Mastering Premiere Pro Transition and 10 Best Transitions with Creativity

January 10, 2024Ashley Mae

In this comprehensive review, we'll dive into Premiere Pro transitions, exploring their diversity, functionality, ease of use, and ability to bring a cinematic touch to video editing projects. From basic cuts and fades to more intricate effects like wipes, slides, and intricate motion transitions, Premiere Pro's transition library caters to novice and experienced editors. Additionally, we'll highlight user experiences, discussing the ease of integrating and customizing transitions within the editing workflow and their impact on the video's overall pacing, mood, and storytelling.

Premiere Pro Transition

Part 1. What Is Premiere Pro Transitions & Popular Transitions Available in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro transitions refer to the visual effects applied between two video clips or images to create a seamless connection or change from one scene to another. These transitions are essential tools that enhance a video project's overall flow and continuity, making it visually appealing and engaging to the audience. Adobe Premiere Pro offers a diverse range of transitions that cater to different styles, moods, and editing needs.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Some of the popular transitions available in Premiere Pro include:

1. Cut

The most straightforward and free Premiere Pro transition, where one clip is abruptly replaced by the next, creates a sharp and immediate change.

2. Cross Dissolve

A gradual transition where one clip fades out while the following clip simultaneously fades in, creating a smooth and subtle blend between scenes.

3. Dip to Black/White

The transition involves a gradual fade to black or white between clips, commonly used to indicate a change in time, location, or mood.

4. Wipe

This video transition in Premiere Pro reveals the next scene by wiping across the screen in diagonal, vertical, or horizontal patterns, creating an engaging visual effect.

5. Slide

Like the wipe transition, the slide transition moves one scene offscreen while the next scene slides into view from a particular direction.

6. Zoom

This transition zooms in on a video or out of the first scene while simultaneously revealing the second scene, adding a dynamic effect to the video transition.

7. Iris

The iris transition resembles the opening or closing of a camera iris, where one scene gradually appears or disappears within a shrinking or expanding circle.

8. Blur

Adding transition Premiere Pro like this will blur out the outgoing clip while simultaneously bringing the incoming clip into focus, creating a smooth visual shift.

9. Luma Fade

A transition that uses luminance values to create a fade effect, emphasizing bright or dark areas for a stylish transition.

10. 3D Motion

Advanced transitions are considered the best transitions in Premiere Pro since they involve three-dimensional movements, rotations, flips, or distortions that add a more intricate and dynamic effect to the scene changes.

Part 2. How to Add Transitions to Videos in Premiere Pro [Easy Steps]

How do you add transitions in Premiere Pro? It is a straightforward process that enhances the visual flow between clips. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add transitions:

Step 1.
Open Premiere Pro and import your video clips or images into the project panel. Ensure they are organized as you want them to appear in the timeline. Then, create a new sequence by dragging one of your clips into the timeline. Premiere Pro will automatically create a sequence matching the clip settings.
Import Videos on Premiere Pro
Step 2.
Go to the Effects panel. Under the Video Transitions folder, you'll find a variety of transitions. Drag the desired transition to the timeline, placing it between two clips.
Open Effects Premiere Pro
Step 3.
Click on the edge of the transition in the timeline to adjust its duration. Dragging it to the left shortens the duration while dragging it to the right lengthens it.
Step 4.
With the transition selected in the timeline, go to the Effects Control panel to adjust specific transition settings. Once satisfied with your transitions and overall edit, go to the File menu, select Export, and choose your desired export settings to save the video.
Export Premiere Pro

Part 3. How to Import Transitions in Premiere Pro [Quick Steps]

How do you import transitions in Premiere Pro? Importing transitions into Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to expand your transition library and use custom or third-party transitions in video editing projects. Likewise, you can also extend your font library as well by importing Premiere fonts Here's a guide on how to import transitions into Premiere Pro:

Step 1.
First, obtain the transition presets or files you want to import into Premiere Pro. Open Premiere Pro and go to the Effects panel. You can find it by selecting Window and Effects from the top menu.
Step 2.
If your transitions are in preset format, such as .prfpset files, right-click within the Effects panel and select Import Presets.
Step 3.
After importing the transitions or copying files into the respective folders, it's recommended to restart Premiere Pro to ensure that the program recognizes the new transitions.

Part 4. How to Apply Transitions to Videos Easier than Using Premiere Pro

Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator is a user-friendly software that simplifies the process of quickly adding transitions to videos and creating slideshows. Applying this app's transition is simple yet as effective as the Premiere Pro. Learn how to use this app by reading the steps below.

Step 1.
Get the latest version of the Slideshow Creator by clicking the download button below. Install the package, set it up, and launch the program to start using it.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2.
Click the + button to upload the video or photo you want to add to your slideshow. You can import as many media files as you want here.
Upload Videos and Images
Step 3.
On the right side of the interface, click Transitions. Find the transition you want to use and click the plus button, or you can drag and drop the transition to the + button in the middle of each media file you imported.
Add Animated Transition
Step 4.
Lastly, click the Export button, choose the output video format, and click Export to process it.
Export Video Transition

Part 5. FAQs about Premiere Pro Transitions

How to do transitions in Premiere Pro?

To add transitions in Premiere Pro, import your media, arrange clips on the timeline, choose a transition from the Video Transitions folder in the Effects panel, drag it between clips, and adjust its duration and settings in the Effects Control panel.

Which transition is best in Premiere Pro?

The best transition differs based on context, but popular ones include Cross Dissolve for smooth blending, Cut for quick changes, and Dip to Black/White for subtlety; the choice should fit your storytelling and visual flow.

What are the best effects in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro offers versatile effects like Lumetri Color for grading, Warp Stabilizer for shaky footage, Gaussian Blur for blur effects, Ultra Key for chroma-keying, and Audio Effects for audio enhancement.

Can I customize transitions in Premiere Pro?

Yes, customize transitions in Premiere Pro by adjusting parameters like duration, direction, alignment, and additional effects in the Effects Control panel after applying a transition to the timeline.

How can I create my transitions in Premiere Pro?

Create custom transitions by utilizing keyframing and effects to animate properties between clips, combining clips, effects, and adjustments using masking and layering, and employing Premiere Pro's built-in tools like Effects, Transform settings, and Motion controls for unique transitions.


Where are transitions in Premiere Pro? Transitions within Adobe Premiere Pro serve as indispensable assets for video editors, enhancing visual flow and storytelling. Offering a spectrum from simple cuts to intricate effects, Premiere Pro boasts a diverse range of transitions to cater to various editing needs. Moreover, Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator offers a user-friendly alternative for effortless transition applications, further expanding options for enhancing video content.

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