LastPass Password Manager Review - A Brief Discussion About This App

March 02, 2023Ashley Mae

Are you using your mobile phone to access confidential data, websites, mobile apps, and more? Are there any specific times that you need to remember your login account? Taking note of it could be an option for you to remember everything, but is that safe enough? If you need a dedicated app, better use LastPass Password Manager to store and do the fill information for you.

For the new app users, you can read this article to maximize the app effectively, and if you're double-minded about whether to have it or not, you better read it.

LastPass Password Manager

Part 1. What You Should Know About LastPass Password Manager


LastPass Password Manager is a heavily secured application you can download on your Android and iOS for free. Like other applications that you can use, this app can quickly fill up the login credentials that you have used before once you revisit a website or re-use an app. Instead of remembering a bunch of passcodes you have set on a different account, once you've used this, the password you have set in here will be the only thing you'll need to remember, or you can set a fingerprint authentication you want to.

LastPass Password Manager

Furthermore, accounts from different websites what the app's primary focus and synchronization it provides across different devices that use the same app. Compared to the other application you can download on the app, the total download is over 10m+ with 3.8 stars on Playstore and 4.5k stars on Appstore. So, if you want to use the app's full functionality with advanced features, purchase an in-app since it is the best iOS notes lock app you can download.

Key Features:

Not only is the LastPass Free Password Manager capable of getting account information, but there are things the apps offer that you can't use on other applications, which means it is restricted and only supported here. Before downloading the application on your device, you better understand what this app offers you.

1. Store Multiple Online Accounts on Vault

You can enjoy storing multiple accounts here without limitations, so you don't need to memorize account info individually. Isn't the app helpful in this area?

2. Autofill Feature is Supported

Instead of typing in the username and password on the website or app, you can click the AutoFill option this app supports. However, you can only use this app by inputting the passcode you set before autofill is applied. Believe it or not, even if you are using the free version of the app, this feature is accessible.

3. Apps Extension is Supported on Browsers

What if you want to log in to your account on the web? Is it possible with this app? Well, it is! Thanks to the newly added browser extension feature of the app, which allows any user to sync the account saved on the device and use it on the browser.

4. Share Passwords with Others using Cable Login or Wireless Transfer

You won't need to copy and paste your password singly to share it with others. So if you want to download the data and passwords, you can easily do that with this app with a single click.

5. Add Password for Multi-Factor Authenticator

Suppose you are still uncomfortable with a single lock. In that case, you can register for another multi-factor authenticator that this app supports for adding a second layer of security to your account. Even though someone might borrow your phone and try to access your account and successfully add the first password, the second one will be unexpected for them since most app only uses a single authenticator.


Is LastPass Password Manager free? The basic plan is free, but for those who want to extend the security measure like it was a bank, you will need to purchase the premium version for $ 35.99. Is it worth spending like that? Well, with the advantage it provides, it is worth it. However, not everyone can afford that money, making the app less cost-effective.


The password manager on LastPass is one of a kind, especially when you purchase it; all of the 256-but encryption AES will become accessible for every user. With premium, you can now share passwords, items, and notes to other devices without a problem, and there is an additional 1GB of encrypted file storage for you. Emergency access and personal support are available on the premium only.


The app's price is too much for a user to handle, and there are times when the app fails to store your account password, so you might need to double-check that if it happens.

Part 2. Top Competitors of LastPass Password Manager on iPhone and Android

1. Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager

Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager maximizes your account security and stores all of the personal data secured from intruders. If you must reformat your iPhone device, you can create a backup passcode for all your accounts to a computer drive.

Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager

Though other applications may say it can contain multiple passwords, this app truly stands firm on that since the iOS drive isn't consumed every time login info is saved. Safety is your number one priority in this app, and if you are an iOS user better download this on your Windows or Mac today.

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2. Google Password Manager

What do you think if we compare Google Password Manager vs. LastPass? Which app will be your go-to? Google Password Manager is an extensive feature that you can use on any Chrome website for free, but first, you will need an account to sync all of your account info from other websites and apps here. This feature of Chrome seems perfect for storing account information while using the web browser. However, it won't save accounts from other apps here.

Google Password Manager

3. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager vs. LastPass is one of the most commonly searched topics on the web since the app delivers a high-grade secured system on mobile devices and web browsers. After reviewing the LastPass, we should now focus on Norton Password Manager. This app offers many ways for you to save all of the data you have, whether it is on the website or the card. With the scan feature of it, you can easily take a quick scan of the card you have to create a copy on your device. If you need that, you better choose this over LastPass.

Norton Password Manager

Part 3. Part 3. FAQs about LastPass Password Manager

How many days is the LastPass free trial?

Once you have purchased the LastPass premium version, you will have a 30-day free trial at the first purchase.

Is LastPass flexible app?

Indeed, LastPass is one of the best free password manager applications that have the flexibility to contain multiple account info and has exceptional encrypted storage for every user of the app.

How to transfer passwords from LastPass to keychain?

You must download LastPass on your device, open the app, click More Options, and select Advanced. Export the password in CSV format to make it a keychain. As easy as you have now created the keychain, and if you want to change the keychain password, that is another article you'll need to learn.


LastPass is a practical application to download on mobile devices and can be accessed now on web browsers as an extension. With its unique features and storing function, we can't find a reason not to pick it, especially if you can afford to purchase the premium version.

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