6 Animation Makers You Should Use to Create Animated Videos at Ease

May 25, 2023Ashley Mae

Animation is integral to creating a realistic design that creates a comforting illusion of an object moving into the world. Despite the design's advantageous animation, creating one is challenging because only some makers support creating impressive animations. Want to experiment with it? In this blog post, we will showcase different approaches you can work on to create impressive animatography on your computer and mobile phone. If you want to start early, read the information below as we list the top animation makers you can use.

Best Animation Maker

Part 1. What is Animation - Descriptions & Types of It

Animation creates an optical illusion of moving objects, images, and figures. The animation process can only be achieved when two or more adjacent objects are positioned at high-speed motion. Since our eyes can only perceive 1/10 of a second, our brain translates a sequence of fast images as moving instead of individually.

In the early days of animation, artists drew animes to use animation on an object known as cellular sheets (these are the sheets made from synthetic plastic in 1860 and 1870) before they photographed it, like what you can get from the early cartoons available. Because of this approach, the animation in our current culture improves as we use CGI instead of the old version way.

So to make the animation looks smoother, the frame rate is essential. Different frame rates depend on the set value inputted. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the animation will be, but if the creator sets a low frame rate, it will appear choppy when played.

Types of Animation Description Sample Movies Frame Rate
Traditional Animation It is a hand-drawn animation that creates a sequence of drawings that are photographed or scanned in a sequence that creates the illusion of movement. Disney’s Snow White & The Seven Drawfs, The Lion King, and the first-ever colorized The Little Mermaid 24 Frame Rate per second
Rotoscoping is tracing footage frame-by-frame footage in creating live-action animation. Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, and Undone 12 - 24 Frame Rate per second
Anime A Japanese art style that focuses on vibrant colors and dramatic storylines. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece 24-30 Frame Rate per second
Cutout Animation It is a unique style of animation that uses a cutout from paper, cardboard, and other materials, then photographed individually and compiled to create the movement, also known as puppet animation. The Adventure of Prince Achmed, South Park, & Wallace and Gromit 12 - 24 Frame Rate per second
3D Animation Computer-generated animation that implements a 3D- model and environment that can be manipulated to move via computers. Toy Story, Shrek, and Avatar 24 - 60 Frame Rate per second
Stop Motion It is used to physically manipulate the object or puppets and then take photos of each to make an illusion of movement when compiled. Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, & Isle of Dogs 12 - 30 Frame Rate per second
Motion Graphics Animation that can be applied to convey information or data visually compelling to the audiences. Infographic videos, animated logos, and explainer videos. 30 - 60 Frame Rate per second

Now that we know animation and its type, the following information will include only the best animation video creator you can use to create an outstanding and visually compelling animation to impress audiences. Read the review we did on each tool to provide credible information.

Part 2. Animation Software You Can Use to Create Animated Videos Easily

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the best animation software to create a compelling animation on your desktop. This tool adds visually appealing pre-made animation inside the MV feature. You can start creating a video with motion graphics for any occasion, such as birthdays or weddings, and even for promotion, you can create it here. You can quickly transform the video you have shot into a 3D one. If you have compiled images and want to turn them into an animated GIF, then you can use the GIF maker of the app supported on the Toolbox. This app offers more things, and if you want to explore the others, you can click the download button below and install the app on your end.

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2. Animaker


Animaker can be our 3D animation maker to create amazing explainer videos, whiteboard animation, and video animation-related content. The web tool supports the drag and drop feature, which means you can easily pick up your files from your computer and drag it here to be uploaded easily. Like the previous one, this app supports a wide range of templates you can use freely. However, some selections must be paid for because they were only available on the premium version. For users who want to enjoy this app without limitation, you can purchase it now. But if you want a cheaper maker with almost the same functionality, download the first one.

3. Renderforest.com


If the first one in this article is downloadable, Renderforest.com is not. This app is a free animation software you can access on any web browser like Animaker. You can create animated logos, promotional videos, and other animation content from its massive library templates here. Here, you can be as creative as you want by adding music and sound effects to the animation you want to create. Despite its support, the free version is minimal, and it can not export high-resolution videos, meaning users need to pay for a subscription to access all features.

Part 3. Animation Apps You Can Download on Your Android & iOS

1. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is an iOS-based 3D animation app you can download for free. This is the perfect application for creating an animated movie with stop-motion animation. With its intuitive UI, you would not need an expert touch to create an animated film. Viewing the overlaid frame on each is easier to preview, and you can correct it quickly if it is wrong. It has the best timeline for the frame, which means even if you have created a bunch of frames, you can easily copy, paste, and change the position whenever you like. Though the app offers an All Feature Forever plan, the price of it is not high compared to its competitors.

2. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video gives Android users the power to manipulate animation videos on their phones. Here, users have the power to doodle and start animation quickly, even though they do not have the expertise to do it. You can save the final output in video format or animated GIF. In addition, the app offers a bunch of animated stickers, animation timelines, sketching tools, multi layers for complex animation, and many more. Even though the app highlighted the potential of becoming the best, the app and advanced features do not support some Android devices that are paid for.

4. Toontastic


Lastly, Toontastic is a fantastic animation maker you can download on Android. This app allows the users to move the characters onscreen, tell stories, and add a voice-over to the animation they create. Here, you can access or add animated characters such as pirates, robots, villains, and many more, and you can even design your 3D character by drawing it here. The app has been unavailable on iOS devices since Google purchased it. This is the best pick if you want to experience creating an animated movie for kids.

Part 4. FAQs about the Animation Maker

How to add voice-over to animated videos?

You can record the audio first using your built-in recorder or with the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder- Audio Recorder function to record audio. After that, you can use the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to add voiceover to the animated video you have created.

Is creating 3D animation difficult?

Depending on the complexity you want to add to the 3D animation you are creating, with the help of 3D animation software, you can now build the 3D animation character and film you want.

What is the highest-gross animated movie of all time?

Frozen II is the highest of all time, and next to it is Frozen, the first version of the number one highest-gross animated film. The third is Incredibles 2, released in 2018, and next to it is the new Super Mario Bros. Movie.


Enjoy creating the animated video you want using the animated maker we have included in this article. Share your thoughts about this review to enlighten us and future readers of this article. If this article helps you, rate this five stars and share it with others.

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