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Skype is quite a popular application which provides video chat and voice call service. Skype makes it simpler and easier to start a conversation with your family and friends. Also, it allows you to make video conferences with partners for business.

With the widely use of Skype, a new demand may naturally generated in your heart. That is, you want to record the communications happened in Skype. You want to record the valuable voice call with relatives, the important video conference with business collaborators, the interesting chat with friends, etc. In this article, we will talk about five Skype recording applications, whether you are using a Mac OS X, Windows 7/8/10 computer or mobile device like iPhone/iPad, you can find an effective way to record your Skype video and audio.

How to record Skype video and audio calls on Mac

Part 1. Record Skype conversations with QuickTime Player

Skype doesn't natively support calls recording, but if you are using it on Mac, things can be extremely handy. Thanks to its built-in screen recording utility, you can easily record the Skype conversations by recording the Mac screen. You should first find the QuickTime Player on your Mac. It has a capability to capture the Mac screen, so you can rely on it to record the video and audio calls on Skype for you.

Here are the steps:

1. Launch the QuickTime Player on Mac.

2. On the left side of menu bar, click "File".

Record Skype with QuickTime

3. Select "New Screen Recording".

4. A new active window will appear on the screen, click the "red point" to start the Skype calls recording.

5. When you want to end the recording, just click the "grey point" in the same place. And then you can save it on Mac.


1. It provides three recording modes for you, "New Movie Recording", "New Audio Recording", and "New Screen Recording". You can choose any one of them according to you need.

2. It allows you to record full or part of the screen.

3. You are able to view the content as soon as you finish the Skype video and audio recording.

4. You can choose capture audio from internal microphone or not.

If you want to record Skype on Mac, QuickTime Player will definitely be your first choice. However, the recorded calls can only be saved as MOV file, and MOV is not a favorite format for many frequently-used players.

Part 2. Record Skype calls with Snagit for Mac

There is another choice if you want to record Skype calls on Mac, you can use a third-party app, Snagit for Mac. It enables you to record and edit Skype video and audio. First, download and install the free version of it on your Mac.

1. Launch it on your Mac.

Record Skype with Snagit

2. Click the "Record" button on the upper-right corner to start the Skype recording. You can choose to capture the full screen or just a small section.

3. When you finish the contact with others on Skype, just click the same button to stop the process.


1. It enables you to set shortcuts to stop the Skype recording.

2. It has powerful editing and screenshot functions.

3. It allows you to record audio from either a microphone or system audio.

You can use the Skype calls recording software to help you record streaming videos.

Effective ways to record Skype calls on Windows 7/8/10

Part 1: Record Skype video and audio with Microsoft Screen Capture

Just like QuickTime Player on Mac, when you have a desire to record Skype video/audio calls on Windows computer, the first method came to your mind is Microsoft Screen Capture. Microsoft Screen Capture can capture the desktop screen video and audio, and record sound from systematic audio and microphone. If you want to give this popular application a try, you should first download and install it on your PC.

1. When you want to record the following communication on Skype, you should launch it on PC.

2. You can see a crosshair appear in the active window; drag it to fit the Skype's interface.

Record Skype with Microsoft Screen Capture

3. After setting the suitable capture size, click "Record" icon to start the Skype recording.

4. When the Skype conversation is down, click the same place to stop the recording.

The recorded Skype video or audio calls will be automatically listed on the pop-up Capture Manage window. You can preview and do a few basic operations over these files. While here is a problem, Microsoft Screen Capture saves all recorded Skype calls as XESC files. You have to use a free video converter to convert XESC to other regular formats for your player.

Part 2: Record Skype chats with professional recording software

As you are using a Windows 7/8/10 computer, so you always have more choices than Mac users. For recording Skype calls, here we recommend you the best Skype Calls Recorder. It can provide the easiest way to record the video and audio on Skype with high quality. First, download and install it on your computer.

1. Donwload this Skype calls recording program on your PC, then install and launch it.

Skype Recorder

2. Before recording Skype chats on Windows, you should click "Full Screen" or "Custom" to adjust the recording area first.

3. After that, click "System Audio" or "Microphone" to set the audio. You'd better choose both of them during the recording of Skype video call.

4. Click "REC" to record Skype video call. And the same button is used to stop the recording.

Record Skype with SKype Recorder

After finish the recording, the recorded video calls will be automatically saved as WMV or MP4 files.

1. This Skype recorder tool enables you to free capture any video displayed on your computer, such as recording online videos and music videos, games, streaming videos and more.

2. While recording a Skype video call, you can take snapshot at any fantastic time you want to keep.

3. It provides a multi-monitor recording feature to help you to record Skype calls. And you can choose to record Skype content from webcam on Windows computer.

4. It allows you to set the end time of Skype recording manually. Click the clock-like icon in the interface, and the recording process will automatically stop according to your setting.

5. the above guide shows how to record Skype calls on Windows 7, if your computer is Windows 8, read this: How to record Skype on Windows 8.

How to record Skype calls on iPhone/iPad/iPod

As the development of technology, mobile devices are equipped with more and more functions. If you often use Skype on iOS device to communicate with your family, friends and partners, such as iPhone SE/6/5/4 or iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4, iPod and more, you should pay attention to the next part.

QuickVoice is a one-click Skype recording app to record your Skype conversations. Here we take iPhone as an example. With the same first step, you should install it on your iPhone.

Record Skype with QuickVoice

1. Open the "QuickVoice" app on your iPhone.

2. Click the red "Record" button to start the Skype audio calls recording.

3. Click "Stop" button at the same place to stop the recording.


Free version only allows you to record 5 minutes audio file.

Pause and resume the Skype recording with adjustable recording qualities.

In this article, we list 5 video and audio recorders to help you to record Skype calls. When you want to capture the wonderful moments on Skype, no matter you are using a Mac, PC or iOS device, you can also find the best way from the article to do it.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

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