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Best video cropper to crop video in Windows/Mac

➤ Crop video in the aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3, and original. ➤ Customize the cropping area and position with mouse. ➤ Zoom modes support (letterbox, pan & scan, full and medium).➤ Trim, merge, watermark, enhance video quality, etc.
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2. How to Edit Videos on iPhone
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10+ Video Croppers to Resize Video on iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac

Want to free crop video but don't know which video cropper tool you should use?

In many cases, you will have the need to crop video to get rid of the unnecessary information or remove the black bars from sides. Before choosing a great video cropper, you need to think about where you like to do the cropping work first, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device?

You will need different tools to crop videos based on different platforms. Considering that, more and more users get used to shooting, editing and posting videos on their iOS/Android phones. So there will be a big demand for the video cropper app for iPhone and Android.

This post will list best video croppers to help you crop videos in Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. You can directly go to the specific part to get a suitable video cropper.

Crop Video

Part 1. How to Crop Videos with 2 Video Cropper Software (on Windows and Mac)

Comparing with other devices, editing media files on computer is much easier. The bigger screen will convenient the video cropping. What's more, there are more editing features are designed in desktop software.

1. Zoom Video with Video Converter Ultimate on Windows & Mac
2. Crop Video with iMovie on Mac

1. Zoom Video with Video Converter Ultimate on Windows & Mac

Now the first part will introduce the best video editor, Video Converter Ultimate.

It carries many frequently-used editing functions like crop, clip, rotate, adjust video effects, enhance quality, add watermark, convert 2D to 3D, convert video/audio format and more. It lets you crop video at customized or ready-made ratio for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can take the following guide to crop video in Windows 10/8/7/XP PC or Mac.

Step 1 Download video cropper

First, you need to free download and install this powerful video cropping software on your computer. It enables you to crop video in Windows and Mac. Ensure you download the right version. After that, launch this video editor.

Step 2 Add video

Click "Add File" button to import the video you want to crop. Here you are allowed to one or more files at a time. Then you can see the loaded videos are listed in the interface.

Add Files

Step 3 Crop video

As we mentioned above, many editing features are designed in this video editor. Click Edit to enter the editing window. Here you can handily edit videos according to your need. Click Crop and you can crop video as you like.

Crop Video in Window Mac

Note: You can move mouse cursor to a box on the frame around the video, and drag the frame to crop video. You can also choose specific cropping option like "Crop Area Size", "Position of Crop Area", "Zoom Mode" and more.

Step 4 Export cropped video

After cropping, you can adjust image/sound effects, enhance video quality, add your personal watermark and so on. Click "Profile" to choose a suitable output format for the cropped video. Then click "Convert" button to export the cropped video to your computer.

Export Cropped Video

2. Crop Video with iMovie on Mac

Another video cropper for computer is iMovie, which is the built-in video editor for Mac users.

Offering the most common video editing features, video cropping is one of the features provided by iMovie.

How to cut out parts of a video in iMovie?

Check the steps below:

Step 1 Open your iMovie project, drop the video clip you want to crop into the timeline.

Step 2 Click the Cropping button above the preview window, then you'll see three styles to crop videos, Fit, Crop to Fill and Ken Burns. Here we need to choose "Crop to Fill", and then an adjustable frame will show on top of the clip in the viewer.

Step 3 Move and resize the frame to remove unwanted edges, then click "Apply" button, and you could preview the cropped video clips in iMovie.

Crop Video with iMovie on Mac

Note: When you crop a video clip in the timeline, the frame is constrained to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Surely, if there are already a VLC Player installed on your computer, you can use VLC to crop video.

Part 2. How to Crop Videos with Top 6 Apps (on iPhone)

How to crop video on iPhone? Here I present some free video croppers that will allow you to easily crop/cut/trim videos on iPhone. Read on and pick the one you like.

1. Top 6 Video Cropping Apps for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, etc.
2. How to Crop Video on iPhone

1. Top 6 Video Cropping Apps for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, etc.

Video Crop Icon#1. Video Crop

Video Crop is a very popular video crop app which can help you remove useless parts from a video. This free video cropper allows you to edit video with flexibility in adjusting all video parameters.

It is dedicated to cropping black bars from black bars from the sides or remove background that doesn't contribute anything to the finished product. Cropping video with 'Video Crop' is very easy. Just add your video to the app, specify the area you want to crop, and save the finished product.

Video Crop App

VideoFX Music Video Maker #2. Crop Video Square FREE

Crop Video Square is the standard video crop app that must have on every iPhone and iPad. With gorgeous and easy-to-use UI, Crop Video Square gives you an incredibly quick way to crop video or photo to square, adjust video position, resize, rotate and fill background with colors. Crop Video Square aims to crop just the beautiful and important part, cut the rest off, and make your video stand out from the crowd.

Crop Video Square App

Crop Video Icon #3. Crop Video

Crop Video is an easy video cropping application that allows you to crop videos most conveniently and in seconds, it offers a unique "Crop" function to crop a video to select only the most beautiful part, and cut the unwanted part off. After cropped, the output videos are saved with high quality in the private folder by default. It can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo and Email.

Crop Video App

Trim Video Icon #4. Trim Video

Trim Video is a multi-functional video editing app for iPhone. It provides the most commonly-used features for you to get the best out of your video. Specifically, you can trim and cut videos, make your videos the perfect length for Instagram, crop video and get unwanted parts with just a few finger tap. Trim Video is very friendly to social media, so that you can share cropped videos freely.

Trim Video App

Trim Video Icon #5. Video Crop Pro

Video Crop Pro is the most powerful yet very easy to use video crop app, which makes you crop video as easy as crop photo. With Video Crop Pro, you can crop video and trim your favorite piece from a video, create square video from Instagram with full content, change aspect of videos with 306 degrees rotate.

