Updated Review on the 6 PS Vita Emulators You Can Use on Your Platform

September 15, 2023Amanda Brown

The PS Vita Emulator has sparked excitement among those who seek to resurrect the exceptional gaming experience of the PlayStation Vita and extend its legacy beyond physical hardware. Nevertheless, skepticism looms. With the benefit of the doubt, this post delves into the world of virtual PS Vita gaming, aiming to determine whether these emulators live up to their promises or fall short. So, keep on reading with the provided shreds of evidence here.

PS Vita Emulator

Part 1. Review PS Vita Emulators for Android - Top 3


If you are a fan of emulating games on Android, surely you already know the PPSSPP since it is the best game emulator that most users use on their Android system. The emulator is great for emulating and open-source, so you would not need to purchase a package before using it. This app has better support for playing a smoother PS Vita gaming than other emulators. In addition to that, you can also adjust settings like rendering resolution and texture scale to optimize the performance. So, this is a must-have if you are looking for a PS Vita emulator on Android!



  • It highly supports different types of PSP games.
  • Adjustable settings to have an optimized gameplay performance.
  • Save your progress at any point with Save States.
  • It has a fast-forward feature to speed up less exciting parts of the game.


  • The emulator can be demanding when it is in high-resolution settings.
  • Configuring settings for optimal performance can take time to understand.

2. ePSXe

eSPXe is a well-established and best PS Vita emulator you can download on Android. The emulator supports almost any game, but the best fit of it is for emulating PS Vita titles, which gives you an accurate emulation. Even if you are new to emulators, you can use it easily with its easy setup. But, there are instances that the app will require you to purchase a particular feature with real money to enjoy better gaming here. You can download this on your Android by visiting the official website.



  • It is highly compatible with an expansive library of different PlayStation games.
  • It offers a stable gaming experience.
  • It supports local multiplayer using multitap emulation.


  • Limited development compared to other emulators.
  • It lacks advanced graphical enhancement features and shaders.

3. Mastu Emulator

Matsu Emulator competes with all emulators because it aims to be an all-in-one emulator that supports different emulator cores with a single app. You will likely use this app because it has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to many users. This app is considered convenient and top-tier for mobile gaming, supporting save states like the PPSSPP. Despite that, the free version of the app is packed with ads, which can affect the overall gameplay, and if you want to remove ads, you will need to purchase its full version.

Matsu Emulator


  • It supports the whole PlayStation series title.
  • It has a save state feature.
  • It gives you a user-friendly interface.


  • Sometimes, emulating might need to be more accurate with it.
  • Emulator performance may be limited to low-end Android systems.

Part 2. Completer PS Vita Emulator for Windows, Mac, & Linux - Top 3

1. Vita3K

Vita3K is considered the best PS Vita emulator you can run perfectly on most Windows systems, especially when they are small-sized games. It is an open-source project with a better rate than its previous closed-source project. Though the program is in its early development, the system requirement it suggests for you is barely minimum compared to other emulators. Now that builds of it is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and even on Android devices.

Vita 3k


  • It is an open-source project.
  • It is available on multiple operating systems.
  • It has an active development to improve performance and compatibility.


  • It can be demanding on your computer’s hardware.
  • It does not support complex or resource-intensive PS Vita games.

2. RetroArch

RetroArch is one of the most picked PS Vita emulators for PCs that you can download on different platforms for free. The emulator is known for its flexibility and extensive support for gaming systems through emulator cores, which is why it is considered one of the best PS emulators. Including these cores are the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS Vita, and more. Plus, it has customization options that enhance the gaming experience and supports netplay to play with multiple players online.



  • It simplified the process of setting up and launching PS Vita games.
  • It has extensive emulator cores within a single interface.
  • It offers various customization options and netplay.


  • It can be overwhelming to understand and utilize its capabilities thoroughly.
  • Configuring its settings and cores for optimal performance can be complex.

3. VitaQuake

VitaQuake is the source port of the classic first-person shooter game Quake, available on PlayStation Vita. The emulator fully replicates the Quake gameplay you can use on Vita but now on your portable PC. Like the previous version, the emulator supports creating mods and custom levels, adding to the game replayability you will surely enjoy. Plus, some versions of it support multiplayer modes, allowing users to engage in cooperative gameplay with others. However, the games you can use here are inside the Quake series, limiting the game selection compared to other emulators, and it features a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display for users to interact.



  • It offers a nostalgic and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • It is designed well to work like PS Vitas controls.
  • Customized levels and created mods are available.


  • The games are limited to the Quake series only.
  • Not every mod and map may run smoothly on the app.

Part 3. How to Use PS Vita Emulator - General Idea on How to Do It

Now that you know the PS Vita emulator available on Windows and Android, the following information we added here will tackle how to use the emulator generally. If you want to know how, read the information below.

Step 1:
Check the emulator to see if it is available on your system, and if so, download the emulator you choose next. You need to download the PS Vita BIOS files to run the PS Vita games. Place the downloaded BIOS in the appropriate directory with the emulator's folder. Then, install and configure the emulator you have chosen.
Step 2:
Download a PS Vita game, like ROMs or ISOs of the game you want to play and load it up on the emulator.
Step 3:
Configure the game settings to optimize the gameplay, play the game, and do not forget to save the progress at any point so you can resume on that same place when you load it up.

Part 4. How Do Emulators Work for Emulating PS Vita Games

You are emulating works by replicating the hardware and software environment of the handheld console, allowing you to experience and play games designed only for that console on a different platform. The developer of the emulators codes the software to mimic the behavior of the PS Vita's hardware components by creating a virtual representation of the CPU, GPU, memory, audio subsystems, and other essential components. In some cases, emulators require access to the original console BIOS and firmware to emulate the system properly. Regardless of that, the central oval of it is to replicate the classical games into modern hardware without limitations.

Part 5. Mirror Your Phone Screen to Your PC for a Better Gaming Experience

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Part 6. FAQs about the PS Vita Emulators

How to play PS Vita on Android?

You can download a PS Vita emulator on your Android if you want to play PS Vita games on your Android system. But you must remember that emulating games can be illegal, especially if you still need a legal copy of the game you intend to emulate.

What is the PlayStation Vita?

Japan released a better version of the PlayStation Portable known as PSP, which is the PS Vita, the abbreviation of PlayStation Vita. This console has a better quality than its predecessors, and it also has dual analog sticks. Plus, it has a front and rear-end camera that you can use for gaming and AR applications.

Is the PS Vita store still open?

PS Vita store will stay open in the future based on the PlayStation Blog, but the PSP storefront was closed on July 2, 2021.

Can I play multiplayer using PS Vita emulators?

Some PS Vita emulators support local multiplayer mode over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to play with others. Though some online multiplayer functionality is supported, not all emulators have this function.

What is the save state in the PS Vita emulator?

It is a feature wherein you can save your progress in the game at any point and then load up that state to resume your gaming whenever you want.


As you can see, there are a bunch of PS Vita emulators you can download on your Windows and Android, but the best are mentioned here. You can download them on their official websites.

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