How to Screen Mirror iPad to Roku TV to Enjoy Movies on a Larger Screen

September 02, 2022Ashley Mae

When you need to mirror videos from your iPad to a TCL Roku TV, AirPlay should be the initial choice. Some applications also provide excellent features to cast iPad to Roku TV directly. To make sure a stable signal for casting the content, you can take advantage of the lightning AV digital adapter. Just learn more about the 3 frequently used methods as well as the features from the article.

Cast iPad to Roku

Part 1: 3 Easy Methods to Cast iPad to Roku [Solved]

Method 1: How to Screen Mirror iPad to Roku via Roku App

Make sure you have installed the Roku Remote app on your iPad, which is the default app for TCL Roku TV. You can take advantage of the AirPlay feature to cast movies from an iPad to a Roku TV from Control Center. But not all Roku models support AirPlay. You need to make sure the TV is running Roku OS 9.4 or above.

Step 1:
Once you have already installed the Roku app, you can launch it on both devices. Make sure the Roku TV and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. AirPlay lets you stream TV shows, photos, and videos directly from the iPad to Roku TV.
Step 2:
Go to the Roku Remote app on your TV and press the Home button. Navigate to and click the Settings option. Click the Power button from the System menu to enable Fast TV Start.
Step 3:
Open the desired video you want to cast and tap the AirPlay video icon. After that, you can tap the AirPlay button and select the TCL Roku TV from the AirPlay menu to cast iPad video to Roku TV.

Note: When you need to screen mirror the iPad content to TCL Roku TV later, you can simply use Siri to share the movies or photos directly.

Cast IOS to TCL Roku

Method 2: How to Cast Movies from iPad to Roku TV

As for the supported app and streaming channels, you can easily screen mirror an iPad to a Roku TV. You should also make sure your mobile device and Roku are connected to the same network. If the application is unavailable in the casting destinations list, you have to change to screen mirroring instead.

Step 1:
Install a streaming app on both devices beforehand. Open the application on your iPad and play the desired video you want to cast to your Roku TV.
Step 2:
Tap the Cast button near the bottom of the iPad screen. You can find the Roku TV from the list of the devices if you have already connected both devices to the same Wi-Fi.
Step 3:
You can find the cast of movies from iPad to Roku TV. To stop the casting process, simply tap the Cast button once again on your iPad and select the Disconnect button.
Cast From iPad to Roku

Method 3: How to Cast iPad to Roku TV with an HDMI Cable

When you need to cast a large movie from an iPad to the Roku TV with the original quality, an AV adapter and HDMI cable are the best tools to help you out. It is mainly aimed at non-intelligent TVs, which do not support wireless screen mirroring.

Step 1:
Connect your TCL Roku TV and the AV adapter with the HDMI cable, and then link the AV adapter to your iPad for screen mirroring. Make sure the input source is the Roku TV.
Step 2:
Change the TV input to HDMI, you should choose a suitable HDMI port to make sure the content can be cast from the iPad to your TCL Roku TV, including HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and so on.
Step 3:
Once you have connected to the correct HDMI port, the signal will be transferred from your iPad to the Roku TV. It is an easy method to share content with high quality.
Cast iPad to Roku TV HDMI

Part 2: Best Method to Screen Mirror iPad Content

When you need to screen mirror the iPad content to a computer, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best method to manage and screen mirror the desired content. It enables you to transfer the desired videos or content seamlessly without losing quality. Moreover, you can also operate other apps on your mobile devices during the process.

Phone Mirror


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Part 3: FAQs about mirroring the iPad screen to Roku

1. Does my Roku TV support Airplay?

Casting iPad to TV with Roku OS 9.4 or later, which support AirPlay of iOS. Navigate to Settings on Roku TV and locate System. Click the About option inside or simply scan the Apple AirPlay and Homekit options in the Settings menu to check this. Moreover, you can also check Roku's website for the latest compatibility information.

2. What are the differences between casting and screen mirroring?

Just in simple, when you have an application on both devices, casting will instruct the Roku to stream the video. Of course, casting iPad to Roku TV is a direct way to transfer the videos, which will preserve the original video quality while screen mirroring has a slight delay over your network to the Roku TV.

3. Is it possible to cast web video from iPad to TV?

Yes. If you want to cast videos from any website or streaming service from your iPad, you can simply install Web Video Cast or screen mirror the content from your iPad to the TV with the methods above.


Here are the efficient methods to cast iPad to Roku TV via the safe and practical tools. Just choose the desired one according to your preference. When you need to manage and screen mirror the content from an iPad to your computer, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror should be one of the best choices you should consider.

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