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10 Actional Skills to Fix SD Card Blank or Unsupported Filesystem Error


When you insert your SD card on your phone or computer for use, the error of SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem makes you confused. Calm down. This page will help you understand what is the error and how to fix it in 10 solutions.

SD card is a good option for expanding your phone storage or as the file transfer tool between computers. One day, when you start to use your SD card to read the data, you may get the notification like Ravi Agrawal:

SD Card Is Blank or Unsupported Filesystem

SD Card Is Blank or Unsupported Filesystem

When I insert my SD card into my Samsung Galaxy S7, the SD card is getting heated up and it is showing 'blank SD card or has unsupported format'. The hour before this situation happened, I had listened to some music albums in my phone with the same SD card. Now what should I do?

The error that SD card is blank or has unsupported format is very common. For fixing it, you can take the 10 tips in the following description.

Part 1. The reasons for a black or unsupported filesystem SD card

Generally speaking, a SD card can become blank or has an unsupported file system due to many reasons: virus infection, rude extraction, logical damages, RAW file system, and more when you do the following operations:

The SD card is removed from the device without turning off the device.

The device is used on different platform like from Samsung to BlackkBerry or unauthenticated machine.

The card is being removed from the computer without selecting Safely remove hardware option.

Phone apps fail to read

No matter why you get the error, you can take the following 10 measures to fix the issue.

Part 2. 10 Tips to fix an unsupported SD card

In this part, you can go through the 10 solutions towards this irritating issue.

Reboot phone

Phone restarting to be the first thought whenever you suffer from phone issues.

Turn off your phone, and reboot it to see if your SD card can show the data.

Insert the SD card again

Sometimes, you the connection between SD card and phone are not closed as you think. You can pull out the SD card and insert it to the slot again to see if the error is still there.

Show hidden files

If your SD card files are hidden, then you will still find the SD card is blank. For detecting the files in the SD card, you need to show the hidden files on computer.

1Open the micro SD card which includes missing file > Click on "Tools" menu > Choose "Folder options".

Phone apps fail to read

2Navigate to "View" > Check "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" (uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" if necessary) > Click on "OK" button to apply.

Phone apps fail to read

Connect SD card to the devices

Try to connect the SD Card to some other devices to check if it works or not. Alternatively, try connecting the SD card using another card reader. It is probable that there may be some issue with the USB port or the card reader device due to which the SD card is displayed as blank.

Run chkdsk tool

You can use the inbuilt application called "CHKDSK" to detect this SD card. If there are any problems, the tool will attempt a recovery automatically.

Open Start menu > Find "command prompt" and right click it to run it as administrator > Type "chkdsk /f *:"

(/f represents a repair command, while * represents the drive letter of your SD card).

Phone apps fail to read

Re-install disk drive

The updated or damaged disk drive may fail to read the data in the SD card and you may find the card is blank. So reinstall or update to the latest drive.

1Connect the SD card to PC with the reader or through phone.

2Navigate "This Computer" > "Properties" > "Device Manager" > "Disk drivers".

3Find and select your USB device, right click and first choose "Uninstall" and then choose "Scan for hardware changes" to refresh the drivers.

Re-install disk drive

Repair corrupted SD card

If your SD card is attacked by virus or malware, then SD card may leave you a blank folder.

For removing the trouble, you can do as following:

1Insert in your SD memory card to your computer with the reader, adapter or USB cable.

2Go to the start menu, type in "cmd" in a search bar, hit enter and then you can see something named "cmd. exe" under a list of programs.

3Right-click "cmd. exe" and then you will get the command windows that allows you to recover virus infected files. Type in "attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*".

For example, "attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*".

Phone apps fail to read

Format SD card

Formatting SD card is the method you should consider. However, you should also notice formatting the SD card will clear everything with it.

Take the detailed steps in this guide to format SD card.

Check bad sectors

If the foresaid solutions cannot make any sense, then your SD card are likely to get corrupted or physically damaged. In this case, you should resort to experts to check the card and solve the problem successfully.

Rescue data from unsupported SD card

Last but not the least; you should grasp the files from the unsupported SD card for backup.

In this part, you can recover the data from the blank SD card with Data Recovery.

Data Recovery

Now, let's check the detailed steps.

1Scan SD card

Free download this software on your computer, install and run it immediately. Plug your SD card to computer with the reader or USB cable on phone, and tick "Removable Drives" to find your SD card.

In the main interface, you are required to select the data type to recover. Then click "Scan" to start to scan your micro SD card.

Scan Data from Micro SD Card

2After the scanning result is done, you can click the folder in the left sidebar to view the detailed data types in the folder.

Find the file type and the exact files that you want to get back, and click "Recover" to save the lost files in micro SD card to computer.

Recover Data from Micro SD Card


1. If you cannot find the data that you want exactly, you can try "Deep Scan". It will take more time to get a comprehensive scan in your SD card.

2. You can check the files by both path list and type list in the scanning result.

Do not miss this video demo to get a quick data recovery from SD card:

Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive play-button

This way is aiming to show you restore data from SD card on computer. Also, you can recover deleted data from Android SD card here.


Here it comes to the conclusion of this page. You can learn from the reasons for blank or unsupported filesystem SD card, and follow the 10 ways to fix the error.

Without any professional skills, you can fix the issue by yourself here.

Your any suggestions are welcome to be given in the comments.

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