What are the Best iOS Emulators for Android This 2024 [Updated]

April 19, 2023Ashley Mae

There are only two mobile phone operating systems you can pick on, Android and iOS. With Android, you will have the flexibility you wouldn't get on iOS. Technological advancement became an excellent boost for Android users who want to have an iOS interface and play games limited to iOS only by emulating it.

As we continue to explore, we have found plentiful iOS emulators for Android. But today, we also added the latest iOS emulators you could use on your Android this 2023. You don't need to purchase a separate iOS device to experience using it; read this article as we uncover all the information you need about iOS emulators.

iOS Emulator for Android

Part 1. Top 6 iOS Emulators for Android to Emulate iOS UI & Run iOS Apps

1. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is considerably one of the best iOS emulators for Android that you can use without an installation process. Even if it is free from the installation process, you will still need to set it up to access all of the popular iOS apps you couldn't use when using an Android OS. Also, you can even switch out the model of iOS based on what you need. However, it is network dependent since it is SAAS based. A slow internet connection will affect your emulating experience.



  • Free to access online.
  • UI is pretty.
  • It supports a wide range of iOS apps for free.


  • It constantly needs strong internet.
  • There are times when lagging affects the emulating experience.

2. CiDER iOS Emulator

Unlike the first one, you must download the CiDER iOS Emulator on your Android before using it. We have picked this application because it runs smoother in emulating apps, and the intents interface is better. Though the emulator is open, you can still access Android apps without a problem. Is this iOS emulator for Android free to download? Yes, it is also safe, but it is not available yet on the Google PlayStore.

Vide APK


  • Safe to download on the website for free.
  • It can easily emulate iOS apps.
  • The user interface of the app is simple.


  • Downloading is necessary.
  • You can't find it on the official store on Android.

3. IEMU iOS Emulator

When you want to have an Apple iOS emulator for Android, the IEMU iOS Emulator could be the best choice. Here, you can access most of the popular features of the iOS system, especially running iOS apps. You can run and download the application thru its official website using your rooted and non-rooted Android, but it is not available yet on the Playstore. If you are ready to turn your Android into a running iOS system, it is a must to try this.

IEMU iOS Emulator


  • Small file size.
  • Download the app without a cost.
  • It has a better GUI compared to alternatives.


  • It doesn't support all of the Android OS widely.
  • Only downloadable on the website.

4. IOSEmus

Run your favorite iOS applications using this iOS emulator for Android tablets without having trouble. With IOSEmus, you can install and run your iOS app on your Android phone using this emulator. For beginners, you can still use this app because of how simple it is built. Controls are already on your screen, so you don't need to search for anything. Simplicity makes this app popular for those who want to emulate iOS games using Android. Additionally to that, the emulator is also integrated with Siri voice command. So, if you want to have this application, you can now visit its official webpage.



  • All of the features are free.
  • It can run smoothly even on low-specs Android.
  • You can play almost all of the iOS apps.


  • There are pop-up ads.
  • Not supported on PlayStore.

5. Launcher iOS 16

Want to make your Android phone interface looks like an iOS 16? If so, download now the Launcher iOS 16. It is an app that works well with Android, and it can edit the arrangement of your widget, control center, notification, app library, and quick search like it was on iOS. Plus, it offers a hide and lock feature that you can use to protect the app from other people who are using the Android phone. Enjoy this app now by downloading the iOS emulator for Android on Playstore for free.

Launcher iOS 16


  • It can magically turn your Android UI into iOS UI.
  • Free to download on any Android.
  • You can use additional lock and hide features.


  • You can't download the iOS app here.
  • It can't even emulate iOS games.

Part 2. Which One is Better? Comparison Chart of the 6 iOS Emulators for Android

Features Appetize.io CiDER iOS Emulator IEMU iOS Emulator IOSEmus Launcher iOS 16
Where to Download Browser Browser Browser Browser PlayStore
Emulates iOS iOS Games iOS Games iOS Games iOS Games is a third-party app installer iOS interface and overall iOS looks
Best Features Power of emulating games on iOS to Android devices for free. It supports emulating popular iOS games into your Android OS. Emulating iOS games isn't a problem when you are using this on your Android phone. You can download the emulated iOS games on your Android device thru this app. Turn your Android interface into an iOS UI easily with it.
Free to Download Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Part 3. How to Control iPhone/Android on a PC [Best Mirroring App]

After using the best iOS emulator for Android, you can now mirror your Android screen to a PC and control it easily without touching your phone thru the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. It is a phenomenal application that you can download on your computer to mirror your phone screen. Thru this app, you can even access the additional features that this app provides, such as its powerful phone control.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

In this option, you can do the command on your PC keyboard and mouse into your phone without tapping it and all in PC. But that only works if your connecting is thru wired. You can even connect your phone to your PC wirelessly if you need it. Know more about this app by downloading it and seeing all of the features it provides deeper than this discussion.

Free DownloadFor Windows

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Part 4. FAQs about the iOS Emulator for Android

Can I play iOS games on a PC?

You can use an emulator to play iOS games on a PC or Mac for free. One of the best you can use is the MobiOne Studio, a Windows-supported program for easily emulating iOS games on your PC.

Does playing GBA games on iOS possible?

Yes, playing GBA games on your iOS is possible, especially if you have selected the emulator. If you don't have an emulator, search the internet for the best GBA emulators.

Is it safe to download the iOS emulator on the web?

If you check the connection safeties, downloading an iOS emulator on the web is safe.


With the best iOS emulator for Android that we have mentioned, there is no need to purchase an iOS device to play games or have iOS UI. Isn't it exciting to play these iOS games on your Android? If you want to mirror it onto your PC or Mac screen, download now the best mirroring app on the market, the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.

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