How to Change Mac Keychain Password – Here are 5 Easy Ways to Help You Out

When you need to sync the Wi-Fi passwords between iOS devices, you can simply change the keychain password on Mac. It is easy to change it directly from the System Preference from your MacBook if you can still remember the original password. But what should do if you forgot the password? Is there a method to reset the macOS keychain password without the original one? Just learn more details about the 5 efficient methods from the article.

Change Keychain Password on Mac

Part 1: Can't Change the Keychain Password on Mac, Here are the Fixes

What should you do if you find the option for changing the keychain password is gray? If you cannot change it directly, you can also force Mac to change the Keychain password through Terminal, for which you are still required to enter the old password.

Step 1.
Open the Terminal app from Launchpad or Spotlight Search on your MacBook. After that, you can type security set-keychain-password and hit the Return button.
Type Code in Terminal
Step 2.
Enter the requested passwords and verify. Keychain password will be changed forcedly through the Terminal Command. Go ahead to change the Keychain password when the option is gray.
Enter Password in Terminal

Part 2: 2 Ways to Change Keychain Password with the Old Password

Here are two default ways to change Keychain Password on Mac if you can still remember the original password without Terminal. Just learn more about the how-to steps below.

Method 1: Using the system preference

Step 1.
Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and click System Preferences.
Step 2.
Open the Users & Groups menu.
Users and Groups
Step 3.
Click the lock icon at the bottom left corner.
Click Lock Icon
Step 4.
Authenticate yourself. Click the Change Password button.
Click Change Password
Step 5.
Next, enter the new and the old password, and add a password hint.
Enter Password and Hint

Method 2: Using Keychain Access

Step 1.
Go to Launchpad with the Spotlight Search by pressing Command + Space keys and typing Keychain Access.
Open Keychain Access
Step 2.
Click the Edit option in the Menu bar.
Select Change Password
Step 3.
Select Change Password for Keychain "Login" option.
Verify Information
Step 4.
Enter the requested passwords and verify your information and click the OK button.

Part 3: How to Change Keychain Password without the Old Password

If you forget the old password, it is a little bit troublesome to change the keychain password. But the precondition is you remember the Keychain Access password, otherwise, you still cannot make changes to the passwords within Keychain Access.

Step 1.
Open Keychain Access and click Keychain Access in the menu bar.
Step 2.
After that, you can click Preferences.
Select Preference
Step 3.
Click Reset Default Keychains.
Reset Default Keychain
Step 4.
Authenticate the action with the keychain password and the macOS will create a new Login keychain from scratch.
Enter Keychain Password

In this situation, you are pretty much creating a new Keychain password account. The passwords saved old Keychain will be lost.

Part 4: The Best Method to Manage the Keychain Password on iPhone

If you have already saved the password on iOS devices previously, you can use iPhone Password Manager to find, view, and export all passcodes easily, including the keychain password. It enables you to retrieve Apple ID, iCloud Keychain, screen-time passcode, and more. Once you have exported the files in CSV, you can change the keychain password on Mac.

iPhone Password Manager


iPhone Password Manager

  • Find, view, and export all types of passcodes saved on your iOS devices.
  • Scan and find the keychain password saved on your iPhone or iPad easily.
  • Export saved passwords in CSV file format for Mac to make some changes.
  • Restore the iCloud password from iOS devices without keychain records.
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Step 1.
Once you have installed iPhone Password Manager, you can launch the program on your computer. To check the keychain passwords on iPhone, you can connect your device to the computer via a USB cable.
Connect Device to Computer
Step 2.
Click the Start button in the right corner to start scanning your iPhone. It will provide a list of accounts and passwords, which should be the same as the ones you saved on Keychain Access.
Check Scanned Password
Step 3.
Of course, you can enter the retrieved password to change keychain passwords on Mac or export the information as CSV file format by clicking the Export button on your computer.

Part 5: FAQs about Changing Keychain Password on Mac

Can I Reset the Keychain Password?

Unfortunately, you can't. The Keychain password cannot be reset. If you forget the Keychain password, you can only create a new one.

What are the Alternatives to the Keychain Password?

The Mac ecosystem has several third-party password managers like 1Password, LastPass, Enpass, Dashlane, and Bitwarden. And if you are using a Google account, you can also use Google to manage your passwords.

What is the keychain password for Mac?

The Keychain is the password management system in Mac. The Keychain can contain various types of data: passwords (for websites, FTP servers, SSH accounts, network shares, wireless networks, groupware applications, encrypted disk images), private keys, certificates, and secure notes.


There are 5 ways introduced to you in this article to change your Keychain Password for keeping all passwords safe. And if you can't remember the Keychain Password, you can only default the Keychain, which will cause data loss on your Mac. However, you don't have to worry too much as there is also user-friendly software mentioned.

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