Video Crop Pro App

Crop Videos Icon #6. Crop Videos

Crop Videos is very precise in its video- cropping functionalities which will definitely work to your advantage. Zoom in and crop to your favorite aspect ratio. Perfect your shot by centering it in a square to share on Instagram. Or crop an entire video to a 4:3 aspect ratio that's great for watching full screen on the iPad. Plus, with the included video editing app extension, you can edit your videos right within the Photos app, and even undo or make changes to your crops.

Crop Videos App

2. How to Crop Video on iPhone

Most of the video croppers on iPhone work similarly and here take Crop Video Square FREE, as the example to show you how to resize the video on iPhone.

Step 1 Free download this app from your App Store on iPhone, install and run Crop Video Square FREE.

Step 2 Click "Import" to load your video from Camera Roll

Step 3 Pinch your fingers to zoom in or zoom out, and you are able to drag to adjust your video position.

Step 4 Click "Save" to save the cropped video to your Camera Roll or share it in Instagram directly.

Note: Reset button will drag your cropped video but messed up to original state.

Crop Video on iPhone

Part 3. How to Zoom a Video with Best 3 Video Croppers (on Android)

If you are an Android user and prefer to crop video on Android, you should pay more attention to this part. Relatively speaking, you can choose to crop videos on Windows or Mac, and then transfer the cropped videos to your Android phone. But if you still want to edit videos on portable device, you can check the video cropper apps below.

1. Top 3 APKs to Crop a Video on Android
2. How to Crop a Video on Android

1. Top 3 APKs to Crop a Video on Android

Trim Crop Video Icon #1. Crop & Trim Video

Crop & Trim Video helps you to crop and trim video and remove unwanted parts on your Android phone. Moreover, you are allowed to adjust video colors like in Photoshop, remove annoying watermark, and more.

Crop & Trim Video can work as a powerful video cropper and editor to help you custom video size, trim video, blur video, and more. You can easily crop, trim and blur video for Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Musically.

Trim Crop Video

YouCut Icon #2. YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker

YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker is one of the best Video Editor and Cropper/Trimmer apps for YouTube and other social media. Compared with other Android video cropper, it can offer many more editing features. For instance, it has the capability to clip video and merge several clips together, speed up or slow down video, create slideshow, add music to video and more.

As a free video cropper and editor, YouCut won't add any watermark or other thing to the output video. What's more, you won't see any annoying ads while the video editing process. You can handily crop video on Android. It can help you crop video in any aspect ratios like 1:1, 16:9, and 3:2, and so on. YouCut is also a great video compressor and converter.


Wonder Video Editor Icon #3. Wonder Video Editor - Video Star

Wonder Video Editor is a professional video editor app which enables you to crop video on your Android device. It can help you make a slideshow with photos and music with ease. What's more, it is able to clip video, add audio to video, add video filters and movie effects, and so on.

Wonder Video Editor can crop video in 1:1, 4:5, 16:9 or 9:16 for social apps. It also allows you to share full-size video on Instagram without any video cropping. It provides you with 6 well-designed video styles to edit videos.

Wonder Video Editor

2. How to Crop a Video on Android

Again, let's take one of the video cropper apps, Crop & Trim Video as the example, to show the steps of cropping videos on Android phone.

Step 1 Download this APK from Google Play, install and open it.

Step 2 After adding the video from Camera Roll, hit "Crop" to set Crop mode like custom, portrait, square, landscape, ratio, dimension, etc.

Step 3 Preview and share video on Android phone directly.

Crop a Video on Android

Very easy, just like resize a photo, right?

Part 4. How to Free Crop Videos on Computer with 3 Tools (Online)

When you search for the solutions of how to crop video on the internet, you can see many online video cropper tools are recommended. If you are about to crop a small-size video, you can choose free online video cropper. We list 5 great free online video cropping sites for you to choose from.

1. Top 3 Video Cropping Utilities Online for Computer
2. How to Crop Videos Online

1. Top 3 Video Cropping Utilities Online for Computer

#1. EZGIF Online Video Crop Tool

EZGIF Online Video Crop Tool is a very popular online crop tool for videos. It enables you to crop videos in MP4, AVI or WebM and remove unnecessary parts from the video with ease. You are allowed to use graphical crop tool to select part you want to crop out over video. One thing you should know that, it will take really long time to complete the uploading process. Moreover, not all videos will be displayed after loading. You can choose aspect ration, output format and encoding and more.

EZGIF Online Video Crop Tool

#2. Video Crop

Video Crop is a simple and easy-to-use online video cropping tool. Just upload your video and you can easily crop video and remove black edge online. Comparing with the first free video crop, this tool can offer a relatively faster uploading speed. When you free crop video online, you are required to keep in a certain proportion.

Video Crop

#3. Kapwing Crop Video

Kapwing Crop Video is another simple online video cropper. Besides cropping videos on your local computer, it also enables you to crop online videos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can directly paste its URL. It offers some quick settings to resize video.

Kapwing Crop Video

2. How to Crop Videos Online

EZGIF, for example, we will take to show how to crop videos on computer online.

Step 1 Go to, select the video you want to crop from your local computer, and click "Upload video!" to add the video online.

Step 2 After the successful video upload, you can preview the video. Set the cropping area by dragging your mouse, or you could input the value.

Here, it also gives you the option to select the aspect ratio, and output format and encoding.

Step 3 After all settings have been done, just click "Crop video!"

Then you are left to edit the video further or "save" it to your computer.

Crop Videos Online


In this article, we have mainly gave you introductions of the best video crop apps to help you crop videos on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android phone. You are recommended to crop videos on your computer with Video Converter Ultimate.

Still have more questions about crop video? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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