering lost Contacts from my iPhone 5. The whole scanning process is quite fast. Besides Contacts, it has also helped me find other lost data, such as memos, reminders, etc. Thank you for making such great software.


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