Mac Password Manager – 5 Best iCloud Keychain Alternatives to Guard Your Passwords

August 19, 2022Ashley Mae

Is there a password manager on Mac that can guard all your password across all platforms? Sure, there is. Instead of using the built-in iCloud Keychain to store all your account and passwords on Mac, you all need a more powerful Mac password manager that can protect password security on all browsers and devices not only just for Safari and Apple devices. Hence, this article brings you the 5 best password managers for Mac that help you store all the different passwords across platforms and enhance safety.

Mac Password Manager

Part 1: 5 Best Password Manager for Mac

If you are looking for a Mac password manager that can guard your passwords on Mac and other platforms like Android phone, these best iCloud Keychain alternatives can satisfy your needs the most. Whether you want a higher level of security or cross-platform compatibility, you can find the desired features among the 5 best password managers for Mac below.

1. 1Password

1Password is a well-around password manager on Mac that can store passwords and fill in login information automatically. You can also use the 1Password extension on your browser to protect your password safety. Meanwhile, you will get increased security with two-factor authentication.

1Password Mac Password Manager

Main features:

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is a well-known password manager for Mac with advanced features and a set of useful tools. This password manager also analysis your current passwords, rate your passwords security, and perform other significant password management. Since the manager recently transfer to a web-based app, it becomes easier to use now.

Dashlane Mac Passowrd Manager

Main features:

3. Keeper

Keeper, as the name shows, keeps all your passwords securely and is regarded as the safest Mac password manager on the market. You can rely on this manager since the application guarantees that your master passwords will not be decrypted.

Keeper Password Manager for Mac

Main features:

4. RoboForm

RoboForm has an enhanced form-filling functionality compared with other password managers for Mac. Besides, this manager has a unique feature of bookmark. With this feature, you can save bookmarks across browsers and platforms with RoboForm's browser extensions. Meanwhile, you can also enhance your old weak password after importing them into this program.

Roboform Mac Password Manager

Main features:

5. Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager

iPhone Password Manager is one of the best password managers on Mac. Unlike iCloud Keychain who can only work for Safari and is limited to iOS devices, this password manager for Mac can guard all your password safely on Chrome, FireFox, or any other browsers. Besides, if you have an Android phone or Windows computer, you can also use this password manager to access your Apple passwords on other devices.

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Connect Device to Computer

Main features:

Part 2: Comparison of Mac Password Manager

Compatibility Emergency Access Dark Web Monitor Added Features
1Passowrd Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android YES YES Travel mode, virtual payment cards
Dashlane Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android YES YES Automatic password changer
Keeper Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android YES YES Encrypted messaging
RoboForm Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android YES NO Bookmark saving and sharing
iPhone Password Manager Windows, MacOS, iOS YES NO Export passcode and restore passwords to devices

From the chart, you can see that these 5 best Mac password managers not only compatible with just one operating system but other common ones. Additionally, the added features of these managers differ them from each other and offer you a new perspective to view. You may choose a most suitable password manager for Mac after comparison.

Part 3: FAQs about Mac Password Manager

Is Apple's Keychain password manager on Mac good enough?

If you only use Apple devices and Safari as your only browser, then this keychain function can work perfectly for you. But, once you switch to other devices or browser, this password manager for Mac becomes insufficient in functionality since it cannot store passwords across platforms.

Where is the Password Manager on Mac?

To find, change, or delete passwords saved by your iCloud keychain on Mac, you need to click Apple icon on the menu bar and choose System Preference, then click Passwords. Next, sign in with Touch ID, or enter your account password. Select a website and click Edit to change or update. You may also click Delete Password to erase.

Why there is no Mac Password Manager in System Preference?

The reason why you cannot see Password Manager in System Preference is not clear. But if you want to check your passwords and do not find the Manager on Mac, you can open Safari. Then, click Preferences and Passwords on the menu. Sign in and you can see passwords and edit.


To wrap up, you have learned 5 best password managers for Mac and their main features. These managers can also be your best alternatives to the default functionality of iCloud Keychain. With more advanced and powerful features, these password managers on Mac can offer you greater choices to guard all the passwords across platforms as well as other essential login information.

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