iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Available- How to Fix the New iPhone Feature

It is possible to see that iOS 17 personal voice is not working. Apple has the habit of surprising its users with new features, and the most recent iOS version is no stranger. This is the new age of technology, where people can effectively communicate by reading text without using the keyboard pad to write. But what exactly does the new feature do? You can learn more about it here, as well as how to fix it when not working.

iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Available

Part 1. What is the Personal Voice on iPhone

Personal Voice is an accessible feature on iOS 17 when used with the Live Speech function. It is one of the options with AI technology, creating an exact copy of your voice and reading the text you type. Just like Screen Time prevents iPhone users from having myopia, Personal Voice helps people with damaged voices or who are at risk. Its features are also helpful for:

Before setting up the Personal Voice feature, you must consider some things. First, find a relatively quiet place to avoid too much background noise that can interfere with the audio quality. Then, you must make the allotted time to record the phrases. The recording will take about 15 to 20 minutes. If you meet all the requirements, you can set up Personal Voice on your iPhone using the following steps:

Step 1:
Make sure your device has the latest iOS 17 version installed. Then, proceed to the Settings app and scroll down to the Accessibility menu.
Step 2:
Access the Personal Voice option and tap the Create a Personal Voice button. Enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted. Tap the Continue button to proceed.
Settings Accessibility Create a Personal Voice
Step 3:
Once you give a name to your voice, tap the Continue button, and you will read 150 phrases provided on the screen. Again, make sure you are in a quiet place while reading and recording.
Step 4:
Lock your iDevice and allow it to be connected to a power source. This will help the feature to generate your artificial voice. The process may take time, depending on the iDevice’s locking and charging state.
Step 5:
When the process is done, you will receive a notification. It is time to try the Personal Voice feature. Go to the Settings app again and tap the Accessibility button. Proceed to the Live Speech option.
Settings Create a Personal Voice 150 Phrases Live Speech
Step 6:
Toggle the Live Speech button and head to the English(US) section to choose the preferred language. Then, choose the Personal Voice you have created.
Step 7:
You will need to triple-click the Side button of your iPhone to access the feature. Type a message in the box, and hit Send. The iDevice will read the text and speak loudly with a similar voice to yours.
Personal Voice Try Next

Part 2. Personal Voice Not Available on iOS 17 - Fixed

It is a bummer not to use the Personal Voice feature right after you installed iOS 17 on your device. There are several reasons to look for. One, The software update has bugs that need to be fixed. It may take some time for the developers to fix them. Second, enabling the VoiceOver and Speak Screen feature will prevent Personal Voice from working. Lastly, the voice data is corrupted, and you must take another time to re-record the phrases. With all these problems, here are the best solutions to fix Personal Voice on iPhone.

Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery

To quickly fix iOS 17 Personal Voice when it’s not working, Aissesoft iOS System Recovery is a professional tool to repair your device. Combined with several essentials, the program is designed to recover the phone with the earlier iOS version, allowing you to reinstall iOS 17 without the bugs. Aside from this, you can use the software to transfer files and back up them on your PC. It is also known for its power to recover iPhones, iPads, and iPods from failed unlocking, water damage, and other issues.

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Step 1:
Download the Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery program and install it. Once done, Connect the iPhone with Personal Voice that is not working. Tap the Trust button to continue the device connection.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Connect Device
Step 2:
Choose the iOS System Recovery option from the main interface. This mode will fix any issue on the device and downgrade or upgrade the iOS system. Click the Start button to download the firmware package.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Mode
Step 3:
Once done, click the Repair button to fix the issues on your phone. You may need to restart the device after the firmware is downloaded. Then, proceed to the Settings app to enable the Personal Voice feature.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Firmware Package

Change Region Settings

If you are confident that the software update does not have bugs, you can try this simple solution to enable Personal Voice on your phone. Sometimes, the distribution of the new iOS version is not the same worldwide, but the US will always have it first. See how to change the region settings on your device and fix the Personal Voice not working:

Step 1:
Tap your name from the Settings app. Look for the Media & Purchases option, then tap the View Account option.
Step 2:
From the Countr/Region section, choose Change Country or Region. Select the United States option, and then close the Settings app.
Change Region Settings
Step 3:
Access the Personal Voice again from the settings, then record the phrases. When enabled, use the new feature on your device.

Re-enable Personal Voice

Suppose this feature is available in your country; you only need to re-enable it. When the iOS 17 Personal Voice is not working, it might not activate automatically. You can activate it with this method:

Step 1:
Access settings and find the Accessibility option. Navigate to the Personal Voice function and tap the Create a Personal Voice button.
Accessibility Re-enable Personal Voice
Step 2:
If you don’t want to create a new one, try to disable and enable the current one. Alternatively, you can use the Share Across Devices or Allow Apps to Request Use for better feature usage.

Check Microphone Settings

Another thing to check before using the Personal Voice feature on your iPhone is the Mic settings. This is an important factor since you must record your voice to activate the function. See these easy steps:

Step 1:
Head to the Settings app and select the Privacy option. Access the Microphone setting.
Step 2:
Check to see if Personal Voice has access to the microphone. Otherwise, allow Personal Voice to access the microphone.
Change Microphone Settings Personal Voice

Part 3. FAQs about iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Available

How long does it take to finish setting up Personal Voice?

It usually takes to read the 150 phrases is within 15 to 20 minutes. However, some users experience longer processing time, especially after recording. It seems the device will depend on the charging and locking states.

Which device is not supported by iOS 17?

iOS 17 needs Apple devices with a bionic chip; unfortunately, iPhone X and iPhone 8 do not have them. This means the said model units do not support additional features like Personal Voice.

Why is Personal Voice not working on my iPhone?

Check the microphone settings of the device. Go to the Settings app and head to the Privacy menu. See if the Personal Voice can use the built-in mic from the Microphone option.


In conclusion, iOS 17 has features like Personal Voice for you to enjoy from the new software update. However, when Personal Voice is not available, what can you do? Here, you have found out the best solutions for iOS 17 issues. Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery is a suitable program to fix iOS problems with just a few clicks. It is available on Windows and Mac with a free version for you to try.

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