Best 5 Green Screen Video Editors on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

All you need to make a green screen video is a smartphone or digital camera, a cloth, video editing software and a few tips. The green screen has become a popular way to make fantastic videos since it was first used in science fiction movies.

Now, almost all YouTube celebrities have used such video effect in their posts. It is true that average people could make videos using green screen effect easily now. And a passable green screen background is only about $30.

Why not to make your first green screen video right now? Feel challengeable and frustrated? Following the suggestions and tips in this post, you will discover that it is really easy to create a green screen video.

Green Screen Video

Green Screen Video

Part 1. Green screen videos free download

To make a professional looking green screen video, you will need a cool background video footage for Chroma Key compositing. Of course, you can record a background video footage by yourself, but it is more convenient to download some ones online.

VideoBlocks is a subscription-based resource for downloading stock footage, video, motion backgrounds and more in HD resolution. GraphicStock is another collection to get high quality still images and art clips for your green screen videos for free.

Part 2. Green screen effects software free download

In this part, you can learn about multiple Chroma Key editors for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

The top green screen video software : Aiseesoft Video Editor

As a green screen video editor, Aiseesoft Video Editor has all necessary features and offers extensive useful tools.

1. Chroma Key your videos in one click.

2. Provide custom options to adjust the intensity level and other parameters.

3. Keep original quality during applying video effect.

4. Integrate plentiful video editing tools, like trim, rotate, crop, merge and more.

5. Enhance and optimize video quality by de-shaking, upscaling resolution and other tools.

6. Use filters, watermark, text and audio to create personalized videos.

7. Support all video formats, including 4k and ultra 4k videos.

In short, it is the best way to make a green screen video on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac OS.

Aiseesoft Video Editor

Best green screen video software on Windows: Windows Movie Maker

Though Windows Movie Maker cannot edit green screen videos, there is a third party plugin called Shader has such ability. Its key features include:

1. The Shader plugin contains a set of Chroma Key tools for green screen video editing.

2. Include several basic video editing features, such as crop, rotate, split, trim, time lapse and more.

3. Support a variety of third party plugins besides Shader.

4. Export the videos in full resolution or share it to YouTube directly.


1. The interface is user friend and easy to navigate.

2. It is available to Windows 10/8/7/XP for free.


1. Some plugins are not free to charge.

2. This video editor is not downloadable in Microsoft app store.

Windows Movie Maker

Best green screen background app for mobile devices: KineMaster

If you want to edit green screen videos on mobile phone, KineMaster is an excellent video editor app. Its principal features include:

1. Place videos on the timeline frame by frame for editing further.

2. Make green screen videos on smartphone without extra software.

3. Preview the resulting video after using green screen instantly.

4. Contain several editing tools, such as trim, splice, adjustments and speed control.

5. Offer plentiful transitions, animations and video effects.


1. It is free to download in App Store and Google Play.

2. The interface is intuitive.


1. This green screen video editor lacks some necessary editing tools.

2. If you want to remove watermark, you have to purchase the pro version.


Best green screen video editor on Mac: iMovie

iMovie is a popular video editor utility for Mac and able to edit green screen videos. Its basic features include:

1. Offer a dedicated Green Screen tool in advanced toolbox.

2. Use marquee tool to control the area and apply green screen video effect.

3. Transparent the background of the video in one click

4. Customize the position and size of the subjects on replacement video.

5. Include extensive video editing tools, like trim, split, revers and more.


1. The interface is concise.

2. The output quality is great among top video editors.


1. Some tools are hidden behind the options and difficult to discover.


Best green screen video maker for live streaming: Open Broadcaster Software

If you want to make a green video screen for live streaming, OBS is a good choice. Its features include:

1. Replace the background in the green screen video with your desired one.

2. The Chroma Key is easy to use, even for beginners.

3. Chroma Key video on the timeline.

4. Stream the green screen video from camera directly.


1. It is an open-source project.

2. The interface is straightforward.


1. This video maker is not available to Windows 10 and Mac OS.

Open Broadcaster Software

Part 3. How to edit green screen video

To make a green screen video easily, Aiseesoft Video Editor is the best choice.

Step 1 Preparations for making a green screen video

Place a green backdrop and capture the subjects you want to use in your video. Position your subjects and set up special lighting to reduce shadows. Don't put green color on your subjects, such as green clothes. And you also need to download a background video.

Step 2 Apply green screen video effect

After captured, open the video in the best video editor. Double click on the video to open the settings window. Use the video effect to make the video background transparent. Adjust the custom options until you see the desired result.


Step 3 Place the subjects on the background video

Import the background video into the video editor, drag and drop the green screen video onto the background. Move it to the proper position and change the dimension and orientation as you wish.

Place the Subjects on the Background Video

Step 4 Export the resulting video

Finally, go to the output window and follow the onscreen instructions to save the resulting video to your computer or share to social media.

Export Video


Based on the introductions above, you might understand how to make a green screen video with the best video editors on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. Read our reviews based on user reports and discover your favorite green screen video editor. Then follow the tips and guides to make your first green screen video right now.

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