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How to Transfer Files from iPod (iPod touch 4& iPod touch 5) to Computer with No Loss?

iPod was the player we use for most times to listen to music. And when we wanted to backup music in iPod to computer, the only way we can thought of may be iTunes. After improvements of generations, now iPod touch series have more functions. We can use iPod touch 4 and 5 to take photos/videos, enjoy movies, surf the internet and more. But iTunes is still inconvenient and reliable when you want to transfer iPod music to computer. To transfer songs and other files from iPod to computer with no file loss, you need a safe iPod to Computer Transfer like FoneTrans, which allows you to transfer iPod files to computer without running iTunes. With FoneTrans, you can transfer music, photos, etc. from iPod to computer or import files from computer to your iPod, you can even transfer files between iPod and other iDevices, including iPhone and iPad.

Here is the guide of how to transfer music, photos and other files from iPod to computer with FoneTrans. Take the transfer of iPod music for example.

Note: The supported iPod types of current FoneTrans are iPod touch 4 and iPod touch 5. But all iPhone and iPad types are supported.

1. Download and install this iPod to Computer Transfer on your computer.

iPod to Computer Transfer

2. Connect your iPod to computer via USB cable.

3. All the files in your iPod will be loaded to the program. iTunes on your computer may start automatically. Close it, because you can't transfer files while iTunes is running.

Click Media

4. Click Media on the left. Then click Music on the top.

5. Check the music files you want to transfer. Then click Export to- Export to PC. Choose a folder to save the exported songs.

Click Media

Although the iTunes on your computer should be closed everytime you run FoneTrans, you should make sure it has been installed on your computer, because FoneTrans needs to use the data of iTunes.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans is professional iPod to Computer transfer tool which allows you to transfer files between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer, transfer files between iOS devices, backup iPhone contacts and messages. The transfer is convenient, fast and lossless.

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