How to Scan Images and Documents on Mac without Losing Quality

March 04, 2022Ashley Mae

Today, almost every home and company have a printer, document scanner, or photo scanner. Therefore, Apple had introduced the features to scan on Mac to help users convert physical documents into digital files. It means that MacBook can set up and perform scans on its own without needing to use any other software. This guide will share you with the easiest ways and the how-to. Plus, you can learn the best way to run the Mac virus scan below.

Scan on Mac

Part 1: How to Scan an Image or Document on Mac

Before scanning on Mac, you need to connect the printer and scanner device to your computer. Then follow the onscreen instructions to set it up correctly. Here are three ways to scan an image or a document and we explain them below.

Way 1: How to Scan on Mac via Scanner's Flatbed

Almost all scanner devices come with a flatbed, which is usually installed on your disk automatically when you set up the scanner. It is one of the Mac scan tools and allows you to scan on Mac straightforward.

Step 1:
Place your photo or document face down on the glass of the scanner, and make sure to line up all the sides carefully.
Step 2:
Turn to your Mac computer or laptop, click and expand the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and select Printers & Scanners.
Printers Scanners
Step 3:
Select your scanner on the left sidebar, switch to the Scan tab on the right side and click Open Scanner. Wait for the scanner to warm up and display the preview window.
Step 4:
When it is ready, click on the Scan button. A few seconds later, you can go to the location to view the image or PDF.
Open Scanner

Way 2: How to Scan on Mac Using Image Capture

Image Capture is the built-in scanner tool on Mac. With a scanner turned on and connected to your computer, the app will capture the document or image on your scanner if you follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Run Image Capture from the Applications folder, and wait for a while to detect your scanner. If it does not display, click the Shared button to show the connected devices.
Step 2:
Select your scanner on the left sidebar. Poll down the Pictures menu at the bottom, and select the location for the scan. Then set the size from the second box.
Pictures Image Capture
Step 3:
If you want to get more controls, click the Show Details button. To start scanning on MacBook, click the Scan button to initiate the process.
Scan Pictures Image Capture

Note: Unlike the flatbed of the scanner, Image Capture shows the image or document when scanning on Mac.

Way 3: How to Scan on Mac by Preview

Preview is the built-in document manager and viewer. It also equips the feature to scan on Mac. In addition, you can edit your document or image within the app after scanning.

Step 1:
Run the Finder app from your Dock bar, go to the Applications folder, and open the Preview app.
Step 2:
Once the Mac scan tool opens, go to the File menu, choose Import from Scanner, and select your scanner.
Preview Scan
Step 3:
Pull down the Scan Size and choose the proper size. To get more options, such as colors, resolution, format, and more, click the Show Details button.
Step 4:
Click the Overview button to display the image or document on your scanner. Then you can select the desired area with the cropping box in the preview panel.
Preview Detail
Step 5:
Hit the Scan button at the bottom right side, and click the Choose Destination button to set a location. By default, the image is saved on the desktop.
Step 6:
Click the Scan button to begin scanning on Mac.

Part 2: Pro Tip to Scan Mac for Malware

It is safe to scan images and documents on Mac; however, digital files downloaded from the internet are not. Chances are that you download malware when accessing websites or emails. Therefore, you need to scan Mac for malware using Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner regularly.

Mac Cleaner


Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner – Best Malware Scanner

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How to Scan Mac for Malware

Step 1:
Install the malware scanner

Fire up the scan tool on Mac after installing. There are three buttons in the home interface. To scan Mac for malware, click the Toolkit button, and choose Uninstall.

Mac Cleaner toolkit
Step 2:
Scan malware

Click the Scan button to begin looking for malware and apps installed on your Mac. It takes a while depending on how many apps are on your disk. When it finishes, click the View button to move on.

Mac Cleaner Uninstall
Step 3:
Clean up Mac

Browse the app list and select any of the unfamiliar. Then check the box next to Select All on the top, and click the Clean button to get rid of the malware.

Remove Malware

Part 3: FAQs about Scan Mac

What are the best scanners for Mac?

According to our research, the best scanners for Mac users include:
ScanSnap iX1500 Color Scanner by Fujitsu
ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner by Canon
WorkForce ES-500W Wireless by Epson Duplex Document Scanner
ScanSnap S1300i Portable Scanner by Fujitsu.
Perfection V600 Color Photo and Document Scanner by Epson.

How to scan images on Mac?

As long as you connect a scanner to your Mac, follow the methods we shared above to scan the image putting on the scanner to a digital image.

What is a Mac virus scanner?

A virus scanner is an app that can scan a hard disk and detect the virus and malware on your Mac.


This article demonstrated the easiest ways to scan on Mac computers and laptops. The flatbed that comes with the scanner is one choice. The Image Capture is the built-in scan tool on Mac. Moreover, the Preview app is available too. Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner is the best malware scanner for Mac. More questions? Please leave a message below this post.

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