5 Best Voice Enhancers to Elevate Your Voice Recordings

May 08, 2024Ashley Mae

While recording your voice, you may easily capture unwanted background noise. Besides the surrounding environment, your current voice status, microphone, and other factors may also slightly affect the final quality. To effectively improve the quality of your recorded audio, you can rely on a voice enhancer.

Here in this article, I will introduce you to five popular music voice enhancers with AI. You can compare their features and limitations and then select the preferred one to optimize your voice.

Voice Enhancer

Part 1. What Is a Voice Enhancer

A voice enhancer can be a hardware device or software that can improve the quality of your voiceovers and audio recordings. It often uses various techniques, including AI, noise reduction, equalization, vocal clarity, etc., to enhance your voices. The voice enhancer software is mainly used to optimize audio quality, enhance vocal clarity, reduce background noise, and more.

Part 2. Check the 5 Best Voice Enhancers

You can access many voice enhancer applications, free online tools, and desktop software, each catering to different needs and budgets. To help you quickly locate the best voice enhancer, I would like to share five reputable options for you to choose from.

Adobe Podcast AI

Adobe Podcast is designed to create high-quality podcasts and voiceovers. For voice enhancement, it offers an individual Enhance Speech feature. As a voice enhancer software, it uses AI to analyze your voice or audio recording, remove background noise, and do other optimizations to enhance the overall clarity. It allows you to eliminate mouth noise and make your voice clearer.

Voice Enhancer Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech

This AI voice enhancer can improve voice quality significantly. Adobe enables you to access all features of Express Premium for 30 days. After that, you are required to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to continue using it. The subscription is quite expensive.

Descript Voice Enhancer

Descript offers various tools for recording, editing, and creating videos and podcasts. This cloud-based platform has an individual Voice Enhancer for you to remove background noise, isolate speaker audio, and reduce reverb to enhance overall clarity.

Voice Enhancer AI Descript

Descript allows you to directly start a voice recording or enhance captured audio. You can enable the Studio Sound effect on the right sidebar to enhance your voice with ease. Many advanced functions are limited to the Pro version. You must upgrade to a paid plan to use these AI-powered features and export high-quality files without a watermark.


FxSound is free, open-source software designed to improve sound quality. It offers various audio processing effects to make audio sound clearer and richer. This voice enhancer provides several presets for a broad audience. It is ideal for music lovers, podcasters, gamers, and more to optimize voice quality for different needs. Moreover, FxSound is designed with a built-in equalizer to control audio processing settings.

Voice Enhancer FxSound


Audacity is another open-source audio editing software that can help to enhance your voiceovers and recordings. It is not specially designed for voice enhancement. However, it does offer several useful functions to reduce background noise and improve sound quality. Audacity enables you to customize equalization settings to improve audio clarity. However, compared with AI-powered voice enhancer software, it lacks advanced features and advanced customization options.

Open Source Voice Enhancer Audacity

Flixier Audio Enhancer Online

Flixier offers a specially designed Audio Enhancer tool to improve vocal quality online. It utilizes AI to analyze audio and remove background noise from your voice recordings. This free online voice enhancer offers a simple way to improve speech clarity. Moreover, it offers a Cut feature to easily erase mistakes or dead air. You are also allowed to add sound effects to your voiceovers.

Flixier Audio Enhancer Online

Besides captured audio, Flixier gives a direct Record function to capture your voice. Once the music, voice, or other kind of audio recording is loaded, you can go to the Enhance Audio section and select a suitable solution to enhance it. The free trial version has some limits. Compared to dedicated voice enhancer software, Flixier only carries basic enhancement features.

Enhance Voice Music Online Using Flixier

Part 3. Best Way to Record Your Voice for Enhancement

To capture high-quality voice recordings for later enhancement, you can rely on the powerful Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. It can capture audio from system audio, microphone, and external speakers. Your recordings can be saved in any audio format you need.

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Download and launch this recommended voice recorder. Choose Audio Recorder and customize the recording source.

Set Audio Source

To reduce the background noise, you can go to Preferences and enable Microphone noise cancellation and Microphone enhancement. Then, you can click REC to start the recording. The recorder software also offers basic editing features for you to directly edit your captured audio.

Set Recording Audio Options

Part 4. FAQs of Music Voice and Vocal Enhancer

Is there a recorder that can enhance vocals?

There is no recorder hardware that can enhance your voice while recording. But some professional voice recorders like Sony PCM-D100, Zoom H4n Pro, and Tascam DR-40X are designed with high-quality microphones to capture voices with high quality. Moreover, some voice enhancer tools can be used to improve your audio recordings. They offer quick solutions to enhance voices and improve the overall quality.

What is the best free voice enhancer with AI?

With many free AI voice enhancer tools offered on the market, it’s hard to find and decide which one is the best. Many free voice enhancers have limitations on features, file sizes, and more. Moreover, these tools can be divided into online services, open-source software, and free desktop programs. When selecting the best voice enhancer with AI, you should consider your personal needs, the specific enhancement functions you need, ease of use, export options, and other factors.

What is the AI that improves your voice?

There are several AI programs and services offered in different ways for voice improvement. These AI voice enhancer tools can help to clean up audio recordings, remove background noise, alter your voice, add sound effects, and do other operations to make your voice sound clearer. They are ideal for public speakers and casual users who want to improve their communication skills.


It’s crucial to capture clear audio when creating high-quality audio content. For the captured audio, you can rely on a voice enhancer to improve its quality. Here in this post, you get five helpful recommendations to improve the quality of your voice recordings.

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