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SDHC Data Recovery - How to Recover Files from Formatted or Corrupted SDHC Card

Summary: What is SDHC card? Are you searching for the simple solutions to recover deleted/lost files from formatted or corrupted SDHC card? This post will give you a basic introduction about SDHC. Moreover, it will introduce you with the best SDHC data recovery to help you recover lost SDHC data.

"I have a 16GB SanDisk SDHC card on my Sigma camera and it has been used to save photos for two years. I took many beautiful pictures last weekend while travelling Istanbul. However, when I want to back up them to my HP laptop, all photos are missing. This SDHC card is almost full. Is this issue caused by the insufficient storage? More importantly, is there any way to restore all my lost photos? They mean a lot to me. Any help?"

Because of the high capacity of SDHC card, it is widely used to save large files like photos, songs and even videos, especially for saving pictures on digital cameras. You can almost see any camera is carried a SDHC card. It is not exaggerated to say that SDHC cards keep lots of meaningful memories.

What Does Format SD Card Mean

However, some unfortunate instances may cause data loss on SDHC card and take your valuable moments away.

Are you facing the situation that SDHC card is corrupted and all files are gone? The good thing is, you still have a big chance to get them back. This post will show you a simple method to recover deleted or lost files from SDHC card. Surely, it can't guarantee you 100% recover all SDHC data. But compared to other SDHC data recovery tools, it offers more possibilities with the latest data recovering technology.

SDHC Data Recovery

In case you want to quickly recover files from SDHC card, we first show you a powerful SDHC data recovering tool to fit your need. SDHC Data Recovery is specially designed to restore deleted/lost files from SDHC card. It is able to restore many frequently-used data types like photo, video, email, document, music, etc. So if you want to restore pictures on SHDC card, it can be a great helper. You can free download it to start find your missing files. Detailed steps are putted at third part. Actually, you don't need any instruction. Just download it and have a try.

Part 1. What is SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is an extension of the SD standard which carries more storage capacity up to 32 GB. SDHC format was announced in January 2006 and defined in version 2.0 of the SD specification. SDHC is physically and electrically identical to standard-capacity SD cards (SDSC). It is equipped with solid-state electronic memory chips to read and write data.


Compared with traditional SD standard card, SDHC can provide more space and faster data reading and writing speed. SDHC family includes SDHC, mini SDHC and micro SDHC. They offer storage space from 4GB to 32GB. Though even 32GB seem not a big capacity for you nowadays, while back to 10 years ago, SDHC offers a really huge storage.

SDHC card can be used to save all types of files like images, videos, songs, and various documents. For its big storage ability, it is widely used on digital cameras, camcorders, computers and more. You can easily find SDHC card slot on many portable devices.

Part 2. Common reasons may cause data loss on SDHC card

There are many reasons that may lead to data loss on your SDHC. This part will list some regular SDHC data loss issues. If you are urgent to perform the SDHC data recovery, you can skip this part.

Mistakenly deleting: You are more likely to delete some important data by mistake while managing all types of files, especially the simple press on "Delete" button on your digital camera.

SDHC card formatting: You may easily confirm the format operation when some error messages prompt.

SDHC card system corrupted: You can't access any SDHC files if the file system is damaged.

Improper operation: Besides deleting files by accident, you may also do other wrong operations to get the SDHC data loss. For instance, you may pull out SDHC card while the camera is on.

Part 3. How to recover pictures from SDHC card

This part will give you a detailed instruction of how to use the recommended SDHC Data Recovery. Apart from recovering data from SDHC card, it also have the capability to restore files from computer, hard drive, memory card, SD card, digital camera and more. Now you can take the following guide to perform the SDHC data recovery.

Step 1 Run SDHC Data Recovery

First, double click the download button above to install and run this SDHC files recovering software on your computer. Plug your SDHC card into the card slot. Most SD card slots are putted on the left side of computer.

SD Card Data Recovery

Step 2 Select data type and SDHC

Many frequently-used data types and drive locations are showed in the interface. Select the file type you want to restore. If photos are all your need, you can only tick the Image. You can choose SDHC at the Removable Devices part. Remember to click the fresh icon to make sure the SDHC card is connected.

Step 3 Scan deleted/lost SDHC files

Two scanning ways are designed in this powerful SDHC Data Recovery. You can use the Quick Scan to quickly scan and find your lost data. If you can't find the ones you want to retrieve, you can turn to the Deep Scan. Deep scan will take more time to complete the scanning process. Relatively, it will give you more results.

Scan Files

Step 4 Perform SDHC file recovering

Whether you choose Quick Scan or Deep Scan, as long as you find the lost pictures, you can easily recover them. You can use the "Filter" feature to quickly locate the missing data. When you select all files you want to get back, one simple click on Recover button will bring all data back to your computer.

Recover Files from Encrypted SD Card

We have talked about SDHC data recovery in this post. We give you a simple introduction about what SDHC is. In addition, we list some possible reasons that cause SDHC data loss. Of course, we solve the problem you care mostly. We recommend an easy-to-use and professional SDHC Data Recovery to help you rescue your deleted/lost files from SDHC card. If you have any better solution to recover SDHC data, please tell us in the comment.

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