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July 13, 2023Jenny Ryan

It is already proven that Kernel Video Repair has a powerful feature that you can use to fix any video errors on your favorite video file. But the latest update of the Kernel has a newer look and added features. Version 20.12, the latest version, has a quicker and smoother repair process, enhanced UI, more support of formats, and compatibility. If you want to have the latest review of the said app, then this is an article you will need to read.

Review Kernel Video Repair

Part 1. What Is Kernel Video Repair

Kernel Video Repair is a powerful yet user-friendly software tool that repairs corrupted video files. Regardless of the reason for the damage or corruption, the app employs an advanced algorithm to analyze and fill in the gap in every damaged video. The software supports various formats, ensuring compatibility with your existing video library.

In addition, even if you are not an expert in navigating the repairing process, the software will lead you in fixing it through each step, making it hassle-free. You can use the app to repair corrupted MP4 quickly. After the repair, this app promises that the quality of the video never be changed here. When repairing is completed, no quality or resolution change will happen to your fixed video. Aside from fixing corrupted videos, the app offers other standout features that we have mentioned below.

Part 2. Main Functions of Kernel Video Repair & What are the Supported Formats

Based on the latest Kernel Video Repair review we did, seven standout features are highlighted on the newest version of the app. In the next information, we will discuss these and why they are considered the app's best features.

1. No File Size Limitation

Whenever your video is too big or too small, the application can still fix it instantly. There are no file size limitations whenever you are using it. However, if the video you upload has a large file size, the process will take longer than processing a small video file size.

2. Drag and Drop Feature

Instead of searching the file in the file folder that will appear, you can instantly drag and drop the corrupted or damaged video file into the main interface to upload it.

3. Windows compatibility

The app is supported in all Windows OS versions, including 365 and 11. Given the wide support on Windows, the app does not have a Mac version or mobile version that you can use to enjoy it. But if you are a Windows user, you can enjoy using it to fix broken videos.

4. Batch Repair Support

The app offers batch repair functionality, allowing you to repair multiple corrupted video files simultaneously. This feature is a great addition for those who want to save time and effort, especially those dealing with many corrupted videos.

5. Preview Repaired Videos

This way, you can see if the app successfully repairs the video you have fixed here. It allows everyone to ensure the successful recovery of the video content and verify the overall quality of the repaired version of the video.

6. Supports Different Kinds of Physical Drives

Indeed, it is convenient when an app supports different types of physical drives, and that is what the app wants to offer. The app supports HDD, SDD, NCMe, SATA, and many more.

7. Recover Deleted & Save Recovered Photos

In its license version, Corporate and Tech license, you can recover and repair all the photos and now only videos. It is also a great addition since the app covers this feature, making it an all-out video and photo-repairing tool.

What are the Supported Formats of Kernel Video Repair?

The latest version of the Kernel Video Repair tool supports a bigger video format than before, and it starts from MP4, AVI, MKV, MTS, MOV, WMV, M4V, and many more. It specializes in fixing 4k, 8k, VR, and 360. But if your video is 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p, you can still use this software whenever you encounter a problem with the video file.

Part 3. Tutorial on How to Use Kernel Video Repair

Kernel Video Repair is free to download, and you can now follow the steps mentioned below to learn how this app works.

Step 1.
Download the official version of it on its main website and launch it. After that, drag and drop the video file you want to process. Then add a Reference Video File as the app requires you.
Drag and Drop
Step 2.
When uploading is complete, click Repair Files to start the processing.
Repair Files
Step 3.
Select the file folder location where the file will be saved after the repair and click OK to confirm it.
Browse Folder
Step 4.
When the app is done repairing, it will say its status is a success. You can now check out the video file and enjoy the uncorrupted or undamaged video file.

Part 4. Complete Pros and Cons of Kernel Video Repair


  • The app has an effective approach to fixing corrupted or damaged videos.
  • It supports a wide range of video formats as an input.
  • It features a user-friendly interface for very efficient processing.
  • Preview functionality.
  • Batch repairing process.
  • It preserves the original quality of corrupted or damaged videos.


  • It is not available on other platforms other than Windows.
  • The app's price is expensive compared to other applications available.
  • Its effectiveness is dependent on the file damage or corruption severity.
  • Additional image features needed to be unlocked by purchasing it.

Part 5. Best Alternative to Kernel Video Repair for Fixing More Video Files Endlessly

If the Kernel Video Repair software is too much to handle for you, then you better use the top alternative on the market, Aiseesoft Video Repair. This app establishes a name in video repairing, and its process in fixing corrupted or damaged video is better than others. Considering it is the newest in town, the app still uses an advanced algorithm to analyze the problem and immediately fix it quickly. There is more that this app has to offer; if you want to know more, you better download it now by clicking the button below.

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Aiseesoft Video Repair

Part 6. FAQs about Kernel Video Repair

Is Kernel Video Repair safe?

Yes, Kernel Video Repair is safe to download, and it is also safe to use. However, many users have tried to download a Kernel Video Repair crack, and that is not a good way to download it since it is considered an illegal activity.

Is Kernel Video Repair free?

Yes, you can download the Kernel Video Repair for free. But you can also purchase a corporate and tech license to open other features that are not available on the free version.

Does Kernel Video Repair have an online version?

Sadly, Kernel Video Repair has no online version, so if you want to use this, you must download the app.

Is Kernel Video Repair has a Mac version?

Unfortunately, the app does not support any operating system version other than the Windows OS.

Can I recover the image using Kernel Video Repaird?

If you have purchased a license on it, you are allowed to perform a photo recovery with the Kernel Video Repair app.


Done! We have now given you all of the latest information about Kernel Video Repair, and we hope that we have provided you with the latest insights on its latest version. If you dislike using the app, we suggest you use the alternative mentioned here since it has the same advanced algorithm but a better-repairing function.

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