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In face of closure of iOS system, you still can transfer data between iOS and Android phone with FoneCopy. Aiseesoft FoneCopy is the best truck man to copy photos, movies, songs and contacts between iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android phone. Switching Android between iPhone can be easily down with one click. See what users say about this software:

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By Jason 2017-04-10

Solve my problem

It is not that easy to transfer data between iOS device and Android device. This Phone Transfer tool turly solves this problem.

By McKenna 2016-04-10

Really helpful

I have heard about this software from my friend and downloaded myself, it really saves me so much trouble to move my files between iPhones. Anyway, it's very good software if you need to change your phone.

By Collins 2016-03-07

It helps me a lot!

I have accidentally broke the screen of my iPhone 5s, and replace it with an Samsung. This software really does me a lot favor for me to transfer my music, contacts and photos to my new phone.

By Diaz 2014-12-25

It's worth to download and use it.

I'm a faithful fan for Aiseesoft. I have purchased FoneCopy. It work very well and I love it so much. One more important thing is that the software can be lifetime and upgraded for free. It's very useful for iOS users.

By Garza 2014-12-14

Very useful

One click transfer - simple but very useful function! It quickly migrated what I want to transfer from my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6.

By Mariah 2014-10-22

Simple but great!

Simple but great! The interface of this phone transfer tool is very simple. But the transfer function is really great. It helped me copied all contacts from my old iPhone 5 to new iPhone 6. All for free!

By Joseph 2014-10-21

Very helpful!

It is just what I need. I was searching for a phone file migrate tool when I found this FoneCopy. It is exactly what I'm looking for. And it's totally free.

By Mary 2014-10-21

Quite satisfying program.

Not all files can be transferred. But as a free program, it is quite satisfying. It transfers very fast and losslessly.

By Leo 2014-10-20

Safe and convenient transfer.

You can choose delete files on target device before transferring new files. That's very considerable design and makes it different from iTunes. I think it's safer and convenient.

By Nancy 2014-10-20

To me, it's better than iTunes.

As to the file transfer function, I think this file transfer tool is better than iTunes, because it is more convenient and allows you to protect the original data from being erased.

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