How to Uninstall Zoom on Mac Thoroughly [Ultimate Guide with Steps]

February 17, 2022Ashley Mae

How to uninstall Zoom on Mac thoroughly because of the privacy violation issue? Or you may just want to free up space and choose to use the online Zoom meeting without installation. Through the default uninstaller on Mac, you can directly remove the Zoom app itself. But the related files, including the web server, are left on your computer, which will still access your information and occupy the memory. Thus, keep reading this article and learn the best way to uninstall Zoom on Mac completely without any residual files left.

Uninstall Zoom On Mac

Part 1: How to Uninstall Zoom on Mac Completely [Recommended]

Since the Zoom app installs a web server running in the background, the normal way will not uninstall Zoom on Mac completely. If you are concerned that the remained files will re-enable the Zoom app when receiving an invitation, rely on Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner now. It supports uninstalling Zoom and deleting all the related files completely on Mac. You can also take it as a Mac monitor to detect the performance all the time.

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Step 1:
Free download and install Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner on your computer. Launch it and click the Toolkit button in the left menu. Then you can choose the Uninstall tool to uninstall Zoom on Mac with simple steps.
Select Uninstall 800
Step 2:
When a window pop up, you can click the Scan button to manage all the software on your Mac. Then click the View button to browse the list of them.
Scan View Apps Mac 800
Step 3:
Try to scroll down to find the Zoom software. Or you can choose to search for it from the search box on the right side. At last, click on it and choose the Clean button to start removing all files and uninstalling Zoom on Mac completely.
Clean Success 800

Part 2: Two Default Guides to Uninstall Zoom on Mac Easily

As mentioned before, using the default functions can't uninstall Zoom on Mac thoroughly, but they are easy to use. Please read the following steps in detail:

1. Uninstall Zoom on Mac through the Apple menu

This function is only for Mac computers with higher than 4.4.53909.0617 versions.

Step 1:
Launch Zoom on your Mac and choose the option in the top menu. You should scroll down to click the Uninstall Zoom button in the drop-down menu.
Default Function Uninstall Zoom On Mac
Step 2:
In the popping-up window, you need to click the OK button to confirm to uninstall Zoom on Mac. Then it will be deleted after a few minutes.
Uninstall Zoom On Mac Confirmation

2. Uninstall Zoom on Mac 4.4.53909.0617 and below with Finder

Step 1:
Open the Finder app on your Mac. Then choose the Applications option and find the desired Zoom app in the list. Or you can click the Magnifier icon at the top-right corner to search for it quickly. After that, you can press and drag it to the trash bin directly. Or choose to right-click on it and click the Move to Bin button.
Uninstall Zoom To Trash Bin On Mac
Step 2:
At last, you need to right-click the Trash app and choose the Empty Trash option to uninstall Zoom on Mac. In this way, the related files and settings still remains on your Mac.
Empty Trash To Delete Printer Mac

Part 3. FAQs about Uninstalling Zoom on Mac

1. How to deactivate the Zoom account before uninstalling Zoom on Mac?

Log in to your Zoom account on the official website. Then choose the Account Management option and click the Account Profile button. From there, choose the Terminate My Account option to delete your Zoom profile.

2. How to uninstall Zoom Outlook plug-in on Mac?

At first, you should close all programs on your Mac. Then open the Finder app and click the Application button. You should find the Zoom Plug-in for Outlook instead of At last, drag it to the trash bin and empty the trash.

3. Can I uninstall the web server of Zoom through Terminal?

Yes, you can. Open the Terminal app in the Applications folder. Then run the command: lsof -i :19421 to get Zoom's process ID. If you want to delete the web server, you can use the command kill -9 14625.


Since Zoom is not safe to use, you can use the above three methods to uninstall Zoom on Mac completely. Using Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner will also delete the web server and all related files, which can prevent your privacy from being accessed. If you have questions or suggestions, please leave your comments below.

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