Complete Guide to Instagram Video Sizes & Cropping Techniques

December 19, 2023Ashley Mae

This Instagram video size guide is vital for navigating every platform aspect. We'll break down video sizes, aspect ratios, and cropping techniques specifically designed for Instagram's various features. We'll provide the expertise you need to make your content stand out, from creating riveting Stories and engaging live broadcasts to attractive video posts and reels. Understanding Instagram's video sizes is essential for engaging your audience, whether you're a business owner, influencer, or individual user. Explore this guide to maximize the impact of video content and make a lasting impression in the ever-changing Instagram community.

Instagram Video Size

Part 1. Instagram Video Dimensions for Feed Posts, Reels, Stories, and Live Content

Selecting the appropriate dimensions for Instagram videos ensures your content looks its best on the platform. To maintain optimal quality, Instagram has specific recommendations for video file sizes. Videos up to 10 minutes should be at most 650MB in file size. Each type of Instagram video content may benefit from different dimensions. Matching your video's format to the content category for the best results is essential. Read below for more specified info.

Instagram Feed Posts

For Instagram feed posts, video dimensions offer versatility. The recommended dimensions were 1080 × 1080 pixels on landscape videos and 1080 × 1350 pixels on portrait videos. Vertical videos can also work well with dimensions like 1080 × 1080 or 1080 × 1350 pixels. The maximum file size permitted is 4 GB. These options cater to different content styles, ensuring your feed videos appear visually appealing and engaging while allowing creative freedom in presenting your content on Instagram.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reel size dimensions adhere to these specifications: Videos should have dimensions of 1080 × 1920 pixels for full-screen and the feed. The reel cover photo should be 420 × 654 pixels. Ensure that your video file size does not exceed 4 GB.

Instagram Stories

Make Instagram Stories and Live videos with a 1080 × 1920 pixels resolution to ensure they display correctly. For seamless downloading and playback, keep the file size around 4GB.

Instagram Live Content

Similar to Stories, Instagram Live video dimensions have a standard 1080 × 1920 pixel size. You don't have to worry about sizing before going live, which is one of its beauties. The Instagram app automatically adjusts your video to ensure that it fits precisely. This makes live engagement straightforward while allowing you to concentrate on interacting with your audience.

Part 2.Instagram Video Aspect Ratios for Posts, Reels, Stories, and Live Streams

Aspect ratios like 1:1 as well as 9:16 shape Instagram videos. Using the correct ratio for different formats, such as feed posts, Reels, Stories, and live videos, is crucial to avoid cropping issues. Our guide provides recommended ratios, helping you create visually appealing content that connects with your Instagram audience.

Instagram Feed Post

Instagram Reels

Instagram Stories

Instagram Live Videos

Part 3. 2 Effective Instagram Video Cropping Techniques You Should Use

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

The popular video conversion program Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate has several capabilities, including the capacity to crop and compress videos. Videos can be cropped to exclude undesirable portions, alter aspect ratios, or draw attention to a particular region. Therefore, it can help you trim videos to meet the specific Instagram video size requirements, ensuring your videos fit seamlessly on the platform. To learn how to crop IG reel size using Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is as follows:

Step 1.
If you have yet to do so, download and set up the program first. Launch the software after that.
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Step 2.
Locate the Video Cropper tool in the Toolbar section, then click it to initiate the video cropping process.
Toolbar Video Cropper
Step 3.
Next, choose the video you want to crop by clicking the + icon in the middle of your screen.
Add Video
Step 4.
You can automatically crop your video because A frame surrounds the preview. Click and drag the frame's corners or edges to change the crop area. You can also manually input values for the crop dimensions in the available fields.
Input Features
Step 5.
Lastly, click the Export button to complete the process. The video will then be saved right away to your device.
Export Crop

2. Vid.Fun

For editing your videos, try Vid. Fun, an easy-to-use program. Thanks to its simplified video cropping feature, you may quickly change your video's aspect ratio for Instagram postings. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to set up your videos quickly and conveniently, guaranteeing that they will enhance video for your Instagram account posting.

Step 1.
Download the Vid.Fun app for free from the Google Play store or any other source, and install it on your smartphone.
Step 2.
You may see many video editing options when you launch the software you just installed; select the Crop button. Next, tap Yes after choosing the video you wish to be cropped from your device.
Vid.Fun Crop Button
Step 3.
You will see suggested aspect ratios for social media platforms, like YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Apple, at the bottom of your screen, but it is up to you. You can manually crop according to your preferred aspect ratio and dimension. To change the cropping frame's size, drag it.
Drag Frame Image
Step 4.
To preview your work, click the play button beneath the modified video. Then, select Export from the top-right corner of your device. Lastly, once it has been exported, you are done.
Export Done

Part 4. FAQs About Instagram Video Size

What in particular is Instagram's 16: 9 video?

Instagram suggests a post ratio of 1.91:1, but 16:9 is also acceptable. To maintain image quality during compression, ensure a minimum height of 1080 pixels for horizontal photos. This guarantees that your content appears sharp and visually pleasing when shared on the platform, whether you adhere to Instagram's suggested ratio or opt for the more common 16:9 format.

What is the maximum aspect ratio for Instagram videos?

All Instagram video content dimensions, including standard videos, Stories, Reels, and Carousel videos, are 1080 × 1920 pixels. This yields a 9:16 aspect ratio, which is perfect for vertical viewing. The aspect ratio changes to 16:9 in landscape mode, the standard widescreen format for horizontal videos. Therefore, you must consider these factors while editing your videos for Instagram.

Are Instagram reels in 1080p or 4K?

Instagram Reels supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, so the platform will automatically downscale higher-quality videos like 4K. To maintain the best video quality, it's advisable to upload content in 1080p HD resolution.

Why do my videos on Instagram change in size?

Instagram adjusts video sizes based on their resolution. Lower-resolution videos are enlarged to a width of 320 pixels, while higher-resolution ones are scaled down to a width of 1080 pixels for consistent display.

What is the layout of an Instagram post?

Your Instagram grid layout organizes your posts, forming a cohesive visual on your profile. Specific arrangements can create engaging patterns that capture attention as users scroll through your feed.


To assist you in creating content that captivates, engages, and resonates, we have explored the complexities of Instagram video dimensions, aspect ratios, and cropping methods. Using the power of illustration is vital in the constantly changing environment of social media. Remember that accuracy in resizing video, and originality is your brush as you navigate Instagram's dynamic environment. Becoming an expert in these areas can shape your Instagram presence and leave a lasting impact. So, create with accuracy and confidence, and let Instagram showcase your visual talent.

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