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January 08, 2024Ashley Mae

AVS Audio Editor is a versatile, user-friendly software for seamless audio manipulation. This comprehensive review will explore its intuitive interface, diverse editing tools, and effectiveness catering to novice and experienced users' audio editing needs. Discover how it stands out in audio editing software, from basic operations to advanced functionalities.

AVS Audio Editor Review

Part 1. AVS Audio Editor Review - System Requirements, Function, Pros, and Cons

AVS Audio Editor is a feature-rich audio editing software designed for Windows users seeking a versatile and intuitive tool to manipulate audio files. It offers a wide array of editing functionalities, effects, and recording capabilities, making it suitable for beginners and more experienced users. Here's a breakdown of AVS Audio Editor review system requirements, functions, as well as its pros and cons:

AVS Audio Editor

System Requirements:

Supported Audio Formats:


Key Function:


  • Set of editing tools and effects for various audio manipulation needs.
  • Intuitive interface, making it easy to use for beginners.
  • It supports numerous audio formats for import and export.
  • Enables simultaneous editing of multiple files.
  • It allows for easy recording from different sources.


  • Limited to Windows operating systems.
  • Advanced features require some learning for new users.
  • Occasional crashes or stability issues with larger files or complex projects.

Part 2. Complete Tutorial on How to Use AVS Audio Editor to Edit Audio Tracks at Ease

How to use AVS Audio Editor? In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the fundamental steps of using it to edit audio tracks effortlessly on your Windows system. Let's dive into the steps to get started with audio editing using this versatile software.

Step 1.
Download the new version of the AVS Audio Editor on your Windows and launch the app to start using it.
Step 2.
Load your audio track on it by clicking the Open button, selecting the file, and clicking Open to upload it.
Step 3.
To delete some part of the file, go to the Edit tab, place your mouse cursor, and hold it at the beginning of the waveform editing space at the part you want to remove. Move it to your desired position, and release it. Then, click Delete to remove it.
Step 4.
For adding effects, go to the Effects tab. Without releasing the hold, drag your mouse again inside the waveform and ensure that you have highlighted the part wherein you want to add effects. Choose the effects you want to apply, adjust them, and press OK to apply them to the audio file.
Step 5.
Lastly, go to File, select Save As, pick the output format, and click OK to export the file.

Part 3. Alternative Audio Editor to Enhance the Sound of the Video or Audio Perfectly!

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is an all-around software that serves as a video converter and offers audio editing capabilities to enhance sound quality. While primarily known for video-related functionalities, it includes editing features to improve audio quality in videos or standalone audio files. So, this is the best alternative if you need an AVS Audio Editor for Mac. Here are some details about its audio enhancement capabilities that you still need to learn!

Video Converter Ultimate


Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • It supports extracting audio tracks from video files via converting.
  • Newly improved audio editing tools like trim, merge, adjust volume, and more.
  • Optimizing compatibility and quality of audio via converting audio files.
  • Enhance clarity with background audio noise cancellation.
  • Synchronize audio with video files precisely.
  • Adjust the volume of audio within the video to balance sound output.
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Part 4. FAQs about AVS Audio Editor

Is AVS Audio Editor free?

AVS Audio Editor is not entirely free. It offers a trial version with limited functionalities and a time restriction. Users must purchase a license to access the full range of features and use the software without limitations.

Is the AVS audio editor safe?

AVS Audio Editor is generally considered safe to use. It's a legitimate software developed by Online Media Technologies Ltd. However, as with any software download, obtaining it from the official website or trusted sources is advisable to avoid potential security risks associated with unauthorized or modified versions.

How do I remove vocals from AVS Audio Editor?

AVS Audio Editor offers a Vocal Remover feature that can help reduce or eliminate vocals from a music track. Here's a basic guideline on how to remove vocals using AVS Audio Editor:
Step 1. Open the app, go to Effects, and locate Vocal Remover or Vocal Cut.
Step 2. Select the settings or preset you want to apply and adjust it to suit the best.
Step 3. Click File and save the edited audio file with the vocals removed.

Can AVS Audio Editor work with multiple audio files simultaneously?

AVS Audio Editor supports batch processing, allowing users to simultaneously work on multiple audio files. This feature saves time by applying edits or effects to several files simultaneously.

Does AVS Audio Editor support audio recording?

Yes, AVS Audio Editor enables users to record audio from various sources such as microphones, vinyl records, or other input devices directly within the software.


With its user-friendly interface and diverse editing tools, AVS Audio Editor is a versatile choice for Windows users needing efficient audio manipulation. Despite occasional stability concerns and advanced feature learning curves, it supports multiple formats and batch processing, making it a valuable tool.
For users seeking an AVS Audio Editor on Mac alternatives, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate offers basic audio editing alongside video conversion capabilities. Overall, AVS Audio Editor is capable of effortlessly refining audio projects.

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