MacKeeper Reviews - Is MacKeeper Safe and Good for Your Mac

January 28, 2022Ashley Mae

Is MacKeeper safe for Mac? Can MacKeeper be trusted?

When you search for the best Mac cleaner or antivirus software, you may easily get the MacKeeper recommendation. However, with so many Mac cleaning, optimizing, and protecting programs offered on the market, you need detailed reviews to decide if you want to install MacKeeper on your Mac.

This post gives you detailed MacKeeper reviews. You can learn its key features, pros, cons, and other information. Moreover, we introduce you to a great MacKeeper alternative as another Mac cleaner and protector option.

MacKeeper Reviews

Part 1. MacKeeper Reviews - Pros and Cons of MacKeeper

MacKeeper offers high-quality services on data cleaning, privacy protection, security, and performance. It is specifically created for Mac devices. MacKeeper provides users a simple way to protect Mac from various adware, malware, and viruses. It is able to automatically detect malware and spyware on Mac. As an all-in-one program, MacKeeper also enables you to clean junk files, blocks ads, and protect your personal information.

Is MacKeeper free?

MacKeeper offers a free download and free-trial service. But it is not a free program. You need to pay about $5 for one month one Mac, or $60 for one year one Mac. For a one-month plan, you need to pay $10.95.

MacKeeper Plans

Is MacKeeper safe and trusted for Mac?

Yes, you can use MacKeeper safely on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or another Apple device. Even though you can see many articles and forum posts that call MacKeeper malicious and not safe to use, you don't need to worry about the current version.

However, we have to explain that, after you install MacKeeper on your Mac, you will easily see web ads and other shady tactics to guide you install its other apps. When you choose to uninstall MacKeeper, you may free hard to remove all its associated files and folders.

Where to download MacKeeper free?

As mentioned above, MacKeeper offers a free download service. You can go to the official site of MacKeeper, click on the Download button, and then follow the on-screen instructions to free install it on your Mac.

MacKeeper Free Download

What are the differences between MacKeeper Free and Full?

MacKeeper Free version only allows you to run malware scans and use real-time antivirus protection for one month. After that, you need to upgrade to the paid Full version.

MacKeeper Free version only removes Mac junk files, plugins, widgets, and other useless data once. Moreover, it can only clean memory-draining resources on Mac once.

There are also some other feature limits to the free version. You can check the differences through the picture below.

MacKeeper Free And MacKeeper Full

MacKeeper pros and cons

MacKeeper carries many data cleaning, security, privacy, and performance features. It claims to combine 17 performance tune-up apps in one, such as Adware Cleaner, Antivirus, Update Tracker, StopAd, Private Connect, ID Theft Guard, Smart Uninstaller, and more.

The paid MacKeeper version allows users to browse anonymously through its VPN. Moreover, it can monitor email addresses for password leaks.

According to MacKeeper, you can have 17 essential apps to clean your Mac clean. But you don't actually need all of these. You can find many free alternatives. Moreover, MacKeeper doesn't offer protection against malicious or fraudulent URLs.

Part 2. Best MacKeeper Alternative to Manage Mac Storage

Mac Cleaner can be a great alternative to MacKeeper. You can free install and use it to manage Mac storage, clean unwanted data, uninstall apps and their leftovers, remove virus, adware, malware, and fix various macOS system issues.

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner - Free Up Mac Storage

  • Monitor and optimize Mac status like disk utilization, battery, memory, and CPU.
  • Free up storage on Mac, uninstall unused apps, and manage Mac data.
  • Delete large & old files, junk files, caches, and other unwanted data to speed up Mac.
  • Remove viruses, adware, malware, and others to make Mac run safe and healthy.
Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

After you free install and launch this Mac Cleaner, you can click on Status to check the current status of your Mac, such as CPU, Memory, and Disk. It allows you to check Mac system performance and keep it in a good state.

Click Status

Mac Cleaner gives you a convenient way to quickly find and delete system junk, trash bin, iTunes junk, iPhoto junk, large and old files, duplicates, and others. With its Cleaner feature, you can easily free up Mac space and optimize Mac.

Click System Junk

With this MacKeeper alternative, you can also uninstall unwanted apps, optimize Mac performance, speed up Mac in real-time, check the battery status, clean cookies and logs to better protect privacy, hide files and set password, and more. You can access more useful tools in Toolkit.

Use Toolkit

Mac Cleaner can work well on all Mac models. You can use it on any MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac. All macOS versions are supported.

Part 3. FAQs of MacKeeper

1. How to uninstall MacKeeper on Mac?

First, you should close the MacKeeper application. Go to the application folder, find the MacKeeper and then drag it to the Trash. Follow the instructions to confirm the uninstalling. Also, you need to empty Trash. Open Finder on your Mac, click Go menu on the top and then choose Go to Folder. You need to find all files and folders that are related to MacKeeper like Library/Application Support/MacKeeper, and then remove all of them from your Mac.

2. Is MacKeeper approved by Apple?

Yes, Apple has notarized MacKeeper starting from its V4.7.21 version. You can install MacKeeper from App Store and use it safely on Mac.

3. Is MacKeeper necessary for Mac?

No, MacKeeper is not a necessary app for Mac, either for protecting or cleaning. You can easily get many alternatives and macOS built-in features to replace it.


MacKeeper offers services to protect Mac from online security threats, improve Mac performance, and clean up disk space. After reading the MacKeeper reviews, you can know more useful information about it. Then you can easily decide if you want to buy MacKeeper, or not.

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