How to Increase YouTube Video Volume

Summary: Do you know how to make YouTube videos louder even when the speaker is tuned to the maximum volume? This post will show you how to increase volume on YouTube videos. Regular way and professional/online YouTube volume booster are provided to help you make YouTube louder.

"Does anyone know how to make YouTube videos louder? I turn my Windows sound 100%, YouTube itself 100% and the little wheel on my headset to 100%, but still get a clear audio. The YouTube sound is still loud enough. Is there any other way to turn up the volume further?"

How to Make YouTube Videos Louder

Sometimes, the YouTube sound on your PC is not loud enough. You want to make the YouTube video louder to get better audio-visual experience. However, even when the speaker is set to maximum volume, you still can't hear clearly the music or what the people are saying.

In general, you can easily turn up the volume to make YouTube sound louder. Surely, you won't be there if that way can help you. Many YouTube volume booster tools on the internet can help you increase YouTube volume. This post will show you the detailed solutions one by one.

Part 1: Common way to increase YouTube volume

In case you don't know how to adjust YouTube volume, here we first show you the basic method to control the volume on YouTube video.

Step 1 Navigate to YouTube site and play the video you want to increase volume.

Step 2 You can find a speaker icon at the bottom of the video window, hover the cursor above it to arise the volume slider. Then you can drag the volume slider to the right to make YouTube video louder.

Enhance YouTube Video Volume

With the similar method, you can increase your Windows speaker to get louder sound. Remember that, right-click on the speaker icon will get more setting options. You can set them to make YouTube videos louder.

Part 2: Professional way to make YouTube videos louder

Usually the videos on YouTube are loud enough to guarantee you hear clearly. While you have to admit that, there are millions videos in different qualities are uploaded on YouTube. Some of them are just quite quiet for you to get a clear sound.

Similarly, when you want to upload some videos to YouTube, you also need to edit video volume to give viewers a good sound experience. Sometimes, you need to make YouTube videos louder if they are quiet even with full volume on speaker and audio settings.

Whether you want to increase the volume of unloaded or shared YouTube videos, the recommended YouTube volume booster can help you do that. Now you can follow the next steps to make YouTube videos louder.

Increase the volume of unshared YouTube videos

Before uploading videos to YouTube, you'd better edit videos to get best effects. The introduced YouTube volume booster can easily increase video volume. What's more, it carries many useful editing features to make sure you create YouTube videos you really like.

Step 1 Free download, install and run this powerful YouTube volume booster software on your computer.

YouTube Volume Booster

Step 2 Click Add File button on the menu bar to load the YouTube video you want to increase volume.


Step 3 Click Edit (the magic stick icon)to enter the video editing window. Here you can see many editing options like Rotate & Crop, Effect & Filter, Watermark, Audio and Subtitle. At this step, Audio is the option you should use.

Adjust Audio

Step 4 Click Audio and you are allowed to adjust volume freely. You can drag the volume slider to the right to increase volume on YouTube. Similarly, you can decrease YouTube video volume by dragging the volume slider to the left.

Besides making YouTube video louder, you can navigate to Effects & Filter tab to add filters and adjust video effects like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue and more.

Step 5 Click OK button to confirm the operation. Then click Convert All button to export the edited video to your computer. Before you do that, you can click the drop down button on the left bottom to select suitable output format for your YouTube video. Any popular video format is supported, such as YouTube FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and so on.

Increase the online YouTube video volume

If you want to increase the volume of some online YouTube videos, this great YouTube volume booster can also do you a great favor.

Step 1 Navigate to YouTube site on your browser and find the video you want to make volume louder.

Step 2 Launch this YouTube video volume booster on your computer. To download YouTube video, you need to select Video Recorder to start recording and downloading.


Step 3 Customize the capture screen to the proper size for recording YouTube videos. Turn System Sound option on and disable Microphone option. To capture a increase the volume of YouTube video, you can turn the System Sound slider to the right. Then click the red REC button to start recording.

Screen Recorder

Step 4 During the recording, you are allowed to edit the YouTube video, add text, line and specific label to the video. What’s more, you can take a screenshot while recording.

Record Youtube

Step 5 After the recording is complete, you can click Stop button to preview the recorded video and save the YouTube video to your computer.

This all-featured YouTube volume booster is equipped with a built-in media player. You can directly make YouTube video louder and preview it in the preview window.

Part 3: Online way to make YouTube videos louder

Many online video volume increasing tools on the internet can help you make YouTube videos louder. This solution can only increase the volume of local video. It can't directly make online YouTube videos louder. Now you can take the following guide to increase volume online.

Step 1 Open online video volume increasing site on your browser. Here we take VideoLouder site as an example.


Step 2 Click Browser to load your video. The video size is limited to 500MB.

Step 3 Choose the Increase volume option and then select suitable decibels you want to increase.

Step 4 Click on Upload File button to load your video. It will take some time to complete the uploading process. Be patient.

Step 5 After loading, click Download File to download the volume increased video to your computer.

Make YouTube Videos Louder Online

Part 4: FAQs of making YouTube videos louder

How do I enable the volume button on YouTube?

If the volume button is disabled on YouTube video, you need to check if the sound/volume is enabled on your device or browser. Or you can restart your browser or device.

Why is there no sound on YouTube videos?

a. There may be errors on the volume settings of device or web browser.
b. Some multimedia programs open on your device may cause sound error.
c. Sometimes updating to the latest Flash Player may cause no sound on YouTube.
d. Caches, cookies and temporary files on your device may cause the error.

How to speed up YouTube videos?

When watching a YouTube video, you may want to speed up YouTube videos to make it run faster. As you open a video on YouTube, click the gear icon and select speed. Here you can choose the speed up or slow down the YouTube video.

We mainly talked about how to make YouTube videos louder in this page. Three kinds of methods are offered to help you increase the volume of YouTube videos. Leave us a message if you still have any puzzle.

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