2 Default Ways - How to Reset a Motorola Phone When It is Locked

January 18, 2024Iris Walker

You can lock your phone using a few methods like PIN or biometric. It keeps your device safe from prying eyes. But if you forget the password, it is possible to get locked out of your Motorola phone. In some cases, the biometrics or screen is damaged, so you cannot unlock it. Thankfully, there are more options to unlock Motorola. Just read along this post and try the effective methods.

Reset Motorola Phone When Locked

Part 1. How to Reset Motorola Phone When Locked [Hard Reset]

There are two solutions that can reset and unlock your Motorola phone. But before proceeding to use any of them, keep in mind that all data on your device will be erased. Another thing to be aware of is the Google FRP. If you enable it, you must provide the username and password to allow the factory resetting. Once done, here are the steps to follow:

Use Buttons to Reset the Motorola Phone When Locked

Step 1.
First, charge your phone and make sure it is up to 30%. Then, turn it off. Long-press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until the screen is on.
Step 2.
Next, press the Volume Down button to activate the Recover mode. When there is an Android robot with an exclamation mark, press the Power button for a couple of seconds, and while holding it, quickly press the Volume Up button.
Factory Reset Power Volumes Button
Step 3.
Now, it is time for factory resetting. To choose the Wipe Data/Factory Reset, use the Volume buttons for scrolling. To select the option, use the Power button. Wait for a few minutes to complete the reset.
Step 4.
Once done, use the Volumes buttons again to find the Reboot System Now option. Press the Power button to choose it. Allow your device to restart, and then you can set it up again.

Reset Motorola Device from Settings

Below are detailed steps for you to reset all settings on the Motorola phones when you have the access to password.

Step 1.
How to reset a Motorola phone when locked? Go to the Settings app and navigate to the System section.
Settings Factory Reset Motorola Phone Lock
Step 2.
Tap the Reset Options button and choose the Erase All Data option. Although this method is simple, remember that it will erase all your data, including app settings/data, Google accounts, any saved media, and downloaded applications.

Part 2. Backup Motorola Phone Before Factory Reset

How to hard reset a Motorola phone that is locked without losing any data? As mentioned, you will inevitably lose all your data from the factory resetting. Still, it is recommended to use Aiseesoft Android Backup & Restore for an easy data backup. Not only does it offer backup, but the desktop tool also restores the files to your device after reset. Here, you can manually select files, such as photos, videos, contacts, call logs, etc. If you don’t want anyone to see these files, you can set up a password to keep them safe from prying eyes. Furthermore, it has excellent speed in backing up and restoring files without losing any. Try it for free by clicking the Free Download button for Windows or Mac versions.

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Step 1.
Download the Android Backup & Restore app and install it. Run the software and choose the Android Data Backup & Restore option from the main menu. Use a compatible wire cable to connect the Motorola phone to the computer. Check the device to see if there is a prompt for permission. Accept to connect it successfully.
Settings Factory Reset Motorola Phone Lock
Step 2.
Once the program recognizes the phone, choose the Device Data Backup option to selectively choose the files you want to back up. If you want all data to be backed up and restored, choose the One-click Backup function.
Android Backup Restore One Click Backup
Step 3.
Plug off and reset the locked Motorola phone. Afterward, connect it again to Aiseesoft Android Data Backup & Restore and click the Device Data Restore or One-click Restore button to import the saved data to your phone.
Android Backup Restore One Click Backup Restore

Part 3. FAQs about Locked Out Motorola Phone

Can I bypass the Google lock on Motorola?

You will need to use the FRP APK to unlock the Google Lock. Once you have downloaded it on your computer, transfer it to the Motorola phone. Make sure it is switched on. Then, plug the OTG cable and Pendrive into the device when instructed to enter the email address. Activate the FRP and follow the prompts to bypass the Google Lock.

Can I unlock an Android phone without resetting data?

If the Find My Device function is activated on the phone, you can use it to unlock without data loss. Open the Find My Device on a computer and log in with the Google account. Locate the device you want to unlock, then click the Erase Device button. Wait until the password is erased from the phone.

Is there a default PIN code to unlock the Motorola phone?

You can unlock the device mainly using the 1234 code. But this is impossible since you might have changed it before. You better use the factory reset options mentioned above.

Does the Motorola phone have a built-in backup tool like iCloud?

Since Motorola is an Android device, you can use Google Backup to sync and save your data on the cloud. All you have to do is navigate the Google One app and open the Storage menu. Tap the Set Up Data Backup button and manage the settings. Once done, tap the Back Up Now button to save the changes.

Is it possible to transfer data while the Motorola phone is locked?

Unfortunately, transferring or doing activities to a locked device is impossible. You must first unlock the device to get the files. Or reset it to use all the functions. If you don’t want to lose the data, use Aiseesoft Android Data Backup & Restore to keep your data safe and restore after factory resetting the phone.


How to hard reset a Motorola phone that is locked? All possible and effective solutions are listed in this post. You can access the Factory Reset from your settings, which will help you remove the forgotten passwords. But if you are locked out, use the buttons for an external factory reset. Remember, Aiseesoft Android Data Backup & Restore is an outstanding tool to help you backup and restore files if you don’t have the choice on your device. Download it now before doing a factory reset on your Android device.

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