Canva Slideshow: How to Create a Slideshow with Built-in Templates and Audio Tracks

September 05, 2023Ashley Mae

Canva is a designing platform that comes with various online tools and offline apps. You can do more beyong simply editing videos and audio files. When it comes to boosting your product or promote your services, a slideshow is one of the top choices. For those who are still in the beginners phase exploring Canva, it’s worth noted that Canva Slideshow Maker is as powerful and creative as mnay other tools on the platform. To dive deeper in this magical slidershow maker, quickly walk yourself through the following guide and see what templates or unique features does Canva offer when making slideshows.

Canva Slideshow

Part 1. Canva Slideshow: A Brief Introduction

Canva is generally known as a video editing tool. However, it offers more than one editing tool, as it has a separate app on smartphones for videos, websites, documents, presentations, and so on. The online tool provides more specific functions for presentation, including a 16:9 maker, mobile, game, and brainstorming presentation. Moreover, it has the Free Slideshow Maker, where you can customize the clips before publishing them. Users can use the free stock videos and add music to the slideshow, along with premium images and audio tracks.

Canva offers most of its tools for free, but it will limit you from using unique features unless you subscribe to one of its monthly plans. After the free trial version, Pro starts at $5.28 monthly, while you can maximize the tool for a year at $43.97. Take note that subscribing to Canva means all tools are accessible for unlimited video editing.

Part 2. How to Make a Slideshow on Canva

The Free Slideshow Maker is accessible online on any device, making it also convenient for smartphone editing. Meanwhile, you can also download the app from Google Play Store and App Store. For this, you are about to learn how to use the Canva slideshow tool on the web browser.

Step 1:
Search for Canva Free Slideshow Maker and click the Make a Slideshow button to proceed to the edit window. Click the Upload Files button from the left panel or choose a source to import from Facebook, Google Drive, etc.
Canva Add
Step 2:
Once you have uploaded all the files, head to the Design section to choose a theme preset or add stickers, shapes, and frames from the Elements menu. Aside from the built-in audio tracks, you can upload your own music background by recording or clicking the Upload Files button.
Slideshow Edit
Step 3:
Add transitions between every image or draw using the drawing tools. Preview by clicking the Play button. After that, click the Share button from the upper right corner and add the people you want to access the slideshow. Alternatively, click the Copy Link button to share the URL to social media.
Slideshow Share

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Canva Slideshow

Canva is hugely popular among many users, and most of the reviews left the platform’s positive sides. However, any tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can use them to see the potential performance and output quality. Let’s get started.


  • Beginner-friendly interface with only a few clicks needed to create visuals.
  • It does not require professional skills to navigate and edit videos/images.
  • Provide thousands of stock videos, audio tracks, templates, and images.
  • Affordable monthly pricing for Pro and Teams.
  • Templates are customizable with altering algorithms.
  • Allow other users to collaborate and share ideas on the platform.


  • Unmatched color, alignment, and result.
  • Automatically delete raw files after download.
  • Own the intellectual property of every user’s edit.
  • Restrict almost all professional editing elements.
  • Embed a Canva watermark in the free design.

Part 4. Alternative to Canva Slideshow

Canva is a good choice for quick slideshow making, but it can waste your time if it does not come out as you want. So, it is better to use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on Windows and Mac. It is an all-in-one tool that comes with MV Maker for slideshow making. It offers various themes, including Christmas celebrations, graduation, and more. The best part is it allows you to upload any video type and convert them automatically to one format without compromising the quality. It is truly an amazing Canva Slideshow alternative for better results.

Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

  • Unlimited upload of photos and videos for slideshow making.
  • Edit output format, resolution, quality, and frame rate at 60FPS.
  • Flexible aspect ratio edits to match Instagram (1:1) and Cinema standards.
  • Offer high-quality conversion, compression, and enhancement for any media type.
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Step 1:
Click the Free Download button to download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Once completely installed on your computer, launch the app and open the MV Maker from the top menu. Import a photo or video from the bottom timeline. Do it again for more uploads.
Aiseesoft Add
Step 2:
Select a theme for the slideshow and proceed to edit the overall clip. For an individual edit, hover your cursor over one uploaded file and click the Edit (star wand) button. Change the aspect ratio, rotate, crop, or apply effects and filters as needed. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.
Aiseesoft Edit
Step 3:
Open the Export menu from the left panel and configure the output settings. Set the new format, resolution, quality, and so on. From the Save to Menu, select the location for the slideshow. Then, click the Start Export button to process and save the video.
Aiseesoft Export

Part 5. FAQs about Canva Slideshow

How to do a slide presentation on Canva?

Choose the Presentation option from Canva’s tools. Upload files to the interface and choose a template for presentation design. You can customize the slide presentation by adding colors, fonts, and other details. Upload to social media or click the Present button to record.

Is Canva good for making slides?

Yes. Aside from being a free tool, Canva also gives decent features with excellent results. The only drawback is the restricted tools that are only accessible when you purchase a plan.

How do I make a slideshow of pictures?

You can easily upload multiple images on Canva. It will also provide several options, such as filters, transitions, text, and animations. Furthermore, you can use the drawing tools to add illustrations and drawings to the uploaded photos.

Can I use PowerPoint as a Canva slideshow alternative?

Yes. You can turn a whole presentation into a slideshow. PopwerPoint provides advanced settings to set up the slideshow, including loop, narration, etc. Aside from these, you can record the presentation with captions and narrations.

How to add music to Canva slideshow?

After uploading images or videos, change the Upload menu to the Audio section. Drop and drag a music file to the left part of the interface. Once it is loaded, drag the song below the slideshow at the bottom part of the timeline. Make adjustments and save the slideshow.


For beginners, Canva is a great tool, and it truly gives many features for video editing. It has its advantages and disadvantages, which can affect the overall user experience. With the above detailed guide on how to make create a slideshow on Canva, you will surely get the hang of it. However, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate can give better performance and results on Windows and macOS. Click the Download button to try professional video editing.

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