All You Need to Know about FRP Bypass on Samsung/OPPO/LG/Etc.

January 22, 2024Iris Walker

Looking back to the old mobile devices, you can easily factory reset your phone if you forget the password. It is easy but risky for some users. Now, newer devices promote protection so no one can erase your data unless you allow it to. Before the factory reset, you must verify the action. But how can you proceed with the verification if you have already forgotten the account? So, the FRP bypass was created for this purpose. Learn more about it with the elaborated details in this post.

FRP Bypass

Part 1. What is FRP

Google’s Factory Reset Protection is a feature for Android devices from Android OS Version 5.1 and higher. It is a built-in function that protects the device through screen locks and data encryption. It is enabled automatically when you register a Google account on the device. Likewise, FRP can be deactivated when the account is removed. When FRP is activated, it will prevent the phone from being used after performing a factory reset. In another way, FRP requires you to enter the Google credentials before proceeding with a factory reset.

Here are some details to keep in mind for Google FRP:

Part 2. How to Bypass FRP

ut what can be done if you have forgotten the credentials to unlock FRP? While you have the choice to visit one of the Authorise Service Centers to get assistance, you will need to show the proof of purchase to the store for ownership evidence. Thankfully, you can use FRP Bypass on Samsung and other Android devices. This method is quicker and has two options for initiation.

How to Bypass FRP without a PC

If you are using a Samsung device, you can easily bypass FRP with the installed Google Keyboard. This method can be done after the factory resets the phone. Follow the steps below:

Step 1.
After the device restarted, connect it to a WiFi network and choose the preferred language. In the Google Account window, enter @ in the text bar to reveal the Settings menu. Choose the Google Keyboard Settings option from the dropdown list.
Step 2.
Tap on the ellipsis icon from the upper right corner of the screen and choose the Help & Feedback option. It will open a window for more settings.
Samsung Google Keyboard Help Feedback FRP Bypass
Step 3.
Select the Use Google Keyboard option. Select any text on the screen, then tap the WebSearch button at the top right corner. When the search bar appears, enter the word “settings.”
Step 4.
Once on the Settings menu, scroll down and enter the About Phone tab. Find the Build Number option from the Software Information menu. Press Build Number seven times to enable the Developer mode.
Step 5.
Go back to the previous menu and access the Developer options. Toggle on the OEM Unlocking option, then tap the Back button twice. Restart the phone and connect to the WiFi again. When you get to the Google window, it will request a new Google account and details.

When you don’t have the Google Keyboard installed on your phone, there is another method to use. However, it is more complicated than the first solution. Still, it is worth using as a FRP bypass alternative.

Step 1.
Turn on the Talkback mode by simultaneously pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons. An instruction will appear on the black screen. Draw an L pattern to activate the Use voice command functions.
Step 2.
Double-tap the Use Voice Commands button. A microphone icon will appear on the upper right corner of the screen.
Talkback Mode Microphone Google Assistant
Step 3.
Tap the microphone and say, “Open Google Assistant.” Tap the keyboard icon from the bottom part, then type Settings in the text bar.
Step 4.
Double-press the Open Settings button to reveal the Settings menu. Press the Volume Up and Down buttons again to turn off the Talkback mode. Go to the System Management and access the Backup & Reset option.
Step 5.
Tap the Reset All Settings button to restart the device. Repeat the procedure until the Microphone is shown at the upper right corner of the screen. When you tap the mic, say, “Open Google Chrome.”
Step 6.
Disable the Talkback mode, then type FRP Bypass in the search box. Enter one FRP website and choose the Open Set Lock Screen option. Follow the onscreen guide to set a new lock screen. Use the new password to unlock your phone. By this time, you have already bypassed FRP on Samsung or other smartphones.

Bypass with PC

This solution requires a PC, where you can download an FRP Bypass apk. It wouldn’t be a problem to find an app since there are many online websites that offer this for free. However, make sure that it is compatible with the device model. Another tool you will need is an OTG cable. It will help to transfer the FRP bypass to the mobile device and unlock it. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1.
Download the app from your computer. Make sure it works with the mobile unit. Once done, copy the file to a new drive.
Step 2.
Connect your smartphone with the OTG cable and the drive. You will receive a notification which prompts you to install the APK file.
Step 3.
Access the Backup and Reset menu from your device settings. Then, open the Factory Data Reset function. Choose Reset Devices or Erase Everything and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the task.
OTG Cable Install FRP Bypass App

Part 3. Tip: Backup Android Data and Files Before Bypassing FRP

If there is one thing you should worry about is the erasure of your data when using the FRP Bypass app. To quickly save it, get Aiseesoft MobieSync on Windows and Mac. The software is designed to help you save files from one device to another. It supports data transferring from Android to iOS, Windows, Mac, and vice versa. You can export any file, such as photos, contacts, call logs, songs, videos, calendar events, etc. Since it is a simple tool, you only need a compatible USB cable to connect your phone and one-click transfer the files. Get it for free on your computer by clicking the Free Download button.




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Part 4. FAQs about FRP Bypass

What is the Samsung FRP code?

Other than the factory reset function on the settings, you can use the FRP code to initiate the feature. Just enter *#*#7780#*#* to reboot the device. You can also use the code *2767*2878# if the first one doesn’t work. Make sure to remove the SIM card, then dial the code to begin factory reset.

Is FRP bypass illegal?

It is legal to unlock the phone using an FRP bypass app. However, it can be illegal if you do not own the device. One way or another, the data is deleted, so anyone bypassing the lock can lead to legal consequences.

What if *# 0 *# does not work?

*# 0 *# is a code used for a secret diagnostic on your device. If, after you factory reset the device, the code is not working, you might need to restart the phone again. Or better reach support service to get assistance.

How do I turn off FRP on my Android device?

Since the function is activated by default, you can turn it off from the settings. Access the Accounts or Accounts Backup feature. Select the Remove Account option, and the FRP will also be removed. Do the same to other accounts.


FRP is genuinely an excellent protection for unwanted factory resets. But it becomes frustrating when you don’t remember the Google account credentials. The good thing is you can bypass FRP with default settings and third-party solutions. All is well with Aiseesoft MobieSync, as it can help you transfer all data from your phone to another device. Download for free on Windows and macOS before factory resetting your devices.

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