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December 13, 2022Gerald Christian

Lots of streaming apps now have casting features that allow you to seamlessly enjoy movies or videos on the TV's big screen. For your 4K Roku TV, you can easily cast to Roku from Netflix or YouTube on your smartphone or PC once you read the following guide that gives you the exact steps on how to cast to Roku TV from different devices. Then, you will be able to enjoy the movies with a bigger view and better display and audio experience. Meanwhile, you can also learn the mirroring tips on your Roku TV.

Cast to Roku

Part 1. How to Cast to Roku

Through the casting features embedded in streaming apps, you can find it pretty easy to cast to Roku from other smart devices and the methods are basically the same. The only different part for casting on Roku TV is to cast your phone or PC's whole screen to the TV, which is also known as screen mirroring. When casting with an app on Roku TV, you can only see the content you cast while screen mirroring allows you to see the whole screen of your phone or PC on the TV. Therefore, you may jump to the corresponding guide below based on your needs.

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Scenario 1: Cast to Roku for Netflix

All the streaming apps basically have the same casting methods, so take Netflix as an example, if you want to cast the content from Netflix on your phone to Roku TV, then you need to make sure both the Netflix apps on your TV and phone are logged in with the same account. After that, you may find the casting icon inside the movie or TV series you want to play on Netflix on your phone. Tap that icon and find the Roku TV. Then, you can successfully cast to Roku from Netflix.

Cast to Roku on Netflix from Android

Scenario 2: Cast to Roku and See Android Screen

Here are the steps on how to cast to Roku TV from Android with the mirroring feature.

Step 1:
Make sure your Android phone and the Roku TV are under the same Wi-Fi connection. Then, swipe down on your Android phone's screen to open the quick settings menu or control center from the top.
Step 2:
Find the Screen Mirror option, or it may also be called Screen Cast, Smart View, Wireless Display, or others on some models. Tap on it.
Step 3:
Your phone will start searching the devices under the same Wi-Fi and tap your Roku Tv once it prompts. And you can see Connected if the connection succeeds. Then, the TV will mirror every action you make on your phone.
Mirror Android on Roku TV

1.2: Cast to Roku from iPhone

For iPhone users to cast to Roku TV, you may use the built-in AirPlay feature to mirror the content you are watching to Roku TV. You can also use the same method to cast the iPad to Roku.

Step 1:
Make sure that your Roku TV is on and connect to the same Wi-Fi as your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone and swipe down on the right corner to open the Control Center.
Step 2:
For some old devices, you need to swipe up from the bottom. Tap the Screen Mirroring option. Once your Roku TV appears, tap on it to start connecting and casting.
Step 3:
You will see the AirPlay passcode on your TV's screen and need to enter it on your iPhone screen. Then, your iPhone screen will show up on the TV.
Cast to Roku TV From iPhone

To cast the movies or videos you are watching on your iPhone to the Roku TV, you just need to tap the AirPlay button with a TV icon to start casting.

1.3: Cast to Roku from PC

Below are the steps for you to initiate screen mirroring to PC to cast to Roku TV.

Step 1:
On your windows computer, open the Action center by clicking the PC icon on the right corner of the task bar.
Step 2:
Click the Connect button. For Windows 11, it is the Cast button. After searching, find your Roku TV on the list and click on it.
Step 3:
If you can't find the Action center, you can then go to Settings, click the System option, and click the Display button. After that, click the Connect to a wireless display option.
Cast to Roku on PC

Part 2. Mirror Phone Screen to 4K PC Seamlessly

If you have a 4K monitor for your PC, then you can also cast the video on your phone to the computer for a bigger view and better visual experience. Besides, unlike casting to Roku TV from your mobile device, which often uses a wireless connection, you can cast your phone screen to the PC with a USB cable once you install the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror on your computer. Except for the seamless casting experience, you can also enjoy both video and audio on your PC if you use Phone Mirror to cast your iPhone screen.

Phone Mirror


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How to Cast iPhone Screen to PC with Phone Mirror

Step 1:
After downloading and installing the Phone Mirror on your PC, launch the program. Then, click the iOS Mirror option on the main interface to move on. Then, you will be in the Screen Mirroring section.
Choose Screen Mirroring
Step 2:
Now, connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi your computer use. Next, open the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top right corner or swiping up from the bottom. Tap the Screen Mirroring icon and choose Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to cast.
Mirror Screen iPhone

Except for casting your iPhone to PC via the wireless AirPlay mirroring, you can also mirror your audio and video on the iPhone to PC with a workable USB cable. Once you connect these two devices and launch the program, you will immediately see your screen mirrored.

Part 3. FAQs about Cast to Roku

How can I cast iPad to Roku TV?

Casting iPad content to Roku TV is as simple as casting your iPhone screen to the Roku TV. You just need to open the Control Center and use the AirPlay feature to do this. Meanwhile, remember to connect these two devices to the same Wi-Fi.

How to stop casting to Roku TV from a connected device?

Once you cast to Roku from your iPhone or Android, you can disconnect the casting anytime you want. On iPhone, simply tap the Stop Mirroring button on the Screen Mirroring dropdown list. On Android, you can tap the Disconnect button to quit casting or you can use the Roku remoter to quit it.

How to cast to Roku TV from a previously connected device automatically?

If you have cast to your Roku TV from your Android or iPhone before, you can change the settings in your TV to allow immediate mirroring. Open your TV, go to Settings, choose System, and press OK on your remoter to enter. Next, find Screen Mirroring option and press OK on your remoter to go on. Then, select Always allow for Screen mirroring mode. Press OK on the remoter again to confirm and next time when your device tries to cast to Roku TV, you do not have to confirm then.


You can see from the content above that casting screen is simple especially when most streaming apps and smart devices have mirroring or AirPlay features. With the detailed steps on how to cast to Roku TV from different devices, you will soon be able to enjoy the movies stored on your phone on Roku TV's big screen.

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