Full Review on the Game Emulators to Download for Free on Your Desktop [2024]

Do you still own a 3DS, PS2, PS3, Switch, Nintendo, PSP, Wii, or Xbox, but it is not working anymore? Nostalgic and want to play the classic video games on your console? You are in luck, as thousands of emulators can help you relive the past with advanced technology such as computers and laptops. We spent time searching for the best emulators you can use that will run smoothly without any lag on your device and review them truthfully for you. Buckle up and join us as we dive to world of emulators and emulators games you can use today.

Best Game Emulator

Part 1. Top Game Emulators 3DS, PS2, PS3, Switch, Nintendo, PSP, Wii, or Xbox for Desktop

Features Citra PCSX2 RPCS3 Yuzu Mesen SNES9X PPSSPP Dolphin Xenia
Available Platform Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows & Mac Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows, Mac, & Linux Windows
Emulator for Nintendo 3DS PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Nintendo Switch NES SNES PSP Wii Xbox 360
Compatibility Moderate WideRange Growing Growing Excellent Excellent Moderate Excellent Growing
Performance Moderate Moderate Varies Varies Excellent Excellent Moderate Excellent Varies
Customization Options Limited Extensive Moderate Limited Moderate Moderate Extensive Extensive Limited

1. Citra for Emulating 3DS

Citra is a popular 3DS emulator if you want to play 3DS games that are usually played on Nintendo. It has a unique interface but remains easy to understand so that you will have the same experience as a Nintendo. With this emulator, you can even make a configuration on the setting it has on desktop devices. However, some games that are playable on 3DS have issues, and some require additional configuration, which is troublesome for users like you. But overall, the app is the best way to enjoy 3DS games on your computer today.


2. PCSX2 for Emulating PS2

Want to have a PS2 emulator? Then download the PCSX2. This emulator is compatible with every PS2 game you can think of, and it offers extensive settings to increase the gaming experience even better. It has the best performance in emulating games, which means once you start to play games here, you will enjoy smooth gameplay, better graphics, and gameplay resolution. Though you can configure the setting here like the emulator we have mentioned, you will still need technical knowledge on how to do so, and you can have it by reading extensive docs and relying on its active community.


3. RPCS3 for Emulating PS3

RPCS3 is an evolving PS3 emulator that made significant progress. Unlike the other applications that support PS3 games, the emulator changes the performance level to make it compatible with the emulated game and prevents it from crashing. There are still PS3 games this emulator does not support, so you will need to tweak the settings to fix the compatibility issue. However, to avoid that trouble, you can wait for the newer update and download the latest version on your computer to play PS3 games without the console.


4. Yuzu for Emulating Nintendo Switch

Yuzu is a Swith emulator that has gained popularity on different computer devices. Its rise to the top is no wonder because of its performance and compatibility with Nintendo Switch games. The developer still improves the emulator, which makes it even better, and they optimize it to improve the emulating experience. Here, you can choose the graphics enhancement and customization to have the best gameplay Switch experience. Before using this, you will need a better computer system to enjoy without encountering problems.


5. Mesen for Emulating NES

Mesen is a classing NES emulator for playing NES games. It offers the same features you can get on NES, such as cheat codes and save states, but the gaming experience remains the same and can be enhanced further if you want. However, the emulator is unstable, so it receives regular updates to improve its performance and address common issues that users encounter.


6. SNES9X for Emulating SNES

SNES9X is the best SNES game emulator you can use; that has a vast library of SNES-supported games with excellent compatibility. Like the NES emulator we have mentioned, this app also supports cheat codes and save states, but now it has a video filter to enhance the overall graphics of the gameplay you are playing with. It is stable but still gets regular updates to improve the overall emulator itself, and an excellent choice for playing games on your computer.


7. PPSSPP for Emulating PSP

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator you can use to play PSP games, and it offers some of the features you can get on the physical console, which is the PSP. Like some of the previous emulators we have reviewed, the emulator is supported widely by different devices, making it the best option to play PSP games on your end. It supports save states, fast-forwarding, and graphical enhancement to improve gaming, like the PSP. It is the best application for emulating PSP games on your computer.


8. Dolphin for Emulating Wii

Dolphin is a Wii emulator for GameCube and Wii consoles and also offers an extensive library of games. The emulator provides the exact emulation of gaming you can experience on a console version, but here you can adjust the graphics and performance to betterment. It is your best choice if you need to change your Wii or GameCube controller or network play.


9. Xenia for Emulating Xbox 360

Xenia is the emulator for Xbox you can use to play games restricted on Xbox only. Xbox is one of the most expensive consoles available, so you can download it to play games on Xbox. But the performance of the emulation of it will always depend on the game you are playing and the device you are using. If you want to lower the graphics, you can go to the input settings of the app. Even though it can emulate games, this app's emulation level differs from the other emulators we have reviewed or on the market.


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Part 2. FAQs about the Emulator Games

What are the GBA emulators you can download?

NO$GBA is a perfect Windows GBA emulator you can download to play Game Boy games on your PC, but if you use a macOS, download the Boycott Advance instead. If you want to know more about these emulators or know the other available GBA emulators, we suggest you search the internet to know more.

Can I use mobile games on a PC?

You can download Android or iOS emulators to play mobile games on a PC. However, not all emulators you can download on your PC are safe. That is why you must read users' emulator feedback before downloading it.

How to emulate iOS to Android?

Emulating iOS is possible for Android if you download a third-party app since there are no other default ways. You can search over the internet what are the iOS emulators for Android.


Game emulators are better since you can quickly access multiple console games on your desktop. There is no need to purchase the console if you can download the emulators mentioned in this article. Do you have a better option to emulate such games from 3DS, PS2, PS3, Switch, Nintendo, PSP, Wii, or Xbox? Share that idea in the comment section below so we can take a look and review it in the future.

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