7 Best Sites like Tumblr to Browse and Publish Blogs

June 06, 2024Nicole Jones

Does anyone still use Tumblr? Why do people stop using Tumblr?

Tumblr once was a very famous microblogging and social networking platform. However, it has undergone big changes and has become less popular in recent years. Lots of Tumblr users search for similar apps and websites that better suit their needs. Surely, there are many Tumblr alternatives for viewing and sharing short-form blogging content. This article will introduce you to the seven best sites like Tumblr.

Tumblr Alternative

Part 1. What Is Tumblr and Why You Need a Tumblr Alternative

Before recommending specific Tumblr alternatives, I would like to give you a basic Tumblr introduction and talk about some main reasons why users search for a replacement for Tumblr.

As mentioned above, Tumblr is a social networking and blogging website. This free microblogging site was founded by David Karp in 2007. It offers a good place for publishing all types of short-form content. You can access various text posts, pictures, video clips, quotes, links, and audio on Tumblr. It fosters a large community of casual users, artists, writers, and enthusiasts across different interests. One big advantage of Tumblr is its customizable blogs. Users can find a space for self-expression.

What is Tumblr

For different reasons, you may seek a similar social networking or blogging website like Tumblr, even though Tumblr remains a viable platform.

For different reasons, you may seek a similar social networking or blogging website like Tumblr, even though Tumblr remains a viable platform. For instance, Tumblr has implemented some content restrictions for adult content and certain types of imagery. These restrictions are not ideal for users who create or enjoy this kind of content. Moreover, Tumblr won’t get associated advertising revenue.

Tumblr focuses on microblogging. However, lots of users prefer more robust features or a different social media experience, especially when there are many competitors. Tumblr's user base has shrunk because of the rise of other social media apps like TikTok and Twitter. Many content creators are attracted to these sites. That can lead to a decrease in discoverability and engagement.

Part 2. Top 7 Alternative Sites like Tumblr

For content restrictions or some personal reasons, you are considering a Tumblr alternative. The good thing is, there are many Tumblr alternatives waiting to be explored.


Mastodon is a great social media platform that can replace Tumblr to post content. You can take it as a mix of Tumblr and Twitter. It operates on a server-based system and operates on a server-based system. This ad-free Tumblr alternative allows for a more community-driven experience. You can publish posts and get likes, comments, and shares. Various content can be posted, including text, photos, video clips, GIFs, and more.

Tumblr Alternative Mastodon


Reddit is a famous social networking, discussion forum, and content-sharing website. This Tumblr alternative allows you to publish text posts, photos, videos, links, and more. Other users will then vote on your content. The voting system determines the visibility of content. It also thrives on discussion and debate.

Tumblr Alternative Reddit


Blogger is a famous blogging platform owned by Google. If you have a Google account and have already invested in the Google ecosystem, you can easily access and use it. This Tumblr alternative integrates seamlessly with other Google products, such as Google Drive, Analytics, YouTube, and more. Compared to other sites like Tumblr, Blogger offers limited customization options.

Tumblr Alternative Blogger


Pixelfed is an open-source social network site like Tumblr. It is mainly used for exploring and sharing beautiful photos and videos. This Tumblr alternative is designed specifically for photo enthusiasts. Pixelfed allows you to publish, edit, and share pictures in different formats. Also, it enables you to adjust exposure, apply filters, and customize other settings to optimize your images.

Site Like Tumblr Pixelfed


Twitter, now X, is one of the most popular social networking websites that can replace Tumblr. It has attracted over 500 million users to share short messages that are called tweets. This Tumblr allows you to post text, images, and videos. It is mainly designed for sharing quick thoughts and updates with others. You can easily access various topics, including current events, sports, celebrities, and more, on the platform.

Tumblr Alternative Twitter/X


Medium is a story publishing platform where users can read long-form content. This Tumblr is ideal for writers and journalists to share in-depth articles and essays. You can freely read and watch articles on various topics. You are allowed to like and comment on the Medium content. That is a benefit of creating a community around shared interest. Unlike Tumblr, you can’t only publish a picture or video clip.

Tumblr Alternative Medium


Cohost is a new social media platform that focuses on posting thoughts. This Tumblr alternative has no character limit. You are required to sign up for an account to access its posts. It offers a good user experience free of advertisements. It has a filter function for you to quickly locate the specific content you want. You are allowed to add likes and comments, repost and share the content, and more.

Site Like Tumblr Cohost

Part 3. How to Optimize Your Post with High-quality Pictures

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Part 4. FAQs of Tumblr and Alternative Sites like Tumblr

What is the alternative to Tumblr frontend?

When you search for an alternative to the Tumblr frontend, you may get the Priviblur recommendation. It is a proxy to Tumblr, allowing you to access Tumblr content without being tracked. Also, you can go to some Tumblr alternative platforms like Mastodon, WordPress, or Ghost to get a similar blogging experience.

What happened to Tumblr?

Due to several key factors, Tumblr's popularity has declined in recent years. First, the ownership of Tumblr has changed to Yahoo in 2023. Then, Tumblr was sold to Verizon in 2017. Surely, these acquisitions cause uncertainty for Tumblr. Another big controversial decision is the ban on adult content in 2018. That limited advertising opportunities and reduced its user base. Now, many newer social media platforms like TikTok have brought different experiences. Tumblr doesn’t have new features to attract users and keep its user base engaged. Even though Tumblr introduced Tumblr Live, Post+, and group chats, they were later discontinued due to low usage.

Is Tumblr banning NSFW?

Yes, as I mentioned above, Tumblr banned NSFW content in December 2018. All content associated with genitals, nudity, and sexual acts is banned. Till now, the ban remains on the platform.


This post introduces you to seven great Tumblr alternatives. Surely, there are many more social networking platforms or similar microblogging sites like Tumblr. If you have other recommendations, please share them with my other readers.

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