Best Ways to Fix Premiere Pro Glitchy Video Playback on Windows/Mac

December 13, 2023Jenny Ryan

As video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro ensures to give the users professional functions to create the best footage. But as of recently, there are reports of Adobe Premiere Pro glitchy playback, which becomes a frustrating situation for video editors. Moreover, the cause of the glitchy video can be any issue with the software or the device. If you are searching for a way to fix it, see the following fixes.

Premiere Pro Glitchy Video Playback

Part 1. What causes Premiere Pro's Glitchy Video Playback

Coming from an advanced program, Premiere Pro becomes choppy for many reasons. You can check the following possible reasons as to why it is happening:

Part 2. Fix Adobe Premiere Pro's Glitchy and Unplayable Video

At last, there are solutions that you can use to eliminate the choppy and glitchy playback on Premiere Pro. Here are the best solutions for software, device, and video issues.

Fix Unplayable Video

The first thing to check is the video you attempt to play. If it’s glitchy on any media player, fix it with Aiseesoft Video Repair. This desktop program is dedicated to instantly restoring corrupted MOV, MP4, and 3GP files. It uses advanced technology that copies a sample video’s quality, resolution, and overall details and uses these to repair a glitchy video. The program is designed with a simple interface, placing the necessary tools to initiate the recovery. Moreover, it supports Windows and Mac, which you can download for free.

Video Repair


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Step 1.
Download Aiseesoft Video Repair on the computer (Windows or Mac). Open the downloaded file and install it. Once launched, click the Add button on the Corrupted Video side. Upload the glitchy video from Premiere Pro and click the Open button to confirm.
Video Repair Download Plus Upload Video
Step 2.
Click the second Add button to upload the sample video. It must have the same components as the first uploaded video, including the duration, frame rate, resolution, etc. After setting up, Click Repair to start the process.
Aiseesoft Upload Sample Video
Step 3.
After a few minutes, the result will appear on the interface. Click the Preview button to check the result. After confirming the video is restored, click the Save button to export it to your computer. Do another edit by clicking the Upload Another Video button.
Video Repair Preview Save

Update the System Software

Your computer is an essential tool for virtual activities. If Adobe Premiere is choppy and glitchy, or the Premiere does not even play video, it might be because of outdated system software. This causes a substantial negative impact on all of the apps, including third-party and default ones. To make sure you have the latest update on your computer, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1.
Access the Apple logo and select the System Settings menu. Navigate to the General section from the sidebar. Click the Software Update button to install a new update.
Software Update Premiere Pro Glitchy Playback
Step 2.
You can also enable auto-update for the software system. You may tick the checkboxes for Check for Updates, Download New Updates when Available, and Install macOS Updates.

Use the Premiere Consolidation Tool

Using this tool will prevent Adobe Premiere Pro glitchy playback. It helps to clean and organize your projects, including complicated behind-the-scene ones. You only need to choose a specific sequence for the files and save them to a new location. Follow these steps:

Step 1.
Open the software, go to the File menu, and select Project Manager. Choose the sequences to copy and make sure to tick the checkboxes.
Premiere Pro Consolidate
Step 2.
Click the file name and choose the new location. Optionally, use the Calculate function to see the file size. Then, click the OK button to consolidate the new project.

Activate the GPU Acceleration

Suppose you use your computer with dedicated graphics cards for video editing. Activating the GPU acceleration on the device will help eliminate the issues and provide smoother playback. This is also helpful if you import an iPhone video at 4K and it becomes glitchy on Premiere Pro.

Step 1.
After opening the video editing software on your computer, open any project and go to the File menu. Choose the General option from the Project Settings submenu.
Premiere Pro GPU Acceleration
Step 2.
In the dialog box, replace the Renderer option with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration. Click the OK button to save the new setting.

Change the Playback Resolution

Video resolution can take up more space on your computer. And once you run out of room, it causes glitches in the video you are working on Premiere Pro. You may need to alter the resolution to a lower level.

Step 1.
Note that lowering the resolution will display less information in each frame, but it will bring better playback. Select and open a project from Premiere Pro.
Premiere Pro Change Playback
Step 2.
From the lower right part of the preview window, select the Playback Resolution menu and choose 1/2 or 1/4 to reduce the resolution.

Deactivate the Effects

There might be effects activated on the software even though you are not using them. These effects can be grading and layers, and they take more resources and cause playback choppiness. You must remove them while previewing the video or when you don’t need them for editing:

Step 1.
Go to the Media Viewer menu and locate the FX icon. Click the Plus button to proceed.
Step 2.
A pop-up bar will appear. Find the FX icon there and tap it. Add the Media Viewer toolbar to the pop-up bar. Once it is set, you can quickly turn off and on the effects while previewing.
Premiere Pro Deactivate Effects

Part 3. How to Avoid Exporting Video with Glitchy Playback in Premiere

It is inevitable to get a glitchy playback on Premiere Pro, especially when you are trying to produce a high-quality video. But there are some things you can do to prevent saving a corrupted video or having a stuttering playback on Premiere Pro:

Part 4. FAQs about Adobe Premiere Pro Glitchy Playback

Can Premiere Pro export 8K videos?

Yes, Premiere Pro can export a high-definition video. But doing so will take some time and your computer’s resources. Remember that 8K is a huge file to create and export, so it will need high specs and more storage space.

What are the minimum system requirements to have a stable performance in Premiere?

The minimum Windows requirements include Intel 6 Generation, Windows 10 64-bit, 8GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage space. Meanwhile, Premiere Pro requires macOS 11.0 using Advanced Vector Extensions 2 for the processor and 8GB of storage space and RAM if you have higher specs, better playback, and editing performance.

Why is Adobe stuttering?

Because your computer can’t process the playback, especially when it has higher resolution and quality, the reason can also be the outdated software update, undeleted media cache, and lack of storage space. Make sure to try the methods here to fix the choppy and glitchy Adobe Premiere Pro.


It is frustrating to find Adobe Premiere to be glitchy and choppy. But when you know the possible problems, you can fix them with the provided solutions in this post. Moreover, a corrupted video is easily fixed when you use Aiseesoft Video Repair. It has the technology to imitate a sample video and repair broken footage. You can try it with the free trial version on Windows and Mac.

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