Most Picked Video Repair Software You Can Find on the Market in 2024

July 07, 2023Jenny Ryan

When faced with a video that cannot be played or used, the first instinct is often to delete and re-download it. However, this approach may not work for videos shot on your device without an existing source when finding the best solutions for recovering and repairing damaged or deleted video files. These software tools use advanced algorithms to restore the file's internal structure and make it playable again. Today, we'll explore some reliable video repair software options that can help recover and fix your videos effectively.

Best Free Video Repair Software

Part 1. Ultimate Video Repair Software to Repair Every Video Issue at Ease [Recommended]

Aiseesoft Video Repair is the best video repairing software available on the market. When you encounter a video that cannot be played or is corrupted, do not lose hope of retrieving it because this app came here to rescue you. With the high-tech repair solution it provides, you can fix all of the video formats in a single click. Since the app can repair, it can also preserve the corrupted video's exact resolution, frame rate, and bitrate as a pro.

Aiseesoft Video Repair

Plus, you can take a quick preview of the repaired video before you export it. Even when repairing is done, the app will not store any information on the corrupted video, ensuring that the processed video is free from threats. Indeed, this is safe to use, and you can lean on this video repair tool.

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Part 2. Comparison Chart of the 6 Free Video Repair Software

Before we introduce the additional free video repair software available, you can first read the overview we have added on the performance and features of each app with the help of a chart.

Features Aiseesoft Video Repair VLC Media Player FFmpeg DivXRepair Digital Video Repair
Supported Formats MP4, MOV, 3Gp, and many more Various Formats Various Formats DivX video files MP4 Video files AVI Video files
Key Features Advanced repair algorithm Basic repaired capabilities Command-line tool for video repair Repair freezing, sync, and frame rate Online video repair service Repair videos that are freezing, not syncing, and header
User-Friendliness User-friendly User-friendly Technical expertise User-friendly Convenient User-friendly
Preview Function Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Supported Not Supported

Part 3. Complete Review of the 5 Free Video Repair Software Available

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a known multimedia player, but you can also use this fixed video software to aid the problem with your video. However, its repairing capabilities are less vast than the previous one, so it is not dedicated to it. Nevertheless, you can still play videos with incompleted and corrupted files.



  • Free to download on any device.
  • It can play corrupter and damage videos.
  • It has a built-in repair feature.


  • The repairing feature is limited.
  • It can’t fix significant video issues.

2. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a unique software to fix corrupted video files since it uses command-line processing. Compared to another app that can repair, it is more technical to operate since it uses codes to translate it into action. But it supports a wide variety of formats, and it offers options to fix specific video problems by re-encoding or adjusting parameters.



  • Powerful command line for video processing and repairing.
  • It supports vast video formats.
  • It offers flexibility and control over repair options.


  • It needs to be more user-friendly.
  • Technical to use compared to other apps.
  • It is complex to repair videos with commands and parameters.

3. DivXRepair

DivXRepair is a solution you will ever need to repair DivX video files. With this video repairing software, you can fix issues such as freezing, audio video sync issue, and invalid frames that commonly happen to DivX. By the way, if your videos are unplayable on Android, you also can use this tool. Indeed! It has a straightforward interface allows you to pick up the damaged video and start repairing it as soon as possible.

DivX Repair


  • It is a unique DivX video repairing tool.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • It addresses freezing, syncing, and frame issues.


  • It can not fix other video formats.
  • Video repairing capabilities are not extensive.


To repair video files online for free, you must access It is a dedicated MP4 solution that you would not need to download since it is already available on the web; that is why we call it convenient. Moreover, its service immediately fixes any issues with your MP4 videos. Unlike FFmpeg, this app is much easier to use, and you can even master it quickly.

MP4 Repair Org


  • Convenient to use.
  • No installation is needed.
  • It can repair videos on any device with the internet.


  • It depends on the internet connection.
  • It can only process MP4 files.
  • Repair success may vary depending on the severity of the issue.

5. Digital Video Repair

When you need a digital video repair tool, you can install only our device, the Digital Video Repair. It is a lightweight tool that repairs AVI video file issues, including freezing, audio video sync, and header corruption. Like most apps here that can repair, it has a very straightforward UI that helps you to use it and does not get confused easily, even if it is your first time using it. This tool also can help you when you don't know why your videos can't play on iPhone.

Digital Video Repair


  • Fixing the problem on the AVI video
  • It addresses freezing, syncing, and header corruption issues.


  • Limited on repairing AVI.
  • It has to repair limitations.

Part 4. FAQs about the Video Repairing Software

What is the free video repair software for Android?

MP4 Fix Video Repair Tool is one of the most used applications on Android that can fix corrupted MP4 with ease. Yet, there are limitations regarding this tool since it is an Android device app. So, if you want to fix your corrupted MP4, you better choose video repair software on your desktop.

How can I repair a damaged video for free?

Absolutely, you can repair any damaged video using Aiseesoft Video Repair for free. It is a dedicated program that offers an advanced repair algorithm and is the best solution among the available options. With this, you can indeed repair any video issues with ease.

Is there a free way to edit MP4?

Editing is possible with the help of the default video editor pre-installed on your Windows and Mac. But there are even better MP4 video editors that you can download on your operating system for free.

What are the types of video issues that video repairing software can fix?

Video repairing software can fix corrupted or damaged video files, audio and video synchronization problems, missing or truncated frames, playback errors, pixelation, and error caused by incomplete downloads.

Is video repairing challenging?

Well, depending on the video repairing software you will use. For example, if you choose to repair a video with FFmpeg, you will need technical knowledge to repair and adjust it. But you use the Aiseesoft Video Repair. In that case, there is no need to have technical knowledge since it is easy to use and can immediately repair broken or problematic digital video.


The best video repair software is already mentioned in this blog post, and we reviewed them based on what they can offer you in repairing broken video files. Choosing the best is difficult, so we choose for you so that you can narrow down which tool to use. If you need to know which one to use, we suggest Aiseesoft Video Repair.

